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Sep 132012


The new season is almost four weeks in and already the press are linking a NEW Spurs signing with a move away from the club. Yes it IS Hugo Lloris, who ALLEGEDLY is unhappy with having to compete for one spot in goal with Brad Friedel (along with Cudicini and Gomes let’s not forget – I don’t think they were loaned out in the end). Another angle could be Didier Deschamps voicing his own concerns through the very player he is concerned about.

But again the hacks can’t resist taking a few quotes and twisting them into some instrument they can use to further bully AVB into quitting. Well, it borders on that considering how often they are writing about this ‘non-issue issue’ which Lloris acknowledges comes with the territory when you’re in the solitary role of goalkeeper.

My viewpoint is that Deschamps is carrying on Redknapp’s media-darling work by feeding the media quotes to warp more easily than chicken wire so that it suits their agendas.

Meanwhile, Lloris’ for the experienced keeper he is, probably knows he will have to wait his turn. Yet everyone from the papers and even Sky Sports is assuming that Lloris is being mistreated/undervalued by AVB – the constant in all of this. I wonder if they watched the Norwich game where Friedel saved us from embarrassment in the final minutes where he was one-on-one. They obviously wouldn’t have batted an eyelid in their next back-page-bound (or should I say back-side-bound) articles if Friedel was nonetheless dropped afterwards for Lloris to waltz into the keeper spot without even one Spurs training session under his belt.

It begs the question of how and why these idiot hacks get paid for their column-filling bull-hooks and the real football fan bloggers get mere shrapnel for ad-banners on articles with bags more quality and thought in them.

Don’t get sucked in. I believe Lloris is being professional about the situation and Deschamps should now answer further questions about Lloris with ‘no comment’.

I leave you with this wise proverb I made up:

“If we read everything the papers wrote about football [particularly Spurs at this time] and took each article with a pinch of salt, we would all die of dehydration.”

Aug 272012

Well here we are again fellow Spurs fans, ‘Silly Season’ for transfer stories, and we have not had such a doozie like this Modric saga since Dimitar Berbatov had an all-nighter with Daniel Levy and Alex Ferguson. Real Madrid have rejected a ‘final offer’ of €35million (£28million or $50million for U.S. fans) for the player dubbed as the lynchpin of Spurs’ midfield, Luka Modrić. I’m only slightly unsure about where I stand with this situation.

We are soon to be rid of an unhappy player so that there’s no mass disruption within the changing rooms. Well, maybe Van Der Vaart and Sandro would still duel with twisted-up towels, but I’m talking about disruption of the team’s morale. The money, whatever may be agreed [estimated to be over £30m] would go some way towards equipping us with the gap we have upfront. The space between Peter Crouch’s legs used to account for that until he signed for Stoke. Adebayor is more of a holding centre forward than an actual striker, Defoe cannot possibly fill the striker position every game; and many fans still don’t trust Kane and Coulibaly as far as they can throw them, although, the youth players’ 0-6 mauling of Southend United should have curried some more favour with fans.

Maybe Modric’s transfer money could then be put in Daniel Levy’s Very Rainy/Flooded Day Fund instead. Many say at least one more striker is required to increase options upfront. They are correct.

I’m here to offer some ‘retrospective views’ on this Modric deal.

I’m struggling to see why Madridistas wanted Levy to accept the ‘final offer’ from Real Madrid to transfer Modric from one white/blanco shirt to another. It’s rather paltry considering how Spurs got the Croatian playmaker the exposure to English and European football, not to mention his undisputed passing accuracy and his impact on a match,

The young [and still upcoming] Leandro is only worth £3million less than Madrid’s previous offer for Modric which was £23m. What made the offer more insulting is the fact that the boot was on the other foot for Madrid a little while ago. Their price tag on midfielder Nuri Sahin (currently on-loan at Liverpool) put German club Hoffenheim off. Yet they expected Spurs to lower the value of Modric to suit them. They wouldn’t dream of reducing Cristiano Ronaldo’s value by 1/3 would they. Madrid seem to be using their reputation to try and push Tottenham around in the transfer market. Levy has spearheaded the defence for comparatively ‘smaller’ clubs who are tired of it. It seems like Madrid were in a glass house and started throwing stones.

