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Jul 092010

Spurs’ Welsh wizard speaks about next season’s prospects, old team mate Theo Walcott and finishing above that lot down the road !!!

Bale thinks Harry Redknapp's side could be ready to mount a title challenge!

Spurs’ much improved full back Gareth Bale believes his club are ready to step up their game again next season and mount a challenge for the Premier League title.

Harry Redknapp’s side ended years of disillusionment and frustration this season, when they fired the White Hart Lane outfit to fourth place and a first ever crack at europes elite in the Champions League.

And now, Wales star Bale (left) is convinced that they can rise to the challenge of competing with Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal – if Redknapp works some of his famous magic during the transfer window :

“We’ve got a good team and I think if we invest in a few more players I don’t think there’s any reason why we can’t go a little bit further. I’d say challenging for the title is the main aim for every single team and I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t mount a challenge.”

Bale then went on to speak of his desire to guide the club to their first finish above north London rivals Arsenal in over 15 years! Finishing just 5 points behind the red half of the territory last time around, Bale hopes that this time the tide will turn once and for all :

“I hope this is the year we finish ahead of them,” he added. “We’ve got just as good a squad as them and there’s no reason why we can’t beat them in the Premier League this year.”

Part of that Arsenal squad is Theo Walcott whom Bale grew up playing alongside in the Southampton youth ranks. Bale says he was shocked to see his former teammate omitted from the England side that travelled to South Africa and believes his friend could have added a different dimension to Fabio Capello’s sides game :

“It was a big shock to me,” said Bale. “I honestly think that with his pace he adds a different element to any team. It’s a shame he didn’t go.”

So, what do you think? (Not about Theo Walcott obviously ….. no one cares about that lot!) Do you think that with a little tweek from Harry we could have a squad capable of challenging for Premier League honours? Can we strike a balance between league and champs league assaults? What players would you like to see brought in to take us up to that next level?

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  64 Responses to “Bale Speaks Of Discontent … Wants Title Challenge !”

  1. MUG Scum, forever in our shadow you will be !

  2. Typical Muggy Yids,

    Talking themselves up big time pre season as per usual, and as alswyas they end up completely mugging themselves off.

    Forever in our shaow, you MUGS !

  3. Can one of you spurs bloggers do us fans a favour and sort out this whole “we need to be better than arsenal mantra”. f*** arsenal. Finishing above arsenal means nothing unless it gets us the title.
    We aren’t arent a shadow of Arsenal , we are our own entity and should be proud of our own achievements not give a toss about anothers.

    Hopefully glory shall come to spurs soon since glory makes the arsenal fans talk more about man u and chelsea than us.

  4. Haha, maybe the “years of disillusionment” have not ended, judging by Bale’s title ambitions!

  5. Yeah Harry, unlike Arsene who never states his team will win the league year on year only to be completely smashed to pieces by actual title challengers. Enjoy another season of false hope.

  6. Translation please. Just what does alswyas and shaow mean in wankerish?


  7. 15years & yet every summer this lot talk about how next season will be the 1. Your lot are a fucking joke! Enjoy your 1 season in the Champions League cause that’s going be it. PS Didn’t your lot make England proud this summer! Losers – you always have been, you always will be!

  8. Why do we always do this to ourselves? why dont we just shut up and see what happens, rather than talking ourselves up? we only set ourselves up to embarrass ourselves. I have my fingers crossed for all the best next year, but lets be honest here, they have finished above us for each of the last 15 say that our squad is as good as theirs is a stupid comment son. Robbie Keane said the same last year…right before they beat us 3-0 away. Shut up kid, play your stuff, and lets see where we can get.

  9. Sebastian – I don’t think it’s a stupid comment to say our side is as good as theirs. Player 4 player we look more than a match for their lot and ok they turned us over away from home but have you forgotten what happened at home ?

    COYS !!!!

  10. How ironic that Alan says “Enjoy another season of false hope”. A yid who talks about false hope. Your mob hasn’t even qualified for the CL yet, and you’re talking about the title. Delusional idiots. Go on, aim for the title, you lot have been dreaming for nearly 50 years now, should be used to it.

