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Jun 042012

On Many blogs and forums over the past couple of weeks I have seen many comments left about getting rid of Harry Redknapp. Many of the fans criticize some of Harry’s tactics during games but that’s something we’ve always done and always will especially when we lose no matter who the manager is.

There’s been many articles on who can replace Harry as if he has already gone but let’s put things into perspective. 3 full seasons at the club have seen 4th,5th and 4th place finishes and now some of the fans are getting a bit to big for their boots believing we have some divined right to be challenging for the title but the truth is that unless we get a sugar daddy chairman or get our bigger stadium we will always be limited by our current means. If Chelsea hadn’t won the Champions League would we even be discussing the matter?

We did sit 3rd for a long time and yes we did press the self destruct button but let’s not forget the aim was always to claim a top 4 place and we did that, our problem was that we started to believe that we were better than we were just because we sat 3rd for so long but we have to be realistic and say that Harry has done a great job, he has done what no other Tottenham manager could in the Premier League and finish us in a Champions League place 2 out of 3 seasons. We are not better than Man Utd, City and as it turned out Arsenal so maybe 4th is what we deserved and by the looks of it Chelsea will be back in the game next season, all of these clubs have more money than us.

Harry has had to make do, we had a chance to push on but it seems as though Levy wants to put all the spare cash into the new stadium. If you go through the players sold to the money spent you will find that Redknapp hasn’t spent half as much as previous Spurs managers. He took over after Berbatov and Keane were sold for over £50m he brought back Crouch Defoe and Keane eventually all of which served a purpose at the time but he has never really been given a massive transfer kitty and the trust to spend at will. Van der Vaart was his last real bit of spending and even Levy gets the credit for that. Since then he has lived of bargain buys and free transfers and we all know that if Harry had money to spend then he would do so.

There’s not many out there who are guaranteed to do a better job than Harry, he knows the Premier League as much as anyone and what it takes to build a team, yes he frustrates us at times but tell me a Spurs manager or any manager that doesn’t frustrate their fans when they get it wrong? Mourinho is one of the few who you could pretty much have a bet on that would do a better job but all the others that we were linked to like Brendan Rodgers a few weeks ago maybe “could” do a better job but equally could be out of their depth and fail miserably.

Aston Villa were flying high 2 or 3 years ago under Martin O’neill but after letting him leave the club look what happened to them? Benitez had a bad patch with Liverpool and he left the club and they haven’t been in the Champions League since. So my advice to you is be careful what you wish for, remember the days of our season being over at Christmas because if we get rid of Harry there is every possibility that them days could soon return. Under Harry at least we know next season we will be challenging for the top 4 again and for many years we could only dream of that. So let’s remember where we have come from and where we are and cast your mind back to the dark days because there is no guarantee that if Redknapp goes that we would push on. I see one guy ranting about getting Capello, Benitez or AVB in  to replace Harry, a statement of which scared me to death that we really do have fans that think any of them 3 guy could take us forward, maybe they could for a while but personally I’d rather stick with Harry.

Many fans haven’t taken to Redknapp and claim he isn’t loyal but for a man with no previous ties to the club why would he be loyal? he’s not like Hoddle when he took over who had Tottenham flowing through his blood. I don’t care about loyal, Harry is paid to do a job and as long as he does a good job when he can be as loyal as Sol Campbell for all I care but mark my words if Harry was to spend another few years at Tottenham then as time goes by his love for the club would slowly start to grow but as I just stated why would he be loyal now? he had no previous ties with the club but I think some people think that because he took over the reigns that he is instantly supposed to love the club in the way that we do. How many of you love your day jobs and would turn down the chance of bettering yourself just to stay loyal to your current employer?

My advice is let’s not get greedy, if Harry is given some money to spend for the first time in a couple of years then he will make the right signings for the club, that’s what he is good at. Maybe Harry isn’t as good as some managers tactically but he makes up for it with other attributes and let’s face it if he had everything as a manager then he would not be at Tottenham. Be careful what you wish for, don’t force Harry out, we might live to regret it. Remember when we were 3rd and the England job was up for grabs, the banners and chants that sounded around the Lane for Harry to stay and because we went on a poor run and dropped down ONE place in the league suddenly we turn on the guy? a bit fickle don’t you think? If we were offered top 4 at the start of last season we would have snapped it up, we got it in the end up an unlucky roll of the footballing dice broke our hearts but that always seems to be the Spurs way. We are the unluckiest club in England’s top division.

Keep your feet on the ground don’t expect us to suddenly dominate world football because we finished 4th and played Champions League. The trouble is that when a club stays at a certain level  for 2 or 3 years the fans expect them to push on but don’t forget that up is not the only way you can go, there is always a way called down. Charlton were taken to a mid table Prem club under Curbishly and the fans started to expect more but Curbs knew he couldn’t take them higher and he let somebody else try and they plummeted all the way down to league 1. Leicester with Martin O’Neill was a similar situation. Newcastle under Boddy Robson. Every club Harry has managed has always been at their peak with him running the club. Rarely does a club who is at their current peak actually push on after a change of manager and we are at our current peak in Premier League terms. We have to also remember that a lot of the players love Harry, the players that are willing to stay at the club now may not be so willing if we were to sack Harry.

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