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Oct 272010

My mate at work is convinced we can and will beat United come Saturday which has inspired me to write this as I would like to know the divide on this one.

We don’t usually do well up at Old Trafford, the closest we come in recent times was a 0-0 we had when I am sure you all remember Pedro Mendes hit a shot from the half way line which crossed the goal line but was not seen by the officials. Apart from that we don’t usually do well at all, in fact it is one of our worst away grounds since the start of the Premiership.

This Saturday live on ESPN we take on United again, it’s obvious that the gap between ourselves and United is closing but are we good enough to give them a real game up there? We are still without key players and ultimately I think that will end up costing us, United are still good at home but it is by no means beyond us to pull off a result.

Manchester United have had some problems of late but are getting back on track on and off the pitch, however our boys should be well up for this one. This is what defines teams, this is what shapes the top of the table, how the top four do in head to heads. So let’s have your predictions guys, seriously do we have a chance of beating United Saturday?

  33 Responses to “Can We Beat Manchester United Saturday?”

  1. Was at the last game where we got a win (Lineker in 89) and most of the ones since and to be honest, apart from the Mendes incident, we haven’t really come close over the 90 minutes. We always seem to be intimidated at Old Trafford and combined with a string of shocking refereeing decisions (Mendes, dodgy Mike Dean penalty, dodgy Howard Webb penalty…need I go on?) we always let ourselves down at OT. I for once would just like us to give United a real competitive 90 minutes win or lose so at least whatever the result we can walk off with our heads held high instead of limping off after yet another capitulation. I keep hearing about the new found steel within the team…well lets see a bit of it on Saturday and keep the 70,000 muppets even quieter than they usually are.

  2. all comes down to the defense, if thats solid then we can do it why not!
    kaboul had a good game and hope he can build on that, gallas is slowly getting there.
    lets hope the midfield can contain and produce the goods COYS

  3. When I look at the two squads or even first elevens, I feel confident but we always seem to go to old trafford with a losing mind set. We always give them to much respect that needs to change and this time around with rafa in our ranks I think it will! VDV is the type of player who grabs the club by the throat and pulls it up a notch or two. Take saturdays game when he didn’t get his corner which he thought was his many would say daft booking, needs to calm down a bit, I say fair play rafa at least he cares would love to see that at old trafford! The lad has a winning mind se and in the end that will rub off on our other players! We have needed a world class player to make us believe we can beat utd and in Rafael Van Der Vaart we have one! Come on you Spurs!

  4. Yes, No, no, no, no, Yes.

  5. I really hope so
    but to be honest I am not filled with confidence
    Lately we seem to be star gazing for the first 20 mins or so and end up behind with it all to do
    We need to start with our “A game ” and play till the final whistle
    come on Harry get them worked up for this
    Get our forwards scoring , I would like to see him start with Pav , but he wont, being such a big game
    Harry will play his reg starting eleven and bring them on when its too late to make a mark or enough time to give them a decent run out etc
    my starting line up


  6. We are starting slowly in games so it could be all over by half time. I expect us to roll over as we always do at Old Trafford even if we are still in it come half time

  7. Course we can beat them you bunch of twats.
    And we will . . .

  8. If Gomes can throw it to Modric to pass it to Bale to cross it to Crouch to nod it down for VDV to side foot it into the goal……

    Then….. then we can achieve lots of win !!!

  9. i bet yu, yu sure would lose the match. The red army are getting back on track and to demolish yu spurs would be their greatest desire. The problem lies on our defence and i believe Fergie knows what to do exactly. Van der sar should keep his head up and be as quick as a fox…..sure at the end of 90mins, we would still maintain our unbeaten record adding 3points to the table