  11. Oh dear. They don’t like it at all. The comments above are becoming typical of more and more Arsenal fans. They’ve gone from patronising us, and viewing us as a mere irritant, to making comments with an increasing amount of venom, and a decreasing level of fact. The writing’s on the wall…Enjoy the sun for now, dark days ahead.

  12. Sorry, but getting above Arse & all may only keep us out of relegation!

  13. Well noticed Don Shapiro – Sounds a bit like squeaky bum time if you ask me !!! A bit worried their boys aren’t up to the challenge !!

  14. Wolves H & A 6 points
    Stoke H 3 points
    Everton A 2 points
    Birmingham A 2 points
    Liverpool A 3 points
    Burnley A 3 points
    All points we should have had last season. Therefore a challenge for the title is not so difficult to imagine.

  15. Its official: Spurs fans are complete morons

  16. Bale is right,it is time that Spurs start the challenge for the title.We have some of the best youth players and i do believe that Sandro will not let the team down.It is a pity about the likes of King and Woodgate because all teams need one or two great experienced players and i do not think they will play every week.I strongly believe if Spurs buy one or two experienced players they will be right up there come the end of season. ITS TIME NOW.

  17. Mart, every team drops points they shouldn’t have last season. You also win some lucky ones that maybe you shouldn’t have. I could argue that:

    Man Utd Away: 1 point
    Spurs away: 1 point
    Burnley away: 2 points
    Birmingham away: 2 points
    West Ham away: 2 points
    Villa away: 2 points
    Wigan away: 3points

  18. Andrew – You can’t argue that you shouldn’t have dropped a point against us last season …… we played you off the park for 90 minutes and made your lot look like the little boys they are !!!!
    With what we had to play for and the form we were in , your lot never stood a chance !

    COYS !!!

  19. ha ha ha… Paranoia amongst the red half me thinks.

    Entirely fair comment by Bale. Hardly gonna say ‘I hope we come 2 or 3 places lower than we did last season’.

    Funny to see how worked up the scum get about things like that… and the fact they swam on here to strong it… A case of getting in while you can? Worried you’ll have nothing to crow about going forward, boys.

    cnuts of the highest order

  20. Aldo, for a large part of the game you did out play us, but after RVP came on we created a load of chances and could easily of snatched a point had Gomes not played our of his skin.

  21. I cant think of any lucky wins.

  22. Coxie, that would only be funny if you had won anything of any note over the past 20 years. FYI everyone knows the Carling Cup means nothing.

  23. isnt it arsenal supporters who always say they are going to win the title and then get raped? one guy said we are mugs and will fail again and that we mug ourselves off.we got champions league football this year you MUG now what can you say…and at least we won a title in our history…you claim to be a big club but youve won fuck all in europe…NEVER IN YOUR HISTORY HAVE YOU WON A CUP IN EUROPEAN FOOTBALL!!!!15years in champions league and you still havent won it once…your disgracing fake mugs chelseas come closer

  24. It only means nothing to a team full of foreigners with a foreign managers

  25. your egos are bursting. never ever will you get the title. Tottenhams’ situation is one to sympathize for.
    You should have known better to be above us when we were not investing in players. Now that we are through with both debt repayment and saving well, please start forgetting as arsenal is looking for another of solid defenders, not yet with the goalie to start winning our titles again.

    Poor tots, if you are to get anywhere in English football, start identifying your own players. Going for what we have rejected will not do you any good either.

  26. Andrew, you’re wrong ……. the Carling Cup doesn’t mean nothing ….. it means a place in the Europa League. Which is where your lot will be playing when they bomb out of the Champions League early doors!!!

  27. Last 12 years:
    Arsenal; 3 titles, 4 Fa Cups and a CL final
    Spurs; 1 Carling Cup and another Carling Cup final

    An now you have finally made it in to the CL qualifying stages you think you can talk of a title challenge. Pathetic…you lot would do well to finish 4th again and make it in to the real CL stages.

  28. spurs like the hammers have always tried to play the game the passing way unlike the gooners down the road who needed a frenchman to teach them how to do it ? end of really, all of a sudden there the be all and know all of football .Winning is the name of the game and for the last few years the gooners seem to be stuck in a rut, they just can’t seem to win the league and the pack is getting closer all the time and next season could be the time when they won’t finish in the top four either . then you’ll see just how good arsen is ?its not like the gooners were bottom of the league when he took over .they are a good footballing side but that in it self is not good enough as over the last few years they’ve lacked that leader on the park that most great sides have.

