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Sep 042010

Amid all the euphoria (save for poor old Daws ‘s injury) surrounding Englands victory over the Bulgars I took some time out to catch up on some of our other players on international duty for their respective countries. In doing so  I came across this exciting prospect flying down the right flank, bamboozling defences and puting in quality crosses time and time again.

So effective was this player the opposition in their frustration resorted to the most cynical of tactics blocking and fouling at every opportunity yet most of which went largely unpunished by the match official. The picture gives it away and no Spurs fan will be surprised to learn the kind  of superlatives that accompany a Gareth Bale performance these days be it for club or country.

What might surprise them is  most of the good work done by Gareth happened down the right (yes I said the right) hand side of the field. Is anyone else aware of this phenomena?  Since Gareth’s amazing rise in form the majority of debate has centred on whether his best position is at left back or left midfield but after watching him perform just as effectively on the right side I think its an area that Harry would do well to look at in future.

Now I’m not saying for one minute Gareth should switch to the other flank, far from it but Lennon is often used to less effect away from his preferred side and Harry could do a lot worse than to try this option in future games if for no other reason than to freshen things up or provide a poser for the opposition?

  28 Responses to “Bale, Bale, Bale…………”

  1. I have noticed that Lennon and Bale do swap sides quite often mid-match. This I suppose ir just an extension of that. I’ve got no doubt that Bale could play there, much in the same way Robben does, cutting inside and letting rip, although if you do have a left-footed right winger you really need a marauding fullback to give you proper balance, which could see anopening for the kyles or hutton? He’s not at his most effective there but it’s a very useful option to have in back-up

  2. In the last two games that Spurs have played, I have seen Lennon and Bale switch sides on numerous occassions. This has the added impact of confusing the opposition defence. Having said this it produced nothing against Wigan.

  3. Modric, Bale, VDV & Lennon are all crown jewels. All spurs fans must savor this season; CL plus having so many awesome players in one team. I just went through some Berba youtubes and wonder what could have been. We could have been serious challengers for the Ist time in 50 years.
    Its any ones’ guess how long we would be able to keep those crown jewels at WHL no matter how successful Spurs will do in the future. At some point in their career,they will definitely look to move on. The only way, I can see them playing for Spurs for the rest of their careers is when Spurs keep push on and add more and more world class players to the team. As much as I think Daniel Levy had done a wonderful job, Spurs needs more than a new stadium, we might even need new owners who would be able to break the current wage structure.

  4. Tottenham should play 4-4-1-1 p.s im 12 dont slaughter me!!
    kaboul king gallas BAE
    Lennon Sandro Hudd bale

  5. Ellis – I think alot of people are having the same thoughts (particularly after last night!). My personal preference would be Midric over Sandro (at least in the short term while he finds his feet) and Walker over Kaboul (He’ll make a few mistakes but once we blood him in just watch him go)

  6. i agree spurs guvnor hudd is defensive minded so i would have modric ahead of sandro in the prem
    seb i would have kaboul as he has experience

  7. look we dont sell to anyone, its that simple, we dont need the money, because if we do, then we are never going to get anywhere, and us fans may just as well not go any more, which i would hate to do, but you have to make a stand sometime, we were ridiculed by manure, over berbatov and carrick, with words like , spurs are manures feeder club, well this has to stop, i know the players have powers, and they will strop, and cause unrest in the camp, if they arent allowed to go, so lets say for example manure come in for modric, with 20 million offer, and he wants to go, and gets all stroppy about it, do we let him go, no we bloody dont, we let him rot, yes it will cost us money, but look at the long term, the so called bigger teams will piss off, and try to find their own talent, and when we acquire more very good players, they will know that if they mess us around, their football career is over for the remainder of the contract, and if they are in football for the love of the game, then it will kill them to not be playing , and may see sense.
    now you may say we cant do this, as with the berbatov situation, but if we dont we will always keep losing our best players, we have to start playing hardball, and if what i heard about bale is true, cunts sniffing around him, and offering big big money, and our club telling them to piss off, then maybe weve started to say no to losing our best players.
    daniel levy is a great businessman, and he must realise weve turned the corner, and are in the cl, and if the club are to go on to better things, and more prosperity, then selling our best players is stupid, because once we get that new stadium, with its extra income, we will be rolling in cash more than most other clubs, who rely on owners money, and not clubs, when the new financial rules kick in , which is soon, they have to rely on clubs income, which they will struggle with, and we wont, due to we already run our club within its means, granted we are no man ure, with their massive capacity stadium, but when we get ours, we will be a lot nearer to gaining on them.
    why do they leave us , because they are not prepared to work for success, they want it laid on a plate, they are lazy spoilt footballers, and thats whats wrong with the game.