  10. I will be going from the north West to Yorkshire so my cousins and a few Family who support the American Overdrafts. cant get at me .We would and could have won this game if the the donkey had not persuaded Rooneyshreck to except a bigger overdraft from the Glasiers he now is the proud owner of a shopping Mall in Florida full of empty Shops.. We will have to bailthe Bank out who have lent them money to buy our players in January or kidnap them like they did Buggarov if our players have not had there heads turned by old tragic and there hidden depts then we can overcome Feguson and his ex Queross Portugal’s sacked Manager for stopping his juiced up High Tempo Team and Ferguson’s Nani from testers. Coys 2-0 yes i have had some of UTD stuff haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaattt

  11. Lads if you want to see what energy drugs do take a look at the Betner how thin and red faced he his and this will tell you why the arsoles are winning

  12. This goes to DAVSPURS…..the match would be a tale left untold….yu would bite your fingers at the end

  13. They’re overdue spanking from us. That (disallowed) goal Mendes scored against Roy Carroll still sticks in the throat. Let’s hope this is the season to break another useless jinx.

  14. We can’t beat Man Utd, and the officials…….and God help us, if H. Webb is reffing!

  15. I’ll be there so yes please! 🙂

  16. It’ll be the usual story. They will get a penalty. Our best players will all get yellows early on, consequently stopping them from playing their normal assertive games. In short, we have NO CHANCE AT OLD TRAFFORD!! SOZ

  17. I am a HUGE Manchester United fan, and would love to see a great game this Saturday. With that being said, I do think Spurs is indeed VERY capable of posing a threat or two for the home side. Not because United is not good enough, but because Spurs is STRONG enough.

    Spurs is one of the fastest developing teams in English football. They have grown (in talent) in the past year and are one of the best sides on the Premier League today. You have an excellent manager, ambitious players, and I’m sure loyal fans in millions, all over the world now. I myself am one of the people who like the club. I do not want to see them suffering a heavy defeat, to be honest.

    But at the end of the day, I am a hardcore Manchester United fan. And I can only wish and hope for a win at Old Trafford. Hope your team does well. Good luck Spurs!

  18. It is vital that our compromised centre halves are screened by Sandro or Huddlestone. I cannot understand why so many people rate BAE as he is a defensive liability and he wastes perfectly good crosses from the left as he ‘Row Z’s his shots at goal. That is selfish and daft. Play Bale at LB to give him room to overlap with Krancjar. Stick Modric CM and Lennon RM with VdV just behind Pav. At least this will keep it on the deck and avoid hoofing it long to Crouch, which is always a sign that we have run out of ideas. Most importantly, get Bassong and Gallas to watch some recent Hernandez footage and threaten them with scrotal cheese-grating if they repeat any of their recent ineptitude.

  19. Yes we should beat them,but as previous posts have stated we just seem to roll over up there,allied to the fact
    we’ve been on the receiving end of some atrocious decisions too..If we can get some luck and not fall foul of
    those questionable refereeing decisions,we can get at least a point up there,as long as we keep berbatossa quiet!!

  20. If we haven’t won there since 89 then I think Harry should try something different. I think we’d all agree that our strikers are off at the moment. So why not move Niko into a forward area? He’s been knocking them in for his country, why not give him the chance at club level. And what about Gio, and Sandro – what a stage to see what they’re made of. We could do a lot worse that put this 11 out to start:
    Gomes, BAE, Kaboul, King, Charlie, Sandro, Azza, VDV, Modders, Bale & Niko

  21. I am a Spurs supporter for more than 50 years
    My heart says yes!
    My head says no!
    Belief in themselves, keeping possesion, not the long kick upfield, and a tight defence will go a long way in making my heart correct, but our strikers are sadly lacking at the moment remembering that neither VDV,Bale or Hutton are outright strikers.

  22. Yes, if Webb is refereeing we are stuffed as he will give MU their usual totally undeserved and dishonest
    ( by WEBB) penalty while he turns a blind eye any of our side getting pulled down in their penalty area and to the same tackles & tactics that nearly crippled Bale last week. Pulis IS correct: MU and sides like them have gotten away with murder with regards to tackles for decades. Palacios gets a yellow for what some opposition players do all day with scarcely a caution. Watch fletcher in this game and compare his fouls to Palacios or Sandro…you will find more intent in his tackles than those in the other two.

