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Jul 072011

Last night to the delight of all of us, Levy confirmed that Luka Modric will not be sold, irrespective of any transfer fee, no matter how high.

Levy confirmed “We had a very good conversation and, as I’ve said previously, Luka Modric will not be sold. This isn’t about money – we’re not selling our best players”. This was music to my ears.

So why then, less than 24 hours after putting the issue to rest, do the daily mail still claim Modric will leave. The chairman, and therefore the man who controls who comes and goes, has confirmed he is going no where.

It seems that the daily mail remain hell bent on selling our Modric to anyone, but specifically Chelsea. It’s gone beyond good (and by good, I mean awful) press now, and is getting to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea were paying the daily mail to do the tapping up.

It is common knowledge that the daily mail are possibly the biggest culprits in the media world for making up transfer stories, especially where Spurs are concerned. They need to understand that nobody takes their transfer stories seriously and it would bode them well to get out of their office and actually find a newsworthy story with some truth attached to it.

  73 Responses to “Can the daily mail stop trying to sell Modric!”

  1. Spot on!! Boycott the mail!

  2. ha the daily mail must be full of tottenham loving hacks….. they always have it in for us

  3. Hear hear, all Spurs fans should stop buying the Daily Mail (or Sun, Star, Express, Mirror, Guardian etc)… I first?

  4. Amen.

    Unfortunately we’ve seen that the press can get away with anything they want. It takes the tapping up of dead children or terrorist victims for them to even get a slap on the wrists. The Daily Mail will always have its agenda as it sells papers and gives them web hits. The more bile they make up, the more joe bloggs fall for it and come running for info.

    I have taken everything they say as fabrications of truth at best for a few years now, I suggest others start to the same. There are some decent journos out there, including one or two at TDM (Martin Samuel for example), read them and ignore the numptys.

    • Yes – Papers say what they like to make things sound as extreme as possible. How about poor old Rio? The paper calls that woman “Rio’s mistress” – despite Rio categorically saying that all relations with her were before his marriage. Therefore she is not a “mistress”. But because the papers put it all in quotes, it means that “hear” that she is a “mistress”. The more people who read this, the more people will believe that this is the truth. Many people will not notice the quotes. How about a bit of honesty and truth in the paper?

  5. Fight the power !

    • ___________________________________HART / GIVEN____________________


      ______________________DE JONG / YAYA_______BARRY / MILNER_______________________

      ________________SANCHEZ / NASRI_______________________BALO / VILLA_______________

      ________________________________SNEIJDER / SILVA____________________________________

      ________________________________AGUERO / DZEKO___________________________________

      Thats 22 of a declared 25 I think and 2 quality players for each position, a few round pegs in not so round holes but WTF. I cant imagine trying to keep that lot happy lol
      I can think of limitless combinations of the above – all of which make me wet!
      So all we need to do is get Nasri -20 mill, swap Tevez for Sneijder plus 15 mill, let Barca buy Fabregas and pinch Sanchez from Udinese for 35 mill whilst giving Barca 20 mill to buy Fabregas by bagging Villa and giving 25 mill to Athletico for Aguero – Job done! Net spend 85 Mill + 13 Mill for Savic and Cliche – 98 Million.
      I dont honestly believe we’d buy 7 players but seriously believe 4 or 5 of the above could be on as I think Savic wont be used just yet. Nasri, Sneijder and Aguero added to the 2 we’ve already bought

      Now who dya think will win the league?

      • Do you wear a dickey bow and clogs and say thins like “where’ there’s muck there’s brass.I want to by a northerner as a pet for my son, how much would that cost

        • Your mam like my Dickey….but its not from BOW

          No Stadium No team… NO CHANCE of winning owt…

          suck on that you cockney T ***

          • OI! I make the “your mum” gags round here if you don’t mind pal.

            That said, I hear your mum likes to suck on a bit of cockney twat.

        • Yer wants ter buy a nooortherner…are yer sure lad? I’m pretty certain that ricketts is contagious, and they eat their own body weight in mushy peas every day which makes them…erm…very loose, shall we say. You’ll need to keep yours outside, as they don’t understand these new-fangled indoor bathroom facilities.

          Probably pick one up for a plate of boiled whippet if you’re not too fussy about it having all its teeth.