  8. pete mate spurs are not a feeder club what r u on about !!!!!!!!

  9. i am not saying spurs are feeder club, thats what man ure and others call us for selling to man ure, i bloody hate it when they call us that, and i dont want us to sell to other clubs, to make them better, i want our club , back to its glorious best, and telling these other clubs to fuck off, while we keep our best players and prosper.

    • when we sold united berbatov or carrick we should have made them sign an agreement that they won’t try to buy anymore of our players for 5 years

  10. coxie, they wouldnt stand by it, they dont develop talent, they poach it, and then they say we are the best, because we are man ure, no , its because you turn players heads, with comments, in paper etc, its tapping up, plain and simple.

  11. like i said before, we must not sell anymore of our star players to make top clubs achieve more success, we must stand firm, and say to these clubs, would you do me the courtesy of pissing off.

  12. guys berbatov has gone downhill and carrick is the new jenas so im glad we let them go plus we rejected a bid for bale probably from man ure so C.O.Y.S

  13. ellis, im really glad to see we turned down a bid for bale, and long may it continue, no more selling of our best players, and we will get to the top , where our club deserves to be.

  14. oh yeah special mention to our great defender michael dawson, get healed soon mate.

  15. couldn’t disagree with jos (other Jos) more! The thought of getting new owners and breaking wage caps etc to ‘push to the next level’ would break a club like ours. We have been so consistently inconsistent on the pitch for so long, and the one thing saving us over the last 5 or so years from sinking like a ship has been the stable ownership of this great club. Behind the scenes Levy and the boys do a great job and have grown STEADILY rather than over night. Therefore when we fall we don’t fall far – our success so far has been grown with solid foundations underneath. The way it should be done!!

  16. On current form I’m afraid that neither Lennon or Palacios are worth a start and I’m pleased Bentley didn’t go to Fulham for that reason. I’m equally concerned that without Dawson for two months, that with Woody’s impending retirement that any more injuries to King notably, will leave a massive hole in the centre of defence.
    Thanks heavens we signed Gallas eh? my starting team.. Gomes /Corluka /King /Gallas /BAE/Bentley/Huddlestone/Modric/Bale/VDVDefoe. Lennon/Crouch/Kranjaer/Bassong/Kaboul/Palacios/Pav

  17. How refreshing to see so many intelligent points regarding our beloved Spurs.
    I am well impressed Ellis with your knowledge and awareness if you are as you say only 12.
    And fair play to everyone for due respect shown.
    As for our side, I am interested in all these valid points but am just so excited that we have si much genuine talent and are finally competing in the CL, and feel we have the undoubted talent to compete at this level.
    Most of all I am looking forward to seeing how the new boys fit in and hopefully take us up a level.


  19. hey guys just heard, it was real madrid who offered, 45 million pounds, and theyre bidding for him again in jan, with an improved offer, i just hope we stand firm, but i say this to you guys, will we sell for 60 million pounds.

  20. hey pete are u being sarcastic if not whats ur source

  21. cheers keith i really am only 12

  22. Could the VDV deal have been a sweetner?

  23. If anyone wants Bale at 30 million then Levy will sell him, we all know that. Ditto Modric or anyone else
    for that matter. If Real or ManU come in for you then it will turn anyone’s head – plus the chance of earning
    3 or 4 times what you ghet at Spurs. Let’s enjoy Bale while we can – till Jan.

  24. hoxtonboy, i dont think thats the case anymore, we wont just sell our talent like that, especially not to man ure, levy doesnt like that club, and doesnt want to do business with them , after the way they treated spurs and himself, we must stand firm, and build, not sell and start again, thats just pathetic for spurs and the fans.
    we dont want to sell, and dont need to, so tell these clubs to sod off.

  25. If the club wants to move into the elite circle of clubs permanently they have to resist selling our best players to whoever for any amount.If someone offers 60 million for a player of ours i can understand the urge to cash in but as this is our first time in champions league it is more important to make our mark and attract players in the future to come and join us.In maybe 5 years if we compete regularly then assets can be traded but at present it is too soon and will destabilise us and undo all the hard work of the last few years with no chance of a quick return.Keep what we have got ,improve when and where we can,and get stuffed to the Manures,Chelskis,Real Madrids etc when they come sniffing.

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