  29. 2 Carling cups actually Andrew we won it in 1999 as well. Now Andrew can we compare cups in the last 5 years please? why pick 12 lets have 5 years yeah?

  30. LOL Andrew you really do let it get to you dont you, calm down or you will give yourself a heart attack, one things for sure, at least Spurs have a bit more class than the Arse.

  31. OMG dont be fucking silly Bale You Muggy Yid, u and your bunch of no hoping spurs wakers couldnt even dream of challeging for the title! ONLY BIG TEAMS GO FOR IT! Typical spurs hype bollocks, yeah were gna win everything then at the end of the season reality kicks in, aswell as no class and your left with fuck all, and no chance, u dont even take it to the wire, always lived in the shadow of the Gunners, always will do, end of. And Mark, who the fuck are you talking about! If your really as dalouded as to think that your fucking wank team has more class than us then ul shortely be getting a visit from the men in white coats, thats if u aint already there and posting this from your wing on your laptop. We have more class than anyone. You yids i swear u had a fucking baby the minute you got into that shitty qualifing round, u aint even got through it yet!

  32. lol Gunner 8

  33. Top 4 prediction:
    Man Utd
    Man City
    Not necessarily in that order.
    Arsenal 7th if they are lucky. Sorry, I nearly forgot, they have always been lucky.
    Then the exodus will begin, or maybe simply continue. Arsene will be sacked, RVP will leave for Barcelona and Arse & All will continue to fall away.
    This isn’t a dream, an octopus told me this is what will happen.

  34. RVP is worse than King, if your rellying on him to win you the prem you better hope he manages to play more than one game a month

  35. Gunner 8: At least we can spell.

  36. And Mart ur as dualouded as Mark, what u 2 fucking brothers or smeink, Lets put the order in real terms shall we..

    Top 4
    Man U

    Spurs are somewhere down here like they always are
    Below Arsenal where they belong.. And us Gooners Dont need no fucking octopus to tell us that we can already predict the future and its just like the last 50 years for Spurs BOLLOCKS!

  37. And i dont need to spell to know that Spurs are crap.. Everyone already knows that, and if ur sad enough to spell ckeck then you need a life.

  38. “deluded” twat!

  39. Don’t need spell check, I went to school.

  40. lol my hands are up, I cant spell to save my life or win the league

  41. Wow 1 season has given you spuds such a hard on your all porn stars now? Pfftttttt……

  42. Mart, after 15 years of finishing behind us what makes you think you will finish above us now. I genuinely think you will have a disappointing season, you over achieved last season and with City spending big bucks and Liverpool who can’t perform any worse, I can see you guys finishing mid table and going out the CL early.

  43. Oh well here we go, history lessons from our French counterparts yet again. We’ll see boys after all, despite being given byes for over a decade, you’ve hardly covered yourself in glory in the CL, as you’re only in it to keep the creditors off your sorry backsides. We’ll see soon enough, who haS an egg covered gob , but Bale hasn’t said anything other than Spurs are going places, and if you can intelligently challenge that statement go ahead and try!, but there’s the rub, intelligence and Gooner’s hardly ever make an appearance together, that’s as rare as an Englishman wearing that Ronald McDonald outfit you call a kit!

  44. Gunner 8 !! OMG !!

    Don’t bust a nut sweetheart

  45. Are all Arsenal fans idiots (I think not) but why then, do so many come online and say such idiotic things? Spurs were, obviously, playing better for most of last year, and deserved to finish in 4th. Add to that achievement the inclusion of the latest arrivals and a title challenge looks more likely? Liverpool are not going to be as ‘dangerous’ under the new Hodgeson so ‘anything is possible’? WHY is it ‘silly’ to look forward to a VERY successful season at WHL when everything points to it? A successful 2010/11 should be 2009/10 PLUS? That may, or may not, include a 6 point advantage over the Nth London neighbors…..WHO cares, as long as we do reasonably well in the CL….and EPL? Slagging is for the ‘boys and girls’ that seem to ‘live here’….The men and women of the real world have bigger fish to fry? COYS!

  46. No Bingey stop it, the challenge was to get an intelligent reply from a Gooner, still none yet I see?, still my first prediction of the seasons right again!

