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Feb 092011

Spurs have had a real scare after Gareth Bale complained of more pain in his back during a training session, triggering concerns of a more serious problem for the Welshman.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp was hoping to have Bale available for the Sunderland game but may now have to wait while they try to get a scan for Bale sooner than planned. Bale hasn’t featured since he was taken off with back pain in the 1-1 draw with Newcastle last month and it’s now possible he may be missing for longer.

The injury list is getting bigger by the day for Spurs with a host of first teamers out of action. Tottenham travel to the San Siro next week for their first leg encounter in the Champions League with AC Milan. Tottenham and Harry Redknapp will be sweating on the fitness of Bale in the mean time.

Tottenham will be also sweating on the fitness of Peter Crouch, Van der Vaart and Luka Modric for the AC Milan game next week.

  12 Responses to “Bale Setback For Spurs”

  1. looks like injuries are increasing dangerously
    perhaps we play AC Milan with:
    Gomez, Corluka, Dawson, Bassong, BAE, Lennon, Jenas, Palacios, Kranjcar or Pieenar, Super PAV, Defoe


  2. If we lose all our best players for the Milan game, Bale, Modric, VDV and Crouch (he scores in the CL), (not to mention Huddlestone and Kaboul, we will be in real trouble. Instead of playing 4-4-1-1, we may have to play 4-1-4-1 to try to give ourselves a chance for the second leg when hopefully we will be stronger.
    Hutton Gallas Dawson Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon Jenas Piennar Kranjcar

  3. Hutton starting against AC?? No thank you.

  4. Suoer Pav – yes, if harry relents and goes for goals . The rest of the team -who knows until next Tuesday!

  5. I am just watching live the match with Croatia and what I really love about Kranjcar is that he is certainly not afraid of using both of his legs. He even made an assist at the first goal. It would be nice to see him replace Bale if his recovery takes more.

    Honestly I’m not afraid if Bale and VDV won’t be available for Milan as long as we see on the pitch Pienaar, Pav, Niko, Lennon and hopefully Modric.

  6. Coxie, is this post sourced from the daily mail? If it is i wouldnt beleive a word they say, just scaremongering rubbish.

  7. surely they have not waited until now to scan his back? he should have had it 1 hour after he walked off the pitch last time he played!!!

  8. I heard its Crouch, VDV, Bale and Modric very doubtful for Milan, with King and Kaboul and Huddlestone definately out we are fooked.

    We will have to rely on the inconsistent squad members such as Defoe, Pav, Krancj, Pienaar, Palacios etc.

    Lennon is the only one remaining who I feel could damage Milan

    On other news is Sandro registered for the champions league now that Keane, Gio and Bentley have left

  9. I just hope Harry doesn’t risk him in a tournament we won’t win, and lose him for the rest of the season diminishing our chances of qualifying again next season. We have to qualify or lose key players. And with Levy saying if we don’t get the Olympic stadium, there is no viable plan B, there is little chance of us competing for (or keeping) top players. Harry should be focussed on one thing only at this point- fourth place. Going out of the CL in this round would be a blessing in disguise towards getting to the last spot. We’re out of the two domestic cups, there would be worse fates than losing in this round of the CL with dignity and having nothing to play for but league position, while the team we are most likely to overhaul, Chelsea, are still involved in the FA Cup and the CL. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but no CL next year and no new stadium means no money for rich contracts and slipping back to a consistent top half of the table team rather than top four.

  10. Fredkruger, we will win the champions league! We have a chance of getting to the final and who would fancy playing us at our spiritual home? No one (except maybe one of the English clubs) Maa

  11. This bad back happened when Bale got a spasm through taking his shirt of and draping a Utd top over is bare shoulder this caused the Cold to freeze is back Bale will be back when we are out of Champions league and out of the race for fourth. This back is all the work of Ferguson who noes how to prostitute a star remember Berbatov missing sitters and Phantom injury’s then he kidnapped him. I forecast this months ago when he was saying he is happy we have to except we cant compete wit a stadium holding 36 thousand and we will still survive without him because we have invested in our youth that’s if Harry doesn’t fuck it up like he is doing with Townsend and Walker the lad Bostock has got the talent and like Taraabt he will be wasted . These lads can make the grade if Harry stops is stupid loan system just look at Kelly Liverpool Walker at Villa. They have bean given a chance losing the stadium bid as meant we will lose some of our talent but we have the blue print to stay at the top and selling Bale could mean if we finish 5th we can take the place of the team who has paid 50 million Chelsea and City who have massive short falls in meeting the new rules . I have a bad back since i was twenty three Bales back cant be twinging now unless its serious my insight says its Fergitius of the mind Hope its the EFE causing this paranoia i could be getting affected by the sweat fumes living near Liverpool hahhhaaaaaaaaa cracks are appearing we are DOOOMED

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