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Aug 032010

Our next pre-season friendly contest takes place this evening against Portuguese giants Benfica at the Estadio Da Luz stadium in Lisbon.

Estadio Da Luz - Tonight's Venue

Team News :

Benfica : Roberto, Amorim, Luisao, David Luiz, Coentrao, Airton, Aimar, C.Martins, Jara, Saviola, Cardozo

Spurs :

Gomes; Walker, Dawson, Corluka, Bale; Lennon, Huddlestone, Jenas, Modric; Giovani; Crouch. SUBS: Cudicini, Naughton, Kranjcar, Rose, Townsend, Defoe

Tonights match takes place at the home of the Portuguese giants , the Estadio Da Luz which holds approximately 65,000 so if anywhere near capacity should provide a great atmosphere !

According to the official club website :

The lads warmed up by splitting into two teams within which they had to run half the length of the pitch keeping the ball up among themselves. Ten press-ups was the punishment for the losing team.

They then moved onto possession drills before finishing up with a crossing and shooting drill before returning to the team hotel for downtime ahead of the game

Kick off is scheduled for 7:45pm.

Don’t forget to sign up to the >>FORUM<< for the match  and other live match streams and the chance to chat with fellow Spurs about the subjects that matter to you, before, during and after the matches! You can sign up to the forum <<HERE>> !!! Also Bet365 have streamed some of the friendlies and usually good quality, I don’t know if they are streaming this match but you can click the logo to the left and have a look if you don’t like any of the forum streams.

  23 Responses to “Benfica vs Spurs – Build Up & LIVE ACTION !!!”

  1. Estadio Nacional isn’t the home of Benfica but was the place Spurs trained this morning (

    tonight’s match will be played at Benfica’s stadium (Estadio da Luz) which holds up to 65000.

  2. “Estadio Nacional – Home of Benfica”

    Do your research before your write major fails like that.
    If you don’t know the real name of Benfica’s stadium then i’m sorry to say but you don’t much about football and consequently you piece loses all the credebility and interest.

    Just a bit of history for you:
    Benfica is one of the best well known teams in the whole world.
    The new Estadio da Luz (the real Benfica stadium) was build for the Euro 2004 and has a capacity of 65.000 ….. the old da Luz used to held 120.000 people at his hay day.
    Benfica is the team with more suporters in the world (is in the Gunness World Records for that), won the old European Cup (Champions League) twice and has been in inumerous other European finals (one of the teams with more finals presences).

    I hope you change your mistake as soon as possible.

    Zak from Nottingham.

  3. You’re right on one point though.
    Estadio Nacional is indeed where the Portuguese Cup final is held every….. but the other major fail is that the Stadium in the picture is not even the Estadio Nacional.
    This is the Estadio Nacional:

    Dedicate yourself to fishing ….. because football is hardly your strongest subject.

    Or at least do a bit of research first so that you dont end up making a fool of yourself.


    Zak from Nottingham

  4. Ooh handbags at dawn.
    Nothing else to do then. I’m a bit worried at what might happen if he doesn’t change his mistake as soon as possible.

  5. Obviously nothing will happen ….. but it would give a lot more credebility to the site. That’s my point.
    But if that is so hard for you to understand i rest my case.

    Whoever reads it must think it was done by a very uninterested and clueless person.

    What’s he gona say next: Benfica is a team from Bangladesh !!??

  6. Sorry lads – CHILL !!! One little typo and and I get all this abuse !!! (OK it might have been a big typo, but give me a break!) Anyway, my sincerest appologies and I have corrected my error. Enjoy the match !!!

    COYS !!!

  7. Thank you for changing it.


    Long live the Spurs.

  8. I apologise if i have been a bit harsh with some of my comments.

  9. Zak – Sorry mate, I was reading 2 articles – 1 about the training camp and 1 about tonights match and just got mixed up with the 2 stadium names. Both obviously start the same with ‘Estadio’ and I’m obviously easily confused !!

    COYS !!!

  10. 7-4 thrilla tonight in our favour!

  11. Sorry guys … im not having a good day but thats not your fault. I shouldn’t have said certain things…

    I hope will be a good game tonight. One thing is for sure ….. there’ll goals. Probably lots of them.

    Benfica’s keeper (Roberto) is going through exactly the same thing Gomes went through. He was bought for a big fee (€8.5M) and in the 1st few games he let in really silly goals.
    He’ll be a target tonight…. and Spurs could easily score 2 or 3 goals

  12. Zak – No worries mate, but now we’re one big happy family again remember to sign up for the forum for live streams of the match !!

    Live coverage from Bangladesh starts at 7:45pm !!!
    Hahahaha !!!!

  13. there will be goals if we’re all correcting lol coys

  14. Zak, you are indeed a whiny little woman.

  15. Hehehe.

    I guess deserved that.

  16. Hoping for a decent game tonight, maybe get to see one or two of our youngsters who’ll maybe have a part to play this season.

  17. only joking zak! ha ha

  18. Benfica team to play Spurs (confirmed):
    Roberto, Amorim, Luisao, David Luiz, Coentrao, Airton, Aimar, C.Martins, Jara, Saviola, Cardozo.

    As soon as i have the Spurs line up i’ll post here.

  19. This will be the 1st ever game to be transmited in 3D in Portugal.

    A bit of history there…. and Spurs is part of it.

  20. Nice one Zak, thanks.
    I’ll post them in the article.

  21. Spurs team to start against Benfica:

    Gomes; Kyle Walker, Vedran Corluka, Michael Dawson e Gareth Bale; Aaron Lennon, Jermaine Jones, Tom Huddlestone e Luka Modric; Giovani dos Santos e Peter Crouch.

    Gio …… f*** yeah

  22. No worries…

    Trying to redeem myself for earlier hehe.

  23. Nice to see Gio in,if he lives up to the hype, he will be like a new signing for us.

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