Madrid cannot, on one end, offer heavily discounted amounts for such talented players from other clubs while hiking up prices of their own players on the other end – I think the famous English idiom of choice here is called ‘having your cake and eating it’. It’s blatant hypocrisy from Real Madrid’s representatives.
Madrid claim they really want Modric but as money talks, it doesn’t look like they’re trying too hard and so it seems like Modric isn’t as vital to Madrid’s progress as first thought. Rather, they are trying to ‘peacock’ their way to a cheaper price using their ‘We’re Real Madrid – Deal with it’ mantra. They aren’t exactly paupers and so would definitely pay the full asking price of £40m if they wanted Modric that desperately. The ball was in their court/net/goalline-technology pilot test, whatever you want to call it.


If the above theory was too conspiracy-like for you, then how about this one:

Levy was trying to ensure Spurs get what they deserve for giving him exposure to the Premier League and European (world-renowned) competitions. There are performance-bonuses which need paying to Zagreb so that’s what the extra money on top may have been for.

Also, I don’t buy into this ‘Modric and Levy had a gentleman’s agreement’ hoo-hah.
Their agreement was if Modric wanted to leave in the future for a ‘bigger club’, Levy would not stand in his way…but then Modric penned an improved six-year deal (doh!). Levy has allowed Madrid to negotiate a transfer for Modric. Agreement fulfilled. He didn’t promise Modric that he’ll be able to tie up a deal.

When a player signs a legally binding contract with the chairman, he too shall not go back on it. Contract means that the player is required to play for the team at all matches when needed unless out through injury, compassionate, etc. leave. I am fully aware of the theory that contracts are worth less than the paper they’re written on nowadays, but it didn’t give Modric the right-to perpetuate it!

Modric unlawfully skipped the pre-season tour of the USA and therefore was already in BREACH OF HIS OWN CONTRACT. Levy was doing nothing apart from going by the letter of the law, upholding the legalities of it, like he would for ANY player of his. Rather that than have renegade players calling the shots and still leaving afterwards a la Berbatov.

Would you go into your boss’ office calling the shots on your pay or giving HIM an ultimatum on possibly leaving for a ‘bigger’ employer without so much as a sit-down and a chat??? Yes, you’d have engineered your own sacking, but there’d be no positive reference for the next employer who takes you on…if any. Football is a business just like whatever company you may work for.

Levy as you know isn’t one to shy away from brinksmanship and he wins most of the time. Resistance is futile. If Madrid wanted Modric so much, they would have paid the FULL asking price. As it stands, they are ‘peacocking’ about how they can have any player they want for half the price because they’re Real Madrid. They are Real alright, but they’re also ‘Mad’ to think that Daniel Levy would’ve got ‘Rid’ for a fraction of the price.

Modric, thank you for your service, good luck in the future. You will need it at Madrid.

Well Madridistas, you have your wish, albeit an unnecessary one.

Good luck with asking Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira to step aside…

Jun 072012

Hi guys.

I play fantasy football regularly on a site called Picklive.

It has been known as ‘fantasy football on crack’ with their ‘live games’ where you pick five players from the teamsheets in a particular televised matchand those players accumulate points in real time based on what they do during the 90 minute game.

OPTA, the statistics company are involved in tracking that activity and logging it for the purpose of converting it to points which can win prizes.

Picklive cover premier league, champions league, europa league and international tournaments like this one.

There are great cash prizes up for grabs using stakes ranging from FREE [no cash prize there] to upwards of a few grand…

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You heard it right, there isn’t a set budget like the others. So if you want Van Persie, Ronaldo, Nani, Terry and Klose in the same team, you can have them! The only restraint is that you can’t have more than three players from the same country.

