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Aug 302013

After so many years with ups and downs being a Tottenham fan, the ride gives us heart attacks, broken televisions, and early deaths…go figure…

5-10 years ago, we were desperately battling for a spot in the Europe league, and now we’re kicking ourselves wasting our time, in this competition ( Despite being among the favorites to win the tournament )


Things are just going to smoothly for Spurs lately, and the only thing we can complain about is loosing out on 4th last year, maybe loosing Bale ( mark MAYBE ) and loosing Willian to Chelsea ( They need him more than us anyways. Lets wait and see how we use the Blues as floor mops this season )

All in all, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with the progress of our beloved Spurs.

Anybody else excited!?




Aug 292013

Marc Overmash confirmed this morning, that Spurs and Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen, have agreed terms , for his contract at WHL.

Tottenham are reported to have offered around £8million for the 21-year-old, but Ajax were still holding out for their initial £12million valuation. Chairman Daniel Levy was in Amsterdam on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of signing the midfielder, who has just one year left on his current contract, and it seems like the talks have gone well between both the parties, and they met somewhere in the middle at £10million


Aug 282013

The last couple of months, the media have bombed us with facts and fiction, regarding the transfer of our precious Gareth Bale.

But can we believe everything the media tells us?

At the end of the season, Bale expressed so much love towards THFC; Our supporters, my family development i London, my superstar status, and how A.V.B made me a better football player, by helping me enjoy my football.

So many times the last weeks, the media have spread so many lies about his statements. Nobody really knew what was going on, regarding his transfer

When it comes to Tottenhams economy, it’s not like we HAVE to sell him!? Of course i’m thinking of balancing the books. With our new summer signings, here are some number below, to prove my point…

Spurs got a £50m loan from Joe Lewis. We have sold players for £23.3m, and bought for £87m ( Before a potential Vlad Chiriches deal ). We have also let players go, to save wages. All in all , Spurs also had a nice looking bank account from earlier years.

My obvious point is that, if Mr.Levy really wants to keep Gareth ( For more reasons ,than only being one hell of a player ) this could really work. How much has this juvenile and attention seeking media brainwashed us? The only thing i can say is ; Lets see how our squad looks , after deadline day passes.

It wouldn’t surprise me if our #11 Bale, is still in our squad by September 3rd.

You really think Levy wants to wait 4 years, for his Bale money? But it’s not impossible, that there are other offers too…

In Daniel Levy We Trust!    





Jun 072012

Hi guys.

I play fantasy football regularly on a site called Picklive.

It has been known as ‘fantasy football on crack’ with their ‘live games’ where you pick five players from the teamsheets in a particular televised matchand those players accumulate points in real time based on what they do during the 90 minute game.

OPTA, the statistics company are involved in tracking that activity and logging it for the purpose of converting it to points which can win prizes.

Picklive cover premier league, champions league, europa league and international tournaments like this one.

There are great cash prizes up for grabs using stakes ranging from FREE [no cash prize there] to upwards of a few grand…

But as it’s kind of an ‘off-season’ at the moment and there’s an international event on, Picklive are just holding the normal kind this time. The £2,500 prize pool is one where you pay £15 to make a team of 11 players across ALL TEAMS. But here’s the difference – NO TRANSFER BUDGET LIMIT! 

You heard it right, there isn’t a set budget like the others. So if you want Van Persie, Ronaldo, Nani, Terry and Klose in the same team, you can have them! The only restraint is that you can’t have more than three players from the same country.

PLUS – The prize-pools are only a MINIMUM. If the number of entrants exceeds a certain number in any cash tournament, the prize-pool increases. Prizes are paid out to the top-three places.

In a £1000 Fantasy Football tournament for the final day of the season (£10 Stake).

1st Place – £600
2nd Place – £200
3rd Place – £100

(Picklive took a rake of 10% from the total prize pool)
If you can’t spare £15, which many of u can’t, you can play in a £10 tournament, join mine (£5) , or even create your own and invite others! Choose the stake and the phase in the tournament, pick your team, invite a few mates/office colleagues and away you go.

You can even have a tournament ‘for fun’ and just compete for bragging rights. No cash required.

However, if you sign up using my link – and deposit some cash into your Picklive account, you can get an extra £3 on top. Sounds meager but that is enough for one cash entry where the prize pool is a minimum of £30.

