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Feb 072011

Harry Redknapp is expecting Gareth Bale to play against Sunderland at the weekend after his latest injury. It comes at a great time for the Spurs boss after suffering injuries to Luka Modric and most recently Van der Vaart picking up an injury in the Bolton game at the weekend.

Bale limped off against Newcastle a few weeks ago with a bad back and has been out ever since but last week started training with the first team again. The Bolton game came too soon for Harry to consider Bale in the team and will instead look to the clash at the Stadium Of Light as Bale’s return fixture. With other players out injured, Harry will need to make the decision whether to gamble and include Bale from the start of to put him on the bench.

Niko Kranjcar who scored the winning goal at the weekend would have probably been in contention for a place in the team but it won’t be on the left if Bale is back. Bale is however sitting out the midweek game for Wales against the Republic Of Ireland, Harry didn’t want him involved in an international so soon and the decision was made not to include Bale.

  22 Responses to “Bale Boost”

  1. Hopefully we will have modric back too. If vdv is out then kranjcar should get a start.

    • I would play kranjcar up front rather that useless crouch .at least kranjcar knows were the goal is has a good hard shoot(not like crouch)can hold onto the ball(not like crouch) and yes can beat a player not like crouch and yes youv’e guessed it can probably jump as high as crouch
      when will harry learn that he’s near on useless great for the last 20 mins of a game when we have no other options than chucking long balls into the box

      • “Great for the last 20 mins of a game”? Didn’t Crouch score what proved to be the winner at Blackburn last Wednesday in the 3rd minute with a great header, or did I just imagine that?

        • Silly Billy Jerry. Crouch is the worst of all strikers playing n any of the top teams in the premier league. H does not score goals and dos not assist in any way. Just wasting his time wih his tongue out after a ‘miss’.
          The goal against blackburn does not show anything. With the amount of starts he gets, even Sandra would have eventually scored!!! One goal in so many premier league games. Ridiculous. Even smaller teams have more lethal strikers. If only Bent was still around.

  2. Play Bale up front lol

    • Don`t see why not, I seem to remember a certain Ian Wright started his career on the RW and Wenker put him up front, foresight what?

      I would rather we rested Bale for the AC game, why take the risk of a clumsey colour blind barcode taking him out for a couple of weeks.

  3. play nico pav bale modric jenas lennon:)or whatever :)we have the best team relax defoe and crouch a bit still strong still
    all good !!!!

  4. 3 points please mister.

  5. Bale on the bench for Sunderland game, give him half an hour and save him to start the Milan game.

    Kranjcar to start at Sunderland, he has to be given a real chance.

  6. 4th is the priority. I kinda feel strangely satisfied that we lost to fulham in the FA cup. Put the best possible players in EPL please. We need to be in CPL next year, that is the most important thing.

  7. Where did Kranjar’s assist come from………Pav. another player that wants to leave the lane.If they know what is good for them they should leave in the summer. Defoe and Crouch have not had the best of seasons this year but they still play week in week out.When is he going to be fair to Pav. and give him a simular run of games. At least we will see some great goals,he is a true centre forward that can shoot with both feet.

    • Its nothing to do with fairness. Pav just isn’t rated by Harry. I think he’s as good a judge as anyone on the subject. Spurs fans just don’t understand that Harry knows more about football than they do. Maybe Pav has the best ratio of goals to games cos’ Harry’s used him in the right situations. Defoe has been woeful agreed but he’s a confidence player and won’t get confident on the bench. Crouch scored the most important goal of last season against Man City and certainly Crouch/Defoe is a better bet than Pav on his own. Pav just not 25+/year goalscorer he could have had a hat trick against Chelsea last season at home but was pure pants.

      • jus for ur info, u talk about Pav not scoring a hat trick against Chelsea last season? How about Defoe not being able to score in the league at all so far, and missing one on one chances. Pav would hav nailed all the one on one chances. We all know Harry’s love affair with Defoe and Crouch, but i think he should start with Pav and Defoe, when they played together against Bolton their style of play seems to be tailor made, the one twos and lay off the ball for Pav to shoot is wat we need!

