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Dec 052013

Now, that Berbatov has signaled his intention to leave Fulham, every one who is in the market for a new striker this January is on high alert. Teams being linked to possible destinations also include our beloved Tottenham along with West Ham and dastardly Arsenal. Dam them and their deep deep pockets.  Berbatov is clearly past his prime but clearly still a threat too, and I feel he may be a good fit as a good back up stricker at Arsenal rather than leading the attack consistently at White Hart Lane.

The speculation regarding Inter Milan star Alvaro Pereira being loaned out to us has also died down over the last few weeks. That was one potential rumor that i hoped was true as we could use another left back and the hope was that AVB and Pereira would have a good understanding with each other having worked together at Porto. That sadly does not seem to be likely any more.

I also absolutely cannot understand the ‘deal’ that we have with Real Madrid. Alvaro Morato is being touted as the next big thing and both Villas-Boas as well as Wenger were keen to secure his services. Who do they pick? Our arch rivals over us, stabbing us in the back again!

I can feel a rant coming up. But that will probably take up an entire post on its own.

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Dec 052013

It is somewhat old news. After all, there have been fan petitions demanding an end to it, numerous reports in the media questioning possible, any, gains out of it, the lure of huge swaths of money and preferred status has been bandied about, all of it for nothing. Zilch. I could have lived with it had it just been a bad bargain for us. But they have the nerve to spit in our face again.

I am of course referring to the infamous ‘strategical’ partnership between Real Madrid and the Tottenham Hotspurs. It is the explanation given to us as they have very strategically started to use our club as a feeder club for their own while giving us nothing in return. Don’t talk  to me about the money they paid for Bale. He is worth every single penny. And this is not about the money. This is about the assumption that Real is a greater club than ours.

Tottenham Hotspur is the greatest club in the world. And that is a fact. Any one who thinks differently is not a Spurs fan and my enemy.

Ok. I get why everyone may not think like that but I expect the Spurs management, owners and all stakeholders which include the fans to think like that. So why does not Levy come out and make a statement?? Come out and say that Madrid trade raped us, cheated on us with Arsenal and so we are ending this whole farce of a preferred partner club or strategic partner or whatever the hell they want to call it.

The deal with Arsenal behind our back when they sold Ozil just after completing the Bale deal. Come on!!!!!! I heard Levy was livid about that, but what happened??

They could not even loan us Morato. Hell yes the player will have his own wishes on where to play but Morato seems like a nice guy..why would he want to go to Arsenal?? No! I blame Real.

I understand that players may want to leave for bigger clubs or for more money. Fine. Just don’t let them move to Real. Not at least they give us Ronaldo for free. Or quite literally break the bank.

End Rant.

I usually understand the financial necessities that clubs have better than this and of course that all decisions need not be taken personally. I just cannot understand it today.

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Dec 052013

The Spurs were consistent in their inconsistency again yesterday. I mean, come on!! I felt like I was watching a horror movie and Tottenham was the busty blonde who was going to get slashed for sure! Fulham played the best they have this season as they clearly believed they had nothing to lose. New manager Meulensteen made seven changes from last game and the team responded with aggression and goal scoring intent.

Tottenham looked to be shell shocked. This was not what was promised to them. Berbatov’s agent had let it known that the Bulgarian was looking to leave Fulham and no surprises the fans at the Cottage let him know of their disapproval. However, that soon changed as he created chances within the first quarter of the game only to find that Lloris was on his game today. Jermain Defoe returned to starting duties as Soldado was deemed to have been given enough chances but the goals still evaded us. Chances were there no question. Lamela could have scored twice but none of it looked like it was planned. It all looked unfortunate for Fulham.

The first half ended with me struggling to believe my eyes! We dominated Manchester  the other day and now Fulham was proving too much to handle. And then it happened. The inevitable goal for Fulham. Berbatov and Dejagah combined to slit our blonde throat. The match should have gone to Fulham had it not been for the simple fact that God clearly hates them. Fulham could have played worse games and won.

Chiriches equalized out of nothing. His first goal for the Spurs. From then on it was absolute madness with both sides creating chances and missing team. Holtby managed an absolute peach of a winner in between all that although no Spurs fan could have been sure of that lead till the absolute last second!

It was a victory we did not deserve after a draw we did not deserve. However, three points is three points and I am not one to argue.

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Dec 042013

It seems like Jermain Defoe is on everyone’s shopping lists!! I am a huge fan of Defoe and moving away from Tottenham is probably the best move for his career. With Soldado being the preferred striker for AVB, Defoe is not getting the playing time he should. The list of potential suitors he has is growing everyday too. Defoe will be keen to get some playing time and score goals in a bid to secure his place for the World Cup in Brazil.