Go to the homepage and scroll down to see the many free, low stake and stupid stakes tournaments available.

Tournaments I’ve set up:

Euro2012 Phase  – Group D
Stake – £5
Prize Pool – £10 (increases if more people join)

Stake – £5
Prize Pool – £10 (increases if more people join)

Email and ask anything you like about how it fully works and
what’s what 🙂

Have fun if you join up!

Good luck!

Feb 032012

Well, we wanted a HUUUUGE signing on deadline day and we got Saha instead.

But it can’t be all that bad can it?

We’ve had worse haven’t we?

I’m in two minds about Louis Saha; a lot of you may not be. You have presumably taken one look at him and thought: “Naaaah he won’t do the job for us, especially with the run of games he may have to deal with over the coming months… the way, Nelsen’s crap too and since when did New Zealand have a national football team?”.

Saha’s current fitness is also believed to be under par.

Let’s look at him from the beginning:

In his earlier years with Metz, he wasn’t setting the place alight, but when Fulham – a lowly Division One (now known as the Championship) team at the time took a £2.1million chance on him, the return on that investment surprised everyone watching them. He notched up 27 league goals in 43 appearances during his first season with the Cottagers and sent them up to the Premier League, where they have remained ever since. But the next two seasons saw him dip very low in his league form. However, in what was to be his final season, he scored 13 goals in 21 appearances.

Financial troubles influenced Fulham’s decision to sell Saha to Premier League big-boys Manchester United, but the £12.8million Fergie shelled out for him didn’t return much at all and when compared pound-for-pound to the price Fulham originally paid for him, it makes our sale of Dimitar Berbatov look almost reasonable from Fergie’s perspective. Whilst his first season was again favourable (seven goals in 12 games), the ‘Forlan Syndrome’ struck Saha as in the next season he got just one in 14 league games.

Then his form picked up for two seasons, AAANNNND then down again.
The season-by-season form of Saha ‘inverted’ when he was at Everton.

You are probably apprehensive because of his erratic scoring records. And it scares me too. Are we going to get another Defoe, another Pavlyuchenko or worse – another Zamora (in Spurs form)???

Ooooohhh the mystery….

I’d say Saha’s a box of chocolates. We don’t quite know what we’re going to get.
But he sounds very excited about playing for us so I’d give him all the support he needs for now.
Liverpool would be a good place to start as Defoe’s niggling injury lingers on.

Which reminds me – We have to get some NHS funding for Spurs Lodge. It is practically a hospital for half our squad. Sign a new doctor in the summer, because they are by no means free on the NHS!

Till Monday King Louis…although Ledley I will need to abdicate before you are considered for that title 😉

Sep 272011

Tottenham go into Thursdays match v Shamrock Rovers after winning our last three and with an out of form Arsenal coming up on Sunday I wondered what kind of squad should play in this game

Should we try to keep some momentum going and play a strong-ish team or should we go as we have in the last 2 games in the Europa League and play the kids?

Personally I believe we should continue to give the kids a chance as some of them have shown real promise especially Tom Carroll and Andros Townsend. I think we should line up as:

Walker Corluka Bassong Assou-Ekotto
Falque Livermore Parrett Carroll
Kane Giovani

Gomes, Kaboul, Luongo, Nicholson, Lancaster, Pavlyuchenko, Fredericks

Give the kids a chance and if one of them proves to be a decent player it saves the club money and the fans prefer homegrown players too.
What do you think?

Jul 202011

The transfer saga starring Luka Modric has quite rightly angered many Tottenham fans. How dare a player that Spurs have given the opportunity to showcase his skills to the world, and just a year ago signed a 6(!!) year contract demand to leave. Unfortunately in recent years we have seen this situation before, and in the 3 high profile cases (Carrick, Keane, and Berbatov) it has always concluded with the player getting their way and leaving. Thankfully Daniel Levy up until now has stood firm on his transfer policy claiming Luka is not for sale. Despite this, you only have to look to a couple of years ago when he was more than willing to sell our best players at the time. Although we were in the Champions League last season this means nothing to most mercenaries like Modric who appear to forget the reason we are no longer in the Champions League is because the PLAYERS were not good enough. For this reason his main aim next year should be to make it a priority Spurs return into the Top 4, but I’m not naïve enough to think players have a mindset like that. Modric sentiment is similar to Aloe Blacc’s ‘I need a dollar’ but replaced the dollar with £120k a week!