  8. Not fussed in the slightest we lost to Fulham, the number of games we are playing is wearing out 1stX! out, it’s a good job we have good replacements. Krancjar needs some games so start with him and Bale on the bench or play Bale and let Lennon have a rest.

    • It would be a good thing that we have good replacements if Harry had any sort of rotation policy…but, he refuses to rotate so we’ve got disgruntled players like Kranjcar and Pav(who should start every big game for us, b/c he’s our best striker) and we’re suffering from obvious fatigue and picking up injuries from players getting over played…MADNESS…OUT WITH HARRY REDCRAP…coys.

  9. If Bale is fit enough to play on Saturday and VdV isn’t I’d play him from left back with Kranjcar in front of him drifting in off the line. Bale would get loads of space (ala last season, behind first, Modric and then Kranjcar) breaking forward as Sunderland have been adopting a 3-5-2 formation with wing backs of late. Then play Lennon back on the right (Lennon adn Corluka have a good partnership together) with JJ and Wilson again in midfield. Harry will start with Pav and Defoe to save Crouch for Milan – Crouch is our key in Europe.
    MY TEAM (barring any further injuries) Gomes, Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, Bale, Lennon, JJ, Palacios, Kranjcar, Pav, Defoe SUBS Cudicini, Bassong, Hutton, BAE, Sandro, Pienaar, Crouch. I wouldnt risk Luka or VdV – keep them fresh for Milan.

  10. Team for Sunderland, for me would be:


    Corluka Dawson Gallas Assou-Ekotto

    Lennon Palacios Jenas Kranjcar

    Pav Crouch

    Bench: Cudicini, Bassong, Hutton, Pienaar, Bale (2nd half for either Crouch, Pav, 30-mins), Van der Vaart (for Lennon 2nd half, also 30-mins), Defoe

    2-1 to Spurs…See you in Milan YIDS ! COYS

  11. I would not risk Bale starting against Sunderland, Infact I would not be too bothered if he did not start at the San Siro and I will be there. I expect to lose over there so the return leg is the big one!! He needs to be fit for that. SUnderland will not be easy and if we play like we have in the last two games or even most of the season we may be dropping another 3 points. I wonder who will start upfront Little and large the most blunt partnership in the EPL!!!


  13. If we are not spending money in acquiring new blood, then we should wisely & tactfully use the existing players. Rotation is the only solution to overcome disgruntled players. VDV needs to be rested & not overworked & so too must other players, who are selected to play but show very little effort in their performance. Bale & Modic need an extended rest period.This will give the other moaners who are crying about not getting any playing time to go out there & proving themselves.If they then fail, ask them to leave.

  14. I will have a bet with all you Crouch Basher he scores the most Vital goals in our season . Let me spell it out Anelka Torres Drugba could not score against a team who got beat by Blackpool twice Defoe cant score every striker in the premiership is struggling and you want a player 6ft7 to bring is long legs down from a hopeful long ball and have he time to control the ball and score you havent got time to piss your pants.. When Huddelstone returns Defoe and the rest of the players will benefit if his Ankle is 100 percent fixed . The reason Crouch and strikers are struggling to score is more teams are using Duracell Batteries instead of the Aldi cheap ones Its no coincidence the week Teams have played twice in a week more goals where scored . I have said it more than once we need to get in the sixth gear that Liverpool are now using dont fall for the King Kenny shite i will slow them down very soon. Woy speeded is team up and i called them the Duracell Bunnies and a few weeks late he got sacked West Brom the same Next its Holloway he is already showing sines of mental fatigue to things where bound to happen a team in the bottom three would beat Utd an Liverpool would start winning even without Torres four lungs Kuyt is talking Champions league not on my watch they wont Carragher has not played snce he went off against Spurs yet he had the sharpness to get to a 50 millon pound striker and you lot are calling Crouch open your eyes the premiership is faster because no one will stop it because of Sky Money the one thing that has caused this fear and extra energy

  15. Gomes

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