  6. haha modric is contracted until 2016, love it

    • I wonder what he would say if we finish above Chelsea and get in Champions League… would he still want to leave? COYS

      • well if we had beaten w hama nd b’pool twice that is what wd have happened. and all that ignores the two “illegal” goals they scored against us

  7. Everyone should stop buyinhg the Daily Mail becasue it is a right wing, racisit, homophobic, misogynistic, disgrace. Like most of the rd tops and the shite that is on the shelves on a Sunday.

  8. If you think the Mail is bad you should read the Telegraph’ They continualy try to print articles that are damaging to Spurs and its players

    • Does anybody read the telegraph still …? oh yes u must as u know what is going on with them? Does the telegraph still hold it’s readers party in a phone box?

  9. They seem to automatically interpret every story in the worst light for us – another no quotes (from Modric) article that jumps to the worst conclusion!

    Not sure Redknapp helps either. He should be bigging us up for next season, rather than suggesting it’s difficult to keep players when large sums are offered! I’m not anti-Redknapp, but I’m starting to winch everytime he appears on Sky Sports News…

  10. I totally agree with this. Not that I buy these papers anyway, but id also say don’t visit their website articles either. THis is where they sell their advertising and is a big reason for these made up quotes and stories.

    The Sun is the worst today. ‘An insider’ Yea like there was someone else in the room with them who then leaked the meeting to the press within a few hours. Its total bulls&*t what they’re printing, an insider, a friend – how about my infantile mind as I cant do a real journalists job and investigate a story properly.

    All to stir it up and pander to their preferred top four team – the rich ones. Cause they’re on the Premier League gravy train.

  11. Daniel Levy’s comments are very encouraging but I’ll rest easier if and when Modric makes a staement of confirmation.

  12. Any self respecting Spurs fan should just boycott this paper all together, they not only constantly publish rubbish about Spurs and transfer news in general but they seem like they are so desperate to get some sort of ‘exclusive’ out of breaking the news he wanted to go first that they are desperate for him to leave the club.

    Not only this, but they are quite happy to make Spurs out to be a mediocre selling club who would have actually considered the £22million bid.

    No Spurs fan should waste their money on buying that shit nor clicking on their newsnow links and reading their usual jackanory.

  13. The Mail and Sun say he’s furious and still wants to leave, another paper, maybe the Independent, were reporting he regrets his remarks about Chelsea and is trying to repair his relationship with Spurs.

    But what I don’t believe is that when Modric signed his new contract Levy agreed he could leave if he felt it would further his career, which is what the Mail is reporting. Because if Levy had agreed that then the contract would have been worthless, because what was the likelihood that Modric would want a move that he didn’t think would further his career?

    And who’s to decide anyway?

  14. Get Levys detective on the mail and lets get chelsea banned from transfers and a points deduction. Im sure theres a few mischellaneous payments! who do they think they are!
    The most dangerous thing is that the media will turn it into a case of something Abramovich cant have, like the forbidden fruit and he is very much used to getting his own way. Then he will really turn it up. After thinking about this alot a week or two ago i was resigned to the fact he was going and had actually got used the idea of us getting Essien and Drogba as part of the deal. I would actually take this ecspecially is obviously unhappy now.

    Just think that succesful chelsea team with the 2 pacey wingers (robben & duff) with Drogba as the lone strong CF. (Lampard, Ballack and Essien) 3 in midfield diamond, with attacking fbullbacks. This team was very succesful and unbeaten for 3 years nder mourinho at home. This formation, tactics i believe is the way forward 4-2-2- is too predctable. When germany beat us in the worldcup, barcelona’s 433 …if we got essien and drogba our team would be devestating even without modric.

    DROGBA (25+ a season, Target man, Aerial threat, Freekicks); damaio, pav back up
    BALE, LENNON (pace, counter attacking, crosses) buy vucinic (kranjcar swap)
    VDV supproting in lampard roll (creativity, goals)
    ESSIEN, SANDRO (what a strong mf!)

    tell me what you think am i mad?

  15. If the Insider is from Chelsea then this is public tapping up.
    If the reporter is a Chelsea supporter then this is tapping up.
    Come on FA pull your finger out and start getting to the papers for tapping up

  16. If I was Dan Levy it would be starting to piss me off. How many different ways can a man say “not for ANY price”.

  17. All the media are at it, anyone remember the utterly cringeworthy post match interview with Gareth Bale, suggesting his value had risen so much that he could command a huge transfer fee blah blah blah. To his credit Bale just gently shook his head in disbelief and bemusement..