Selling Modric is not something Spurs should be considering at all, however Spurs fans have to be realistic and realise there is every chance Levy will end up doing this. Bearing this in mind, I believe there is a Chelsea player Spurs will look to bring in a swap deal that could end up being very useful for the next season.

Didier Drogba

Spurs have been crying out for a new striker since last summer, and this player has been arguably the best premiership striker in recent years. With Torres at Chelsea finding it extremely hard to link up with Drogba last year, and £50 million at risk of being wasted, Chelsea may be willing to offload Drogba in order to revitalise Torres. Furthermore, Drogba has a fantastic record scoring goals against Arsenal, which is always a characteristic Spurs fans like to see in a player. Moreover, it appears if Drogba were to ever grace the lilywhite shirt it would be without Modric pulling the stings in the middle of the park for Tottenham, but we do have a player that is capable of stepping up to the plate in Tottenham’s absence.

Niko Kranjcar

This is a player that was very unfairly restricted to mainly substitute appearances in the last campaign, but still managed to score 2 goals that were winners (Modric scored 3 goals in the premiership last season). More than that Kranjcar has openly stated he is ready to fill Modric’s boots at Spurs, hence this is a footballer that is determined to succeed which can be seen by his desire to leave Spurs (last season) to further his career rather than earn more money in Modric’s case. What’s more, you only have to look to the 09/10 season when Kranjcar scored many goals from midfield as well as a handful of assists. Obviously Modric is a greater technically gifted player, but I think Kranjcar with an extended run in the side will score at least 10 goals a season in all competitions, and to only a slightly lesser extent compared to Modric be able to take a game by the scruff of its neck at centre midfield.

It is also important to remember with Drogba in the side there would be far more emphasis placed on Bale and Lennon running down the wings trying to provide service for Drogba’s exceptional aerial ability, hence Kranjcar’s role in the side would be different to Modric’s last season where we didn’t have an effective target man (Crouch’s knockdowns to VDV aside). This is not to say without Modric in the side we will become a glorified Sam Allardyce side, but the way we play will be able to represent pace and power, along with Kranjcar and VDV representing the technically gifted players in the side. We will be able to combine the advantage of having old-fashioned swashbuckling wingers along with a skilled centre forward, and still have players in the side who can play the Barcelona style of football that has worked in recent years.


Feb 132011


Group A was the toughest group Spurs could have hoped for. But if anything, it’s only galvanised the side more as they’re now used to what their potential opponents are about. The squad also know they can beat the best teams in Europe if they put their mind to it.

Spurs are the ‘Rubin Kazan’ of this year’s tournament. Not so much for beating a big team away from home, but beating a big team when most had doubted their credentials leading up to the tournament.

Looking back over the scorelines of Spurs’ group games, I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be honest. It only forced better football out of Bale, Modric, Gallas and Gomes when it counted.
Admittedly, Spurs’ first ever Champions League campaign was nearly ruined before it began in the playoff stage against Young Boys [of Bern]. The away trip was more of a Gory night than a Glory night for Spurs as they found themselves on the back foot. In the first half, cheap loss of possession and bad positioning in the defence allowed three goals to effortlessly slip past Gomes in the first half. Bassong replied before half time with a header. Near the end of the game, Pavlyuchenko reduced the deficit further with a great strike from distance to make it 3-2 at full time, but still leave Spurs with all to do in the second leg.

At White Hart Lane, it was a totally different story. I was there to witness it for myself. The Young Boys hardly strung an attack together. Spurs dominated from start to finish. A hat-trick for Peter Crouch with a controversial goal from Jermain Defoe thrown in for good measure.

Spurs are a Jekyll-Hyde team at the moment. The Hyde side comes out on away games while the Jekyll side comes out at home games. Spurs didn’t win a single away game in the group stage or the playoffs; yet they remain undefeated at home, even against Italian treble champions [and current title holders] Internazionale and Dutch Eredivisie champions FC Twente Enschede.

Against Inter Milan at the San Siro, Spurs floundered for a full 45 minutes and were being torn to shreds by Wesley Sneijder and Samuel Eto’o. It was 4-0 by half time, so inevitable thoughts about being destroyed 8-0 by the end were firmly in the minds of Spurs fans everywhere.

