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Aug 112010

The news coming out of the Welsh team camp ahead of their friendly game against Luxembourg in Llanelli is that Gareth Bale has withdrawn from the squad.Should it be due to a recurrence of the knee complaint previously picked up whilst preparing for another Welsh friendly against Croatia on May the twenty third is still as yet unknown.

I assume John Toshack has contacted Tottenham where Gareth must now surely return for treatment,should it in fact be as a result of an injury,whether or not though he will be fit for the opener against Man City is yet to be disclosed.

This is yet another reason why these internationals should never have been given the go ahead three days before the start of the English premier league season,although on this we cannot lay the blame solely at the door of the English FA,as apparently FIFA were behind these dates being given to a host of other countries.Let us just hope that lessons have been learned here so that this mistake should never be again repeated.

On a positive note however,if there is one,this could be the chance Giovanni Dos Santos has been looking for as he can operate that left flank just as effectively as Gareth,and although the Machine will be missed immensely the presence of the diminutive Mexican should help ease the blow,provided of course he returns unharmed from his countries friendly against new world champions Spain.

As ever your responses are welcome,but to avoid your posts being edited please respect other members and also refrain from foul language.Thank You.

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  33 Responses to “Bale Injured?”

  1. Bale will play, sat. Stop worrying

  2. I hope your right John,I want Bale at left back and Gio on the left wing please.

  3. 3 days before season, 3 days into season – what difference does it make? He will play internationals during the season, and risk getting injured. As for Dos Santos – it is well documented that he will arrive so soon before the Saturday’s match (which is even an early kick-off) that he is a Doubt for it too.

  4. I’m sure it’s just a precaution.

  5. Bale left wing, Pav up front with Gio just in behind. Yes please.

  6. Who plays left back then?

  7. Benny

  8. Sky Sports are reporting a slight knock,so it looks like Pbro was right.

  9. I understand what Tony is saying, but during the season is at least a bit understandable. I mean, the world cup just ended for crying out loud. What’s the rush to have all these friendlies so soon afterwords? It’s not like England is the only league that is about to start either and their players are risking injuries and setbacks to the start of their campaigns too. I hope Bale is fit and whether or not Gio plays on Saturday, hopefully he is finally given a chance (behind a striker is my preference so Bale, Modric and Gio can play at the same time!)

  10. As long as he trys to get to the by line,ive lost count how many times last season at the lane he had all the space in front of him! to get at the right back.

  11. I’m with Will. WT? Can we give international play a rest for a few months after the World Cup

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  12. I would love to see Bale LB with Modders in the Middle with Hudd and Gio on the left (or switch Moddle and Gio), Lennon on the right… Mouthwatering

  13. I’m convinced these friendlies are a money spinner fo FIFA in one way or another the amount of traffic on my way home cause of wembley was completely unnecessary :). Gio has to play in a free role the way he’s been taking people on has been magical of late. I am hoping bale starts as left back but fear it’ll be a while till he’s there judging from preseason. Also Hutton is being linked with Sunderland which makes sense, can’t wait till he leaves. COYS

  14. look we have a seriously good quality SQUAD! it shouldn’t matter if we lose one or two players to injury as it will happen throughout the season, how many fans bemoaned the loss of lennon last season saying we would have no chance at fourth spot? how many said the same when modric broke his leg? if we can’t win because of one or two missing players then we are in serious trouble this time, our squad is versitile and we have a number of replacement players like krancjar (who was one of our players of season last year imo) BAE got a lot of stick last year yet the season before was one of our players of the season, even though it isn’t looking great at the moment in the transfer market i still believe we will bring 3 new players in and that will add even more competition for places, don’t get me wrong i love bale and look for his name on the teamsheet first but we can cope without as we did for half of last season, same goes for rest of the players, if you look at our squad as a whole then we have a great squad and plenty of quality whether they are first team players or back up. COYS

    • Well said spursman, it’s why we finished above Liverpool, injuried to Gerrard Carragher and Torres they can’t handle, but if we have injuries tp Lennon King and Defoe we replace them with bentley bassong and crouch/keane or pav

  15. What you have to remember is we already have a few injured so dont want any more

  16. Bale as left back? Are people mad! The lad is totally wasted there! Bale is a left winger end of story. He came of age last season as a left winger. Top teams were so scared of him.

  17. Dosantos will be jet lagged wont he by the time he gets back .We still have Modric Rose Townsend.

  18. BAE is a good quality left back and still young I can’t remember anyone giving him the run around last season

  19. grab a video of the first 60 minutes of mexico vs span. GDS was simply outstanding, the best player by far of that match.

  20. The article implies Gio would only play if Bale were injured. Rubbish. Bale will likely play left back and enjoy all the charges up the wing he wants. They should both play. And it’s likley Gio will be inside and Krancjar on the wing, where he often appeared for Pompey. And we will see Gio, Luka, Aaron running rings round the opposition.

  21. Did you really edit the letter “F” out of an internet anacronym in my post? Really? I mean, wow. Just wow.

  22. What a stupid thing to say… “On this we cannot lay the blame solely at the door of the English FA” – He wasn’t playing for England, countries all over the world played friendlies last night – HE’S WELSH!! Why wouild ANY of the blame lay with the English FA!

    Also, I can’t click back to change spelling mistakes on nyour website, I have to scroll all the way back through… all in all, shit article, shit website.

  23. agree with rick bale is at left back bae is much better left back than bale will ever be but at left wing bale will be the best in the league this season!!!!!

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  24. Sorry if I have offended you MrPoopyPants,perhaps I went too far,sorry.I was just trying to keep the site clear of any kind of swear word.

    • Hey Foggy mate, we don’t want to ban out all swaering it takes the passion out of it, only delete personal attacks on other people who comment, I don’t care if someone says the F word because they are expressing themselves passionately about Tottenham.

  25. Hokay dokey.

  26. fuck!

  27. fuck shit balls

  28. Sorry- I got carried away.

  29. My, my we’ve come a long way from the Bale who was a jinx player only playing in a losing team? Sure I’d prefer it if we were able to field our strongest side against Mancinity but the PL is a squad affair and as a squad we should be able to cater for the eventuality of a player not playing never mind how good he is.

    If we are not able to do that then we have identified a deficiency and that is where we should strengthen…Take note Daniel!!!

  30. All this talk of will he, won’t he be fit, and the backup players we’ve got has got me all excited for the season, Bale is a quality player, but if he misses one game we can cover him, I’d like to see one more quality centre midfielder so we can rest hudd and luca occasionally and I’m sure we need a long term solution to the Woodgate and King injury dramas, 2 more players and maybe a shot at the title for a change?!

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