  18. Been saying this for ages didnt they put crap about Sandro,Bale,Lennon,Benny as well dear old Gomas plus LUka yes the seem to have an agenda because the top 5 teams are very worried about us full of Man u and CHAVSkis journos however didnt WRoony come out with a comment about us being worried till we fell away with 1 win in 12
    Suggestion people do not believe hacks till it happens they are low lifes this has been proven over the last few days
    Anyway just had my usual tenner on spurs to win the league at 50 to 1 better than some years 400-1 can u believe liverpool 10-1 [and we walk over them twice]
    coys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Non-Spurs fan here (not a Chelsea or Arsenal fan either).

    I’m sorry to break this to you but the media is largely favourable to Spurs. As a club you get off lightly. The problem you are facing here is that of a super agent / fixer lurking in the background who is helping to move this deal forward. This fixer is well-known to be a source of information to Shaun Custis. They go back a few years…

    As for Modric, I think you need to let him go. When players are kept against their will, they simply do not perform to the same level.

    • Go do one!

    • Agreed. I kept your mum against her will, and she definitely did not perform to the same level.

      • I wouldn’t know. My mum died when I was three. Will be at the Bilbao game. If you want to discuss, let me know. Cheers, Paul

        • You do understand that the whole “your mum” thing is just a gag? And has been for as long as I can remember.

          If you’ve read the last few days articles on this site you’ll realise that I’ve been cracking it at every opportunity, as badly as possible, for a few cheap laughs/groans. Everyone else seems to get it.

          My apologies if it’s something that touches you on a personal level, but try and appreciate things for what they are rather than choosing to get offended and all “internet hard man”.

          That being said, I probably will be at the Bilbao game. If I am, I’ll be wearing the ’87 Holsten shirt with nothing on the back. I doubt there’ll be too many of them about. Feel free to come and discuss whatever you like, although if you’re not a Spurs fan I very much doubt you’ll be there.

  20. Agree 100%. Daily Mail utterly disgusting and they sleep at night! Pity they cannot be sued. I do hope that Levy increases Modric’s weekly wage.

  21. And we have to wonder what team these so called journo’s support when you read their latest post.

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is preparing to launch a £27million bid for Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema as captain Cesc Fabregas and creative midfielder Samir Nasri both move a step closer to leaving The Emirates”

    Nuff said?

    • Matt Scott ‘Journalist’ was on Talksport this morning, questioning Levy and saying how Modric will go and referring back to Carrick of all people. Really driving for the transfer, then he goes onto the gooner and quite embarrassingly slobbers over their lined up signings and idsmisses NAsris contribution etc. Blatent Gooner journo, theyre all in the main Gooners, Man Utd, Chelsea fans because they’re the ones that have the money. Glory hunting hacks on the gravy train full of football snobbery and intent on keeping their elite clubs just as that. Well done Levy for halting the tide. Stop reading and listening to it, let it fall on deaf ears.

  22. Modric’s quotes from when he signed his contract last summer, stick by your words son.

    “Tottenham Hotspur gave me my chance in the Premier League and I want to go on to achieve great success here with them.

    “Yes, there have been enquiries from other big clubs, but I have no interest in going anywhere.

    “Last season’s top four finish was an indication of where we are as a club and I feel I can continue to improve and go on to achieve everything I want to at Spurs.”

  23. Another example of their ‘adjusting the truth’ to suit their story,

    Here’s an article when he signed, saying he’s on £60,000 a week not the nailed on £40,000 theyre all saying. Other reports put him more on £70,000.


  24. Another example of their ‘adjusting the truth’ to suit their story,

    Here’s an article when he signed, saying he’s on £60,000 a week not the nailed on £40,000 theyre all saying. Other reports put him more on £70,000.


  25. If the mail need to understand no one takes them seriously why write an article complaining about them? Kind of negates the argument……Or does no one take them seriously except yourself?

  26. Don’t the Daily Mail know? Lying gives you cancer.

    On a side note I think Luka’s agent may actually be Harry in disguise going by this quote…”It’s no surprise that there is interest in Luka though, because he is a top, top player.”