A move to Toronto to play in the MLS seemed certain a couple of days back, now however Fulham and West Ham seem to keen to snap him up. With Fulham struggling to fight relegation I do not really see him moving there and the big question with West Ham is whether they are willing to pony up the coin necessary to keep Defoe.

With Defoe sure to move away from the Spurs and Morato being poached by goddamm Arsenal, Villa-Boas will be desperate to sign Guiseppe Rossi. Even if it costs him an arm and a leg. On current form and the Spurs’s goal scoring form, he looks to be worth it!

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Dec 042013

Only recently, Arsenal boss Arsene Wegner rejected rumours and speculation that Arsenal was lining up loan moves for Alvaro Morata.  Now Arsenal has sealed the deal for a six-month loan for the 21-year old striker.  Not so great news for Tottenham, who also had an eye on Morata.

Morata has made 12 appearances for Madrid this term but most of the time has been providing backup for Karim Benzema.  A move to the Emirates would likely provide him with more first-team action.  Arsenal could look to take Morata until the end of the season as they are keen to provide cover for central striker Olivier Giroud in January.

In somewhat better news for Tottenham, Arsenal miss out on another target, David Alaba, who has just signed a new 3-year deal at Bayern Munich and will see him remain at the Bundesliga champions until 2018…

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Dec 042013

We should bash them.

That really should be all the preview that is necessary before the Spurs’s next two matches!

Fulham are really struggling in the league. They have a new manager and no goal scorers! They are second from the bottom of the league and have managed only four wins from their last 21 league matches. The Cottage is no fortress too with Fulham only picking up only 4 points from their last 10 home matches!

Add to that a Spurs team high on confidence after a good game against Manchester United and the smart money would be on an easy win.

Villas-Boas will not make too many changes to the starting 11 from last game and this should give the struggling Soldado another opportunity to regain his goal scoring form. I expect Paulinho to continue in the same role that he impressed everyone as last week. More of the same from everyone in fact would be a pleasant surprise, consistency has not been our forte this season.

Right-back Sascha Riether should return from a three-match suspension as Rene Meulensteen takes over as Fulham manager.

Spurs have won three out of the last four visits to the Cottage and a struggling Fulham reeling from a spate of defeats should be easy prey. As I mentioned earlier, anything less than two wins in the next two matches will be considered a failure.

Let the march to the last four begin!

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Dec 022013

The rumor mill refuses to die down on this one! Alvaro Morato, Real’s highly rated youngster, is being linked to a potential loan deal to White hart Lane. We desperately need another striker and Soldado simply has not lived up to his promise. Of course, news has emerged that Arsenal too have been keeping a tab on Morato. Its high time really that we get something back from our ‘ partnership’ with Real and this would be a good beginning.

It also seems that Carlo Ancelloti is not too keen to part with Morato, at least not until, he can a secure another striker of quality for Real Madrid. Morato has two goals from open play this season, one more than Soldado, and could be a good prospect gong ahead. Could AVB be looking for two strikers to add to his roster this January? As rumors go, Fiorentina striker Rossi, who is in the form of his life scoring 11 goals in 13 league games, looks likely to shift base to White Hart Lane as well.

Exciting and goal scoring times ahead for the spurs? I hope so.

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Dec 022013

The Spurs put in a much needed, much improved performance against defending champions Manchester United yesterday to come away with a 2-2 draw. Before the match, I made the point how a strong performance in this match could lead to a revival in the Spurs fortune, and the Spurs delivered on that front. The football was quick and attacking, Paulinho was ‘triffic’ in his role up front with Soldado, and had he converted that glorious opportunity in the first half hour of the game, United in all likelihood would have been unable to come back in the game. Lennon to was brilliant and kept Evra on a tight leash. So, yes, the positives are many and going into the match I would have taken a draw with open arms. Now, however, I am still unsatisfied.

We were better than Manchester United for majority of the game, with only Rooney lifting Manchester United to equality. Instead of winning a draw from Manchester United, we lost a ‘win’. Our defense too was not bad. Yes, we lost the lead twice, but really both the Manchester goals were a bit fortunate. Villas-Boas’s tactics to strengthen the Spurs defense clearly still have a long way to go but the balance between defense and ‘the spurs way’ looked closer to being achieved this game.

A team does not go from being good to terrible to good withing two weeks ( which if your read the coverage Spurs have received over the last few weeks is exactly what has happened). The fundamentals are strong and now us Spurs fans need to back our club to the fullest and give them the confidence to build on this performance. With games against Fulham and Sunderland up next, AVB has a good opportunity to further tweak the side while picking up points. The league table was already close and got closer still courtesy Hull. We now need six points from the next two games.