PLUS – The prize-pools are only a MINIMUM. If the number of entrants exceeds a certain number in any cash tournament, the prize-pool increases. Prizes are paid out to the top-three places.

In a £1000 Fantasy Football tournament for the final day of the season (£10 Stake).

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Good luck!

May 242012

This season Brad Friedel has been fantastic. He has produced some truly great saves and kept a decent number of clean sheets this season for us. Though on occasion he has had a few poor performances, against man city at the beginning of the season he let in 5 goals, of course some of which he could nothing about but he could have performed better. Also against QPR more recently he let in a freekick that was easily managable from Spurs Old Boy, Adel Taarabt. Also Brad is 41 years old and will retire in the near future as he is simply too old. He has the experience but he is losing the physical ability and you can see it in some of his performances.

Fortunately on the 19th of May Sunderland released Scotland international Craig Gordon. Craig is a nine million pound rated keeper and recently won the Premier League Save of the 20 Seasons award with an incredible save against Bolton. Even better is Craig has never played in either the Europa league or the Champions League and if he were to join spurs he would accept lower wages to join for free. He is only 29 years old and is a great keeper. The only downside would be that he is injury prone, but he is currently injury free. He wouldnt have to be first team keeper in his first season as Friedel still looks to have another season in him, but Gordon could be a true blessing to the club in the future as he is currently in his peak years with experience and athleticism.

Harry! Sign him up!

Feb 032012

Well, we wanted a HUUUUGE signing on deadline day and we got Saha instead.

But it can’t be all that bad can it?

We’ve had worse haven’t we?

I’m in two minds about Louis Saha; a lot of you may not be. You have presumably taken one look at him and thought: “Naaaah he won’t do the job for us, especially with the run of games he may have to deal with over the coming months… the way, Nelsen’s crap too and since when did New Zealand have a national football team?”.

Saha’s current fitness is also believed to be under par.

Let’s look at him from the beginning:

In his earlier years with Metz, he wasn’t setting the place alight, but when Fulham – a lowly Division One (now known as the Championship) team at the time took a £2.1million chance on him, the return on that investment surprised everyone watching them. He notched up 27 league goals in 43 appearances during his first season with the Cottagers and sent them up to the Premier League, where they have remained ever since. But the next two seasons saw him dip very low in his league form. However, in what was to be his final season, he scored 13 goals in 21 appearances.

Financial troubles influenced Fulham’s decision to sell Saha to Premier League big-boys Manchester United, but the £12.8million Fergie shelled out for him didn’t return much at all and when compared pound-for-pound to the price Fulham originally paid for him, it makes our sale of Dimitar Berbatov look almost reasonable from Fergie’s perspective. Whilst his first season was again favourable (seven goals in 12 games), the ‘Forlan Syndrome’ struck Saha as in the next season he got just one in 14 league games.

Then his form picked up for two seasons, AAANNNND then down again.
The season-by-season form of Saha ‘inverted’ when he was at Everton.

You are probably apprehensive because of his erratic scoring records. And it scares me too. Are we going to get another Defoe, another Pavlyuchenko or worse – another Zamora (in Spurs form)???

Ooooohhh the mystery….

I’d say Saha’s a box of chocolates. We don’t quite know what we’re going to get.
But he sounds very excited about playing for us so I’d give him all the support he needs for now.
Liverpool would be a good place to start as Defoe’s niggling injury lingers on.

Which reminds me – We have to get some NHS funding for Spurs Lodge. It is practically a hospital for half our squad. Sign a new doctor in the summer, because they are by no means free on the NHS!

Till Monday King Louis…although Ledley I will need to abdicate before you are considered for that title 😉

Jul 292011

Maybe I shouldn’t go any further with removing the cling film from the major can of worms that is Luka Modric possibly leaving us for Chelsea; another story chewed over so much that the Innocent Drinks Co. might consider it as an idea for a new smoothie flavour.

However, I like having the final say on stuff, especially football-related discussion. So, I have been wondering what would happen if Modrić DID leave for £30-£35m. Would it be that bad? Would it give other midfielders a chance perhaps?