What was completely against the grain was a newfound ‘not-quite-done-yet’ attitude in the second half….well…Gareth Bale anyway. The defence did tighten up, but the man of the moment for the Lilywhites was Bale, who took advantage of what can only be described as a bout of Inter tiredness and got three goals within the final ten minutes using the same open space. – Hyde

On the rematch White Hart Lane, he made an example of right-back Maicon once again to put goals on a plate for Crouch and Pavlyuchenko. – Jekyll

The icing on the top of the cake was that Spurs had come out on top of the group.

Moving onto Spurs’ chances of winning the tournament, as I said before, great at home, but highly concerning away. I have to say, if it wasn’t for the fact Spurs are at home for the second leg, the last 16 may have been my idea of where the fairytale would end. Gareth Bale has sustained a back injury and is a major doubt for Tuesday’s game. However, Van Der Vaart may be available and Niko Kranjcar has filled the left wing position with superb zest, despite the constant poo-pooing of him from his manager.

Pavlyuchenko may also start in place of the injured Peter Crouch, which is fine by me as he widens Spurs’ attacking options from wing attack to central play.

As for AC Milan, the big concern for their squad will be the absence of first-team favourites such as Gianluca Zambrotta, Andre Pirlo and ex-Tottenham fringe player Kevin-Prince Boateng. However, both teams will have some of their best players remaining.

For AC Milan, top players like Ibrahimovich, Ronaldinho, Robinho and Pato should be available.
For Tottenham Hotspur, Defoe, Dawson, Gallas, Gomes and Lennon will be available.

With all these injured players in both teams, the game is anyone’s to win. So it actually makes the fixture all the more juicy and exciting.

An away win at the San Siro is the key to Spurs’ progression into the Quarter-Finals. Then at home, it should be plain sailing. Any stage after the last 16 which Spurs get into will only mean a major bonus to fans and extra kudos points from other clubs in the football world.

My mouth is watering already!


Aug 062010

Was just listening to an interview with Harry Redknapp on Talksport and he revealed Defoe has a groin strain and I quote “it’s touch and go whether the striker is fot for the City game. Redknapp said there is no chance Defoe will feature in tomorrow’s friendly with Fiorentina tomorrow.

Harry also said he would relish playing Champions League football next season should Tottenham overcome Young Boys in the Qualifying round of the Champions League. He said he would not be taking Young Boys for granted after their win over Fenerbahce in the previous round.

Hopefully Defoe can be fit for the opening day, if not then I am sure Pav, Keane and Crouch can provide good cover, afterall Crouch done the business last season agaisnt the Mancs so we shouldn’t be too worried there. Hopefully it’s a Steven Gerrard thing where Harry, knowing we have City and Young Boys to play doesn’t want Defoe playing for England so is trying to play the “injury” game that Gerrard does so often.

However this may persuade Harry to buy himself a new striker sooner rather than later and my money is on Bellamy arriving in the not to distant future.

Jun 252010

Tottenham have today announced the pre season fixture list. Having looked at these it seems clever, start with the smallers teams and finish with some of the better European teams to prepare us for the start of the season. In previous seasons we have avoided playing more than 1 or 2 of the bigger European teams which with the exception of last has seen poor starts to the season.

Spurs open up the friendly fixtures with a trip to Bournemouth away on July 10th, followed a week later by flying out for a tour of the USA where we take on the San Jose Earthquakes on the 17th. Just a few days later the tour of America continues with the pre season tournament labelled the New York Football Challenge which is similar to the Amsterdam tournament. The first game in this cup will be agaisnt New York Red Bulls on July 22nd followed by the final game on the 25th agaisnt Sporting Lisbon. We then fly home for a home match agaisnt Spanish side Villareal on July 29th in an evening game. August starts with an away game on the 3rd agaisnt Benfica and the final game before the new season kicks off will be a home match agaisnt Fiorentina on the 7th.

Pre-season schedule

10 July: Bournemouth (a) 3pm
17 July: San Jose Earthquakes (a)
22 July: New York Red Bulls – New York Football Challenge
25 July: Sporting Lisbon – New York Football Challenge
29 July: Villarreal (h) 8pm
3 August: Benfica (a) 7.45pm; Spurs XI v Ipswich Town (a) 7.45pm.
7 August: Fiorentina (h) 3pm

No doubt about it we will be in for a hard season so I am glad there are some tough games in this fixture list so we can get our preperations underway properly instead of being lead into a false sense of security by playing teams we will thump and end up getting a wake up call on day one of the Premiership season agaisnt City.