Anything less will be a disappointment. We played like equals to Manchester United and I believe we can match that quality on a consistent basis. Let us not be satisfied with draws anymore.


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Dec 012013

Just clocked this, classic response from Spurs legend Gary Linker to former Spurs chairman Lord Alan Sugar.

Lord Sugar was curious as to what AVB meant when he blasted the former Spurs chairman, clamining he was not a real Spurs fan and was more interested in the money. Sugar wanted and answer on Twitter and Linker gave him that answer and he didn’t hold back.


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Dec 012013

According to the Sunday papers Spurs are looking to spend again in January and could launch a £30m for Fiorentina striker Giuseppe Rossi.

Spurs were heavily linked to Rossi when he was at Spanish side Villarreal but a nasty cruciate injury kept him out for the season and then saw Villarreal relegated, Spurs could have then picked up Rossi on the cheap then but his fitness was a massive question. Rossi was one of the most prolific strikers in Europe when he left Manchester United and is now scoring goals again. Daniel Levy is a massive fan of Rossi but would he really be prepared to splash out another £30m?

There is also a rumour that Spurs want Everton’s young sensation Ross Barkley and will try to bring him to WHL in January by using Lewis Holtby as bait in a potential cash plus player deal. Barkley, still only 19 is a good young raw talent who can already make an impact on a match.

Fancy either of these players?


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Nov 302013

Manchester United are up next for the Spurs and although early in the league, I think this match is immensely important for reasons beyond ‘points’ alone. We got slaughtered at City’s hands. No wait, a slaughter is quick and brutal. What we went through will probably play a large part in future failures of life and ending up in therapy. Oh yes, scars will remain.

However, looking at the big picture, I do feel our Portuguese savior/ Darth Vader (depending upon view point) is on to something. The season has not been all that it was promised to be, the new signings have not quite gelled together and the style of play has definitely not been what we are used to.. but it has been only 12 games.

Harry was replaced because he did not think long term we got in AVB who made transfers thinking long term. And now we all want his head on a spike after just 12 games??

The faults are there for all to see. We desperately need quality up front. If the rumour mill is true then Javier Hernandez could be moving to White Hart Lane. Oh yes, him and Soldado would be interesting upfront! Erik Lamela too needs time to find his feet and become the game changer we all want him to be and Gareth Bale was. The quality in this squad is present without question. The only question is whether rabid Spurs fans are willing to wait for it all to come together?

This is where our match against Manchester United could be crucial. Granted, United do not appear to have the quality that City possesses but it is still a well drilled unit high on confidence after a 5-0 drubbing of Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions league. A strong showing, a win even, would consolidate the fans strongly behind Villas-Boas and allow the manager the confidence to pursue his strategy going into the crucial December-January months. This game could be a turn-around point for the Spurs going forward.

That of course is the positive outlook. Another performance like the one against City and all hell will break lose. But AVB would do better than to think about that.

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Nov 242013

There is a massive difference between supporting your football team and having a blind faith in the manager, never questioning his decisions or tactics and believing all will come right in the end no matter what setbacks we suffer.

These were some of the comments I received when I first started to doubt his abilities :

Your kind arent welcome at White Hart Lane, AVB was right to point out the expectation of entertaiment rather than supportng of the team. You and the rest of the “I pay my money and can say what I want brigade” can always support the shower down the road. Best points ever last season and the best start this season, 3 points off the top. You idiot.

It takes time to bed in new players. AVB is quite rightly playing a solid, powerful, hard to beat team and In 14 games this season, we have 11 clean sheets. Considering the amount of new players we have brought through, that is an incredible stat.

AVB, Levy & Baldini are doing a tip top job… the goals will come in time but for now lets appreciate how well we are grinding out the results

team are gelling….wish these idiots would fuck of back to their worm holes with their negative shit AVB is right
And as for you Borodin- if we do end up with a trophy this year it won’t be with any help from you .

Totally unreal article. Don’t press the panic button and start pointing the figure until there is actually a problem.

Dog shit article. AVB = 4th in the league. Which we are. Not anything else.

IF we are 12th in January you can come back then and tell us all you told us so.

We have a squad that should be challenging for top spot and I shall support the eleven players on the pitch with my last breath but if I want to have grave doubts about the guy who is picking those eleven players and his management abilities then I have every right to do so.

This is my Last Post until AVB has gone or we are back in the top four again… which case I shall print a huge apology to the guy and all the ones who printed comments like those above.

I resent deeply being told I am NOT a true supporter just because I won’t blindly follow the AVB plan. I care passionately about the team and what happens to it…that’s why I am opposed to the guy in charge of them at the moment.

Reply to this post as negatively as you like but something needs to be done soon before we find ourselves even lower than 9th