Maybe this would be a sign of Harry crawling back on all-fours to Niko Kranjcar and both Croatians have expressed a desire to leave The Lane for different reasons.

From here I’ll assume that Modrić has left and Kranjcar is still here:

Let’s touch on the financial implications first. Modric surprisingly doesn’t believe in paper contracts, much like other footballers who don’t know what the words ‘legally-binding’ and ‘United Kingdom Law’ mean when signing a contract. So he’s decided to forget that he signed a new 6-year contract and forget that he appreciated Spurs for giving him exposure in the English League. Chelsea started with a rather paltry £22m bid, only a few million more than what Spurs paid for him back in 2009. But then they got more serious and offered closer to £30m. £25m plus Drogba would’ve convinced me to sell Modric. Playing hardball is the key to a good profit and a possible last laugh if he flops like Berbatov did in his first few seasons at United.

Chelsea have recently upped their bid to £30m PLUS a striker! But it was Daniel Sturridge who was to be included, not Didier Drogba. Sturridge would be a slight gamble whereas Drogba would be a surefire hit as we’ve all seen it for ourselves.

Kranjcar could finally get a proper run of games to exhibit his finesse on the pitch. I believe Kranjcar can do exactly what Modric can do and more. Modric has scored 9 goals in 91 appearances while Kranjcar has scored 11 goals in 40 appearances including the matches he entered as a substitute. That matches how many Robbie Keane has scored since returning from Liverpool, barring one extra appearance by Keane. A great playmaker like Modrić is a fantastic asset to any team, but a great goalscoring playmaker is even better!

Croatia’s national team are the Mexicans of Europe. They’re not the most successful in international competition, but they can sure put on a show like their more successful continental opponents; with a feast of fluid football and the odd individual trick thrown in, the only difference between them and teams like Brazil and Italy is a major trophy; and that doesn’t do them justice.

You say I’ve gone way off topic, but not quite. What I’m trying to say is that every Croatian midfielder I’ve seen play in recent years has great vision and skill on the ball. Kranjcar and Modrić share those attributes. It seems as if Slaven Bilić ensured it was a criteria for getting called up.

And even if Kranjcar was to leave as well, we’d still have perfectly good back-ups to fill the void. Giovani Dos Santos would get the games that he should’ve had when he first arrived. Bags of energy and skill from him would give the team some added pace. Sometimes the way we play can be laggy, passing across the pitch rather than towards the goal purely for possession purposes. No point in having the ball if you’re not going to do anything with it. Dos Santos is even more forward-thinking than some of our strikers.

If there was a complete clearout of the three aforementioned players, there’d be more incentive to look within our reserves and academy for a replacement. Dean Parrett will be great I’m telling you.

Have I been jumping the gun about how this team will cope without Modrić? Yes. It might not matter if Modrić wants to leave. Let the baby have its bottle if this is how he truly feels about staying at Spurs. Sure it’ll take a bit of time to adjust, but this squad has managed 5th place with constant injuries to defenders/other key players AND a measly goal difference of +7!

That tells me all I need to know about the team – They can cope with anything.
Players leaving for clubs viewed as ‘bigger’ is nothing new to Spurs.

New mantra proposal -To just get on with it is to do.

Jul 202011

The transfer saga starring Luka Modric has quite rightly angered many Tottenham fans. How dare a player that Spurs have given the opportunity to showcase his skills to the world, and just a year ago signed a 6(!!) year contract demand to leave. Unfortunately in recent years we have seen this situation before, and in the 3 high profile cases (Carrick, Keane, and Berbatov) it has always concluded with the player getting their way and leaving. Thankfully Daniel Levy up until now has stood firm on his transfer policy claiming Luka is not for sale. Despite this, you only have to look to a couple of years ago when he was more than willing to sell our best players at the time. Although we were in the Champions League last season this means nothing to most mercenaries like Modric who appear to forget the reason we are no longer in the Champions League is because the PLAYERS were not good enough. