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Nov 012011

Carlos Tevez – Deal or No Deal

After the latest debacle, Carlos Tevez looks to finally be on his way out of City after 5 breaches of contract, 4 weeks wages fine (although reduced to 2), 2 written transfer requests and a partridge in a pear tree. His attitude at City stinks, most probably as he joined the club for financial reasons rather than footballing ones. He is however, still a world class player.

Tevez’s agent, Kia Joorabchian has stated that: “He’d be happy to move to another Premier League club. His family are now living in England, so he’s quite happy and settled”. Joorabchian also hinted that both Spurs and Arsenal are potential suitors and continued: “It’s not easy for him at the moment, but, in the January transfer window, City will want to get him out either on a permanent basis or on loan.”

Tevez is an undoubted talent but should we even make an attempt to sign him, either permanently or on loan? A loan deal in January would allow his wages to be heavily subsidised by Man City and allow us to improve our goal scoring ability and hopefully cement a place in the top 4. We would obviously not be able to afford his astronomical wages on a permanent basis; but what if he were to take a slight pay cut, and we could obtain some kind of sponsorship to cover part of his wages. Would he then become a realistic transfer target?

It would be clear to see all the positives that a player of Carlos Tevez’s ability could bring to the club, but what about the negatives? Would his attitude outweigh the positive benefits, or would Redknapp be able to tame him and re-mould his attitude as he has done for so many players throughout his career?

Personally I would love Spurs to try and get him in on loan with a heavily subsidised wage courtesy of Man City’s desperation to offload him, with a view to making the deal permanent should we be able to find sponsorship for his wages. What are your thoughts on Tevez?

Written by Davyid

  20 Responses to “Carlos Tevez – Deal or No Deal”

  1. Buy him, sell pav. Use pavs wages towards tevez as hes more than twice the player of pav

    • you got no chance forget it we would not sell him to you in a million years

      • To be fair, you never would have thought in a million years, Man City would be the richest club in the world and top of the premiership…things change

  2. I could only happen when Flying Pigs Airways get voted the world’s best airline for the 3rd year running….

  3. Can’t see it happening – we will not afford his wage request

  4. Can’t loan two players from same club ?

  5. ..but dont forget Ossie! …ecspecially cos he …could prob convince him to come!

    would love to see it but could i really see our rival man city paying the wages for 2 world class players they own to enhance our team??

    on the other hand they might favour us trying to oust either man u, chelsea or arsenal out of the top 4 by making us stronger and even us with tevez and ade they are not bothered about us being a threat because they believe they are the best around by a long way

    • …also he is good friends with adebeyour. : )

    • I agree, especially considering we wouldn’t be allowed to play ade or tevez against them. So we would just be nicking points off of their main rivals (hopefully), and doing them a favour, whilst doing us a favour at the same time

  6. Everyone said Ade was beyond us financially – Im sure if Levy wants this to happen and Man city cooperate we could get him on loan.

  7. The problem is that both Adebayor and especially Tevez have shown that at times they are both worth the wages they command and also NOT worth the wages. At times unplayable, and then there is the off-field stuff at the same time. If someone refuses to play for you, and constantly wants to leave the country whilst playing for you, then he is not worth 70k, let alone the wages they actually earn. We have a player in Van Der Vaart – a guy that is rightly aggrieved at not playing the entire game AND every game – and people want to sign a guy like Tevez who (admittedly talented) does not respect his club, its fans, his teammates, nor the country that he plays in. Come on, the guy has been at Citeh for 2 years, yet it seems like much longer than that! So much controversy in 2 years… Even when you get past one incident, it is only a matter of time until the next incident. No Premiership club should consider signing Tevez, because the guy clearly does not want to be here. And I don’t blame him, because he has been in England for 5 years (3 clubs). It is time for a change of scenery for him. Before you start thinking about what he could bring to our play, think about the other stuff as well.

    • Disagree.I would take him anytime,though only on loan in Jan and then mull over if we wanna keep him at the end of the season.

      And to be frank-a loan deal doesnt look all that impossible.


  8. Be careful what you wish for.

    HR appears to have struck a degree of harmony within the squad and taking on a bollix like Mr Tevez would have the potential to sew discord, despite his undoubted talent.

  9. Get him – If we can.

  10. we have just got a settled frontline with vdv and adebayor. why bring in a player that would upset this? we should sell pav but buy damiao to replace him and adebayor next year.

  11. I’m kind of in agreement with the third paragraph of Matty’s response above (message 6). In saying that, the only team that can be pushed out of the top four in my opinion is arsenal.

  12. Anyone who says we shouldn’t get Tevez if the opportunity arises are mental. He is pure class and would walk into pretty much any team in the world.

    Money will probably get in the way though.

  13. Teves on his own yes, Teves & Kio jobarchain or whatever u call him a big NO

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