  27. Maybe it’s the only way they can sell their rag, the only thing in their favour at the moment is they haven’t been linked to “phone hacking”.
    I have said previously that I believe some hacks are “used/paid” by certain clubs to stir up situations and unsettle players.
    Luka Modric has no plans to hand in a transfer request at Tottenham, according to his agent Nikky Vuksan told BBC Sport:

    • They are…one even admitted as much recently, saying he was asked to find out if a player was interested in joining a certain club. Of course he didn’t mention money changing hands but I think you can take it as read.

  28. I am pulling my adverts in the Daily Mail!!!

  29. Absolutely agree with Moron. I don’t think the blatant fabrications are solely aimed at Tottenham however. I’m amazed at how many people still read the rubbish that the papers spew out. Think about who actually owns them. It’s their views you are paying to read and believe.

  30. I used to buy the Irish Mail which is the same as the daily mail, as their sports editor is an Arsenal supporter I found all reports very anti Tottenham and stopped buying it sometime ago, I thought it was just me, thanks for confirming I am not the only one

    • Same here,i liked the puzzle pages though,now i only pick one up for free at Stansted when ever i go back

  31. Not a bad point, however as Spurs fans we do have to defend our little corner of the world.

    As for Modric, ‘keeping him against his will’? The only source (as far as i know) of this info is.. the media..

    Go figure. 🙂

  32. Sad state of affairs when the media have to lie to shift papers but that’s the world we live in, negative/controversial stories will always headline more than others.

    DM have been trying their level best to stir up shit ever since last season ended, it really is pathetic.

  33. As long as we go on commenting on; worrying about; and posting endless threads about transfers, the Mail and the rest of the newspaper world is going to go on printing them. Pr rather , go on making them up. Are you really going to buy a paper that has a back-page headline : ‘No Transfer News Anywhere Today”. Possibly not.
    Levy’s made the absolute clearest statement of intent about keeping our best players. If the Mail want to go on running with the story, it just emphasises their own utter stupidity – and our own credulity.

  34. Its not just da Mail its the WHOLE of the media (radio & sky sports included) who seem to b on the payroll of the top 2 or 3 clubs in this country! They are nothing more than agents who sole purpose is to destablize any club that gets too close to their precious “sky 4”. I mean Levy was on sky speaking in plain english that modric isnt 4 sale and u still get muppet journalists on TalkSport sayin its just a bargaining tool to get more money for the player. When we have a Premier lge consisting of just 4 teams n NOBODY watching maybe then the media will b happy!!

  35. Well shouted Coxie but our Blogs are just has guilty of this feeding frenzy caught offside are the worse. Modric will not ruin our chances of getting into the top four and beyond but what will is selling him to oil robber ABV or the energy boss and trainer of cheats Ferdinand and his mates will stop us. I was going to stop my campaign but the light sentence dished out by Berstiens FA proved to me its still going to be around next year and Blackpool have just bean replaced by more desperation . You will be able to spot this form of cheating because all teams have the chasers the terriers who cause panic and don’t care about breathing . Teams to look out for Liverpool three seasons ago Man City Capt cught Utd Captain past form Everton learning of there neighbours with high tempo Nastie Charlie Adams Joining they will be flying till i spread the true rumours again Sunderland wherever Bruce reins Tempo rises Swansea Qpr Norwich West Brom Wigan Wolves Stoke Bolton shocks . If we cant stop the Tempo Harry should join in and sack the medical staff like Liverpool did and rise up the table even Maxi hatrick was flying . If you want to see the real Tempo of Liverpool then look at our game and there last game this was normal and they lost both and sadly they are the team who first showed me how to spot this cheating Kolo got caught using we was robbed and god knows i tried to tell you all season our biggest threat was shocks and outstanding defences who had bean rubbish in previous weeks why? City won there first cup and our spot in the top yet they had the only player who failed energy giving drug test and they never got tested before or after there Wembley win. They had the best defence they had the luck in the run in with Chelsea beating us no points and City winning against Blackburn with a late blatant offside goal 3 points that Left us seven points behind and under siege from vultures how do you think this makes me feel Coxi and fellow Cockerels Living in the North West where Kolo reward for cheating was six month ban backdated his club where left to win the cup and top three before his B test was confirmed the longest in History and he blamed waistline for his cheating and a big belly how many games had he used his belly tabs and does his very fit brother suffer belly trouble i think not we had the 9th best defence City had one of the best Kolo was a defender? When Liverpool finished 2nd the FA was run by Liverpool supporter they where reported for ephedrine abuse the year they kept scoring late late goals and wheer called the comeback Kings nothing was done the next year he got the sack they finished 7th this year City have David Berstien there ex chairman they have drug scandal that was leeked or it would have bean kept quite finishe 3rd on the same points has Chelsea. No Modric wont ruin our chances drug cheats will if no more fans question weight loss bad tackles blanket defending for 90 plus mins and why Teves Messi and co cant play or run has fast for Argentina has they did for City and the doge doctor rumoured Barcelona.