Tickets for all pre season matches will be going on sale on the Spurs official site so keep an eye out over the coming weeks.

Full Tottenham Premiership 2010/11 Fixture List

 Squad News  Comments Off on Full Tottenham Premiership 2010/11 Fixture List
Jun 172010

Fixtures announced this morning see Spurs host Man city on the opening day, followed by a trip to Stoke.

August 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man City
Sat 21st 15:00 Premier League Stoke vs Tottenham
Sat 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wigan
September 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League West Brom vs Tottenham
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Wolverhampton
Sat 25th 15:00 Premier League West Ham vs Tottenham
October 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Fulham vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Everton
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Man Utd vs Tottenham
November 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 6th 15:00 Premier League Bolton vs Tottenham
Tue 9th 19:45 Premier League Tottenham vs Sunderland
Sat 13th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackburn
Sat 20th 15:00 Premier League Arsenal vs Tottenham
Sat 27th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Liverpool
December 10
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 4th 15:00 Premier League Birmingham vs Tottenham
Sat 11th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Chelsea
Sat 18th 15:00 Premier League Blackpool vs Tottenham
Sun 26th 15:00 Premier League Aston Villa vs Tottenham
Tue 28th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Newcastle
January 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 1st 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Fulham
Wed 5th 19:45 Premier League Everton vs Tottenham
Sat 15th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Man Utd
Sat 22nd 15:00 Premier League Newcastle vs Tottenham
February 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Wed 2nd 19:45 Premier League Blackburn vs Tottenham
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Bolton
Sat 12th 15:00 Premier League Sunderland vs Tottenham
Sat 26th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Arsenal
March 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 5th 15:00 Premier League Wolverhampton vs Tottenham
Sat 19th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Ham
April 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 2nd 15:00 Premier League Wigan vs Tottenham
Sat 9th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Stoke
Sat 16th 15:00 Premier League Man City vs Tottenham
Sat 23rd 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs West Brom
Sat 30th 15:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Tottenham
May 11
Time Competition Home team Score Away team
Sat 7th 15:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Blackpool
Sat 14th 15:00 Premier League Liverpool vs Tottenham
Sun 22nd 16:00 Premier League Tottenham vs Birmingham

Jun 132010

This was his David Bentley’s Sky Sports interview, if you been watching it throughout the day you will have probably seen it:

David Bentley admits he remains uncertain as to whether he will still be at Tottenham next season.

The 25-year-old winger has struggled to make the desired impact at White Hart Lane since making a big-money move from Blackburn in 2008.

First-team opportunities have been sporadic, with Bentley unable to hold down a regular role.

That proved to be the case again last season, with Spurs boss Harry Redknapp awarding him just 12 Premier League outings.

A lack of action has led to speculation regarding his future, with some suggesting he would be wise to move on.

Bentley, though, insists he remains committed to the Tottenham cause and will be doing his utmost during pre-season to force his way into the fold.

“Hopefully I will get fit and as strong as possible and look to have another good season,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Whether I get out on the pitch, you never know. You can be as fit as possible but not play any football, so we will see what happens.”


On the possibility of making a move elsewhere, Bentley added: “We will have to see, you never know. I’m at Tottenham at the minute, but let’s see what happens.”

Bentley is keen to remain in north London, with Tottenham preparing to enter the Uefa Champions League next season.

The opportunity to appear in Europe’s premier club competition certainly appeals to Bentley, but he accepts that competition for places remains fierce.

He is currently battling with England international Aaron Lennon for a right-wing berth and knows he may be forced to settle for a place on the bench at times.

“I think when you are at a top club that’s what happens,” he said.

“The Champions League is great for the club and great for the fans and hopefully it will be great for me. But you never know and we will have to see what is going to happen.”

Judging by his comments here it seems to me as though he would like to stay and would be happy with next seasons squad rotation system. I for one have grown to like Bentley more and more last season, he done a good job when Lennon was injured and I believe he brings good team spirit in the dressing room. Next season we will need a squad of talent and not just our first 11. Lennon isn’t going to be able to play midweek and then again on a saturday all season long and who better to have fill in on the right than Bentley?

What do you guys think? do you like the idea of him staying or do you want shot of him?