  47. Very honest comments:

    Anyone who honestly thinks that Arsenal are on their way down is deluded. We’ve basically payed off our stadium debt now and can actually afford to buy players now (FYI Redknapp spent more (net) on transfers than ARsenal have spent in the last 13 years). We have one of the best academy’s in the world, an incredibly young team abnd the best manager in terms of dealing with the transfer market.
    Anyone who thinks Cesc is going is equally deluded – Barca actually don’t want him (evidenced by their ridiculous 30m bid and no follow it up), they just wanted to tell their fans ‘Look, we tried to buy him, but we can’t.’ They won’t pay 50-60M for him, they’ve said that, and honestly, paying that much money when you have Xavi and Iniesta is kinda pointless.

    We also had a campaign which had so many injuries that I’m not even going to bother listing them. Despite that fact we were pretty well actually, until Vermaelen, Arshavin, Cesc, Gallas (The spine of our team) were injured, and catapulted in the last few games. Those kind of injuries won’t happen again.

    Normally you should be optimistic about the season and set high targets, but talking about mounting a title challenge when you’re not actually even in the Champions League is premature to say the least. And you always talk up your chances – does any non-biased person actually think that Spurs have a better squad than Arsenal? I would take Gomes over Almunia (but only after his monumental failure last season), and that’s it. Dawson over Koscielny/Djourou/new Signing is a possibility, but I’ve not seen them in action yet. SO that’s 1 player. Out of 11.

    And I can intelligently challenge the statement ‘Spurs are going places’ but pointing out that City look very dangerous now. They have genuine world class players.

    And you haven’t even qualified for the CL yet, please get a grip on yourself?

    P.S: Countering the above statement by saying that we’ve done nothing in the CL for 13 years is almost like insulting yourself. Would you rather be in the CL for 13 years or not be in the CL at all? Moronic statement.

    Feel free to flame me now.

  48. I don’t get why Goons want to even go on Spurs sites. I couldn’t, for the life of me, look at one of their bitter, twisted little rant-sites.
    Okay, so they have won more things more recently – but not in the very recent future…which they ignore ;-D So, what, how many years was it between when United last won the title and when Fergie won it? Who cares if Spurs haven’t won it for a while…is that gonna stop me supporting my team – NO.
    Honestly, do Goons only support them ‘cos they ‘won fings’…is that it.
    And why are they getting so wind-up? Really?
    I couldn’t care less if Obscene and his pre-pubescent hordes went into every newspaper office in the land chanting “we will win the league…and the CL as well”. I just don’t care.
    Get a life Goon ArseScum muppets.

  49. Bit of an overuse of the word deluded methinks?. How about this then, once again POTENTIALLY, Arsenal have a young and aspiring squad of players that MAYBE good enough to challenge the Man Utd’s and Chelsea’s of the PL.. Do you know I’m sure I’ve heard that before?. As for your debts, well I’m also certain that you were told that a Warchest was available for Weger to spend copious amounts on players, yet the truth of the matter, you’ve only purchased has beens, wannabees and freebee’s, yet have lost real talent in the process, Every major cup competition over the past few seasons ahs seen your team capitulate dramatically, whether its the Carling Cup or the Champions league, can you deny that?, because I’m still rolling about laughing at the memories!… who’se deluded?, now you’ve lost Gallas, perhaps Fabregas and believe me Van Persie isnt too chauffed right now at the prospect of another season of disappoinment!, passing you as we’re on the up guys…byeeeee!

  50. It is funny that if Arsenal fans defend our lack of trophies in the last 5 yrs by pointing to our continued presence in the CL, we get Carling Cup victories thrown in our faces by yids. And now you lot have made the qualification stages, you harp on about how you’re going to usurp Arsenal and take over the world?! Its such a laugh, your lot are like jesters that provide entertainment for us!

    We all know you mugs would swap where you are now, with where we are now. A 60,000 seater, the majority of our debt gone and a world class manager at the helm. Not to mention the fact you would trade Arsenal’s 13 yrs of CL football for your couple of measly Carling Cups haha.

    Weren’t your lot questioning our team in EXACTLY the same way last season? Saying your squad is better, this and that bollocks? And we still finished above you, and thats when we have to juggle playing Barcelona in our schedule too. You carry on playing Pompey in the FA Cup, the highlight of your pathetic season.

  51. monkey magic wanker

  52. Ladies please.

    Firstly, congratulations to Spurs for getting in the CL. It will not be easy though so don’t expect too much first time around (you have to get through qualifying as well, which is getting harder each year). You have a good squad and a proven manager but I’d say you need Joe Cole more than we do. Another striker couldn’t hurt either.

    The truth is that while Spurs define themselves by the north London rivalry they will never stand a chance of getting to the top. As some Spurs fans have written in this blog and as Bale is saying most of all, you should be concentrating on Spurs, not on Arsenal. For us I’m please as a more balanced rivalry makes for a better season, possibly keeping us both sharper – no offence but some seasons haven’t really given much anxiety to us at Highbury or the Lane.

    So good luck to you and be happy at what you have achieved already… and do us a bloody favour and beat ManUre & Chealski for a change!!!

  53. you are all shit

  54. Well Diplomatic Gooner greetings, firstly I personally don’t give a hot about Arsenal, and if you look at our attendance figures over any period of the past twenty years, neither do most fans of Tottenham either. Wouldn’t it be far easier to support Arsenal or Chelsea?, than a side who by own record have offered nothing in return but heartache and ridicule!
    But our support has remained constant hasn’t it, its been one of the reasons why we’ve attracted investment and such dedication from our board of directors. We’re were only a cigarete paper apart, but the advent of CL and a ridiculously biased press has convinced many Arsenal supporters and the like of this ‘Tiny Tots’ image….well we always knew how big a club we really are, if you those around us thought otherwise, so if we’re just a little ‘Chirpy’ right now, its not a slant at you team, because lets face it, you’re really not that big in comparison to the others anyway, nah, bigger and better fish to fry guys!

  55. Sorry post script, her beat Chelsea, sorry we did, actually and did the season before that, unlike some closer to home eh?

  56. your a jealous knob and should back out of the clouds, your small team won’t be able to cope with the pressures of being in the champ league and also trying to get a respectable place in the league. oh and by the way your ot in the champs league yet!!!!

  57. As previously state intelligent answers only, cant think of single Spurs fan whose jealous of Arsenal, as I pointed out previously. head in the clouds…really, you continue to feed off of that tired and quite frankly boring bilge your club feed you and we’ll see who has whose head is in what cloud?, and if we qualify great, if not we don’t, well threes a shock, but we’ll still be there supporting out team, just as always, En-masse, (that’s French by the way, but you’ll know that)

  58. If you really need to quote French do it correctly (no capitals and no hyphen in En-Masse) after all we’d know more about the language wouldn’t we?
    If you’re not jealous of Arsenal why do you constantly carp on about ‘this year we’ll finish above them’? Why does it figure so much in your blogs? Welcome to the reall world of Europen football, I hope you’ll be more of a challenge than you have been for quite some time.

  59. i couldnt give a fuck about arsenal, so why are them fuckwits always on spurs forums, its like having a mate that you dont really like banging on about your bird all the time !!!!!

  60. I agree with mr c why when you go on Spurs blog sites are there always dopey gooners spewing out their usual moronic drivel ,they must be worried

  61. Surely it’s Le Language, but then we only have to use English at the Lane, as we make our imports at least try to be representative of the country by having an English backbone, and management team nowadays, works for us works for them. Never said we’d finish above or below you, I said that Chelsea and Utd are far better teams than Arsenal, and the way they’ve annihilated your team recently indicates how small a threat Arsenal really are. No I said to aspire to get above those two would be the aim, albeit a lofty one, but Arsenal I couldn’t give a monkeys about other than two games a year

  62. Football is tribal, and territorial. Us Arsenal fans are impelled to come here and taunt Spurs fans as much as you Spurs boys are inclined to lynch every one that does with colourful dictionary. Its the way of football, and law.

    You guys were plucky last year, and you surprised me, not that I didnt expect a better show than than the previous one. You played some good football and gave a good foundation to build on for next year. Do I think you can usurp our position? You have the ability to, but we have strengthened, as have city, and Liverpool will be back with a vengeance. This year will be a good year for football, and no one can take anything for granted. May you be a worthy nemesis, and good luck.

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