    • Has anybody got the time to decipher this?

      If so, let me know what it says.

      • Its pretty much as always about other teams taking drugs,i wish our players would take them drugs too

    • What a bitter arsehole you are.. you came 6th or was it 5th..because your crap…
      & because your tight fisted chairman never spent money on a new c/h instead hopeing the injury prone king would play enough games.. then you have the guy that should be in the circus in goal.. i could go on and an but your just a shit southen team with shit fans..

      as for your know all about toure/Kolo… he was on the BENCH against united when he took the test so he NEVER EVEN played.. nor did he play again for city last sean in league or cup.. as for ROBBING you of your top 4 place TOUGH SHIT but your real place is mid table and we wont be around there in your life time.hahaha

      • Another example of Man Shitty fans thinking they’re a big club now because they have money. If our place is mid-table then yours is League 2. Get real, don’t think because the only way you can win anything EVER is to spend half a billion pounds, that you are now a big club. You’re just a shit club with money and even Tevez doesn’t wanna stay with you anymore. Good luck getting above 7th without him. Can’t stand glory hunters like yourself!

      • Bluemoon, don’t you think that’s a little mis-guided? When have Citeh ever achived anything? And I mean achieved, not thrown money at from their new owners. I think its funny how you think your all big now, when 2 years ago you were a nobody who had won nothing in their entire history except admire the top half of the premiership

      • Your mum’s got a bitter arsehole, and you’ll be all around there throughout your lifetime.

  36. The only way to stop this constant speculation is for Levy to stop making it clear that he will only sign players “with a sell on value” (Levy’s words)

    This can only leave the impression that all Spurs players have a price!!

  37. he better stay i got 10 squid with a gooner that he stays

  38. It’s actually funny now! Levy made the statement late evening as he drove out of WHL and by just gone midnight they had already wrote a story bout luka telling Harry he wants to leave!
    Coz after travelling all day with an early start first day back at work scenario, he thought instead of going home and getting sorted after the Long break I will just pop down the Daily Mail and give them an exclusive!
    Tickled me that did!

    • Or ……………… after the meeting and while travelling home to get sorted, he called his agents and they got in touch with the Daily Mail??

      It’s a possibility.


    This one has made me even more angry than I usually get with our god-awful press. It’s 100% made up by their ‘journalist’ with the aim to create trouble and sell more papers. Whatever happened to needing evidence before writing something about someone? Now it seems like they can’t even be bothered to make any up to support their rubbish!

    • I don’t see why you’re getting so angry with the press.

      There was denials from Spurs that the meeting last night was even taking place and there was denials from Spurs that anyone had made an offer for Modric, of course these have all been proven to be true.

      The press have their sources, in this case they are almost certainly coming from Modric’s camp and no amount of denials from the ever increasing pathetic Levy are going to change the fact that Modric wants to leave.

      The question is will Spurs receive the amount they want for him or will they take the gamble of keeping a player that clearly doesn’t want to be there.

      • That’s fair enough, but what I object to is that they can print things like this without mentioning who their sources are, or in this particular case without even claiming to have a source at all! There is just zero accountability.

  40. Jesus Christ,just stop reading them,don’t be so touchy for fuck sake.Levy can do no more,the papers can’t sell a player for us.Just don’t buy in to all the shit

    • It is not us that buy into it. it is the players and the clubs. thats the trouble

      • So you honestly think after his meeting with Levy that Modric and his team need the backing of newspaper speculation to put in a transfer request if he’s gonna do it (which i doubt) it will have fuck all to do with any newspaper.Levy will only sell even with a transfer request if it suits us.I’m glad all this is happening its great to see us telling all comers not to fuck with the mighty Spurs

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