    Naturally after it is all over, good fellow Webb will admit his mistake(s) & apologise but it wont change anything.
    What does Fergie have on him? Or is he just pandering to the money?

  23. Winning at Old Trafford would put us right in the mix at the top of the table so expect us to blow it.
    If Van dar vart has a good game United will want to buy him,if not them Man City or Chelsea.
    The unfortunate fact is if we can’t provide Champions League football for him next season he’s off.

  24. lets hope crouch aint playing or we are fukked! another loss to the filthy Manc fukwits. Fergiecunt and Harry probably got a bet on this 1 for some easy dosh. How the fuk did we lose to the stinking cockney cnts as well?? Ill tell ya, a bit of match fixing so Harry and that dirty cnt Grant could make a killing at the fakkin bookies!! Scott Parker is a fukkin homo….dont ever buy the useless piece of shit….

  25. yes we can beat utd if we play one touch football on the pitch and if bale and lennon will be in form,but if we play the old redecules game with crosses on crouch we will loose,every team can understand that easey game.theres no way of playing that stupid type of game.we also need to concentrate till the 90 minutes and not to fear from man utd team.we need to play fast passings and mater the 4-4-2 or any other we have to go out with mentality of winning minds,so come on you spurs make me proud that i support you.

  26. lets hop Hudds gives Webb a fukkin good hiding…or lets hope Hudds bashes up any fukkin dirty stinkin cheatin fukkin referee. They are all bent fukkaz nowadays……when will someone kill that cunt Sepp Fukkin Blatter??? Someone should get that dirty fuklkin crook cunt Blatter….hes a fukkin nonce

  27. and platini is blatters asswipe..fukkin frog cunts!

  28. i wanna see that cnt Fergiecunts fakkin head explode….if he sits there chewing gum like a fukkin machine all game im gonna go fukkin mental watching the red faced blotchy pisshead jock cunt masticating like a demented skunk…..i hope we dont hear him fukkin talking,that is really fukkin annoying, and cant make out a word he says the Rooney cocksucking fukkin cunt….lick rooney asshole ya jock fukwit, hurry up and fuk off north o the border where ya belong ya thieving crook cunt

  29. Absolutely no reason why we can’t win, we currently have a far better away record than home so that suits, the size of Unted’s pitch will also suit us, Bale and Lennon will exploit that. Key is the defence, not sure on Ledley if he will be fit, but Kaboul and Gallas did ok for me against Everton. its our full backs that worry me. It has to be Pav up front, no point in going long against United with Vidic and Ferdinand they will eat it up, plus if Crouch gets a chance to score with his feet he will probably pass it back like he did against Everton, the annoying thing he justs smiles, pokes his tongue out and looks at the sky…….how about you get down the GYM and build your skinny f-ing legs up a bit so you can get some power in your shots. Starting eleven for me: Gomes, Hutton, Kaboul, Gallas, Benny, Lennon, Hudd, Modric, Bale, VDV, Pav

  30. crouch….what is it with Harry and the gangly cunt?? Harry says crouch brings something to the game. Well tell us what it is ffs, coz i see a dozen other players Id rather see wearing a Spurs shirt then the streakofpiss called crouch….that robot dance showed what a fukkin tool this cunt is,,,,a blunt one! If he was a chisel you wouldnt be able to stick him in a pile of fukkin dogshit!

  31. Remember everyone thinking we would beat a very poor Liverpool team away last year and a reserve UTD team in the cup. We seem to freeze away from home against the big boys, hopefully VDV will drag the mentaly weak (Thud, Crouch, Hutton) out of their rabbit in a head light daze!

  32. We always think this is the time. I remember being 0-2 up at half time and then losing 5-2, or was it 6-2?
    whaetever it was we fell apart in the second half and I got rinsed silly in the pub.
    I won’t be watching it the pub this year that’s for sure!

    If VdV and Bale have good games and Modders comes good I imagine it’ll be a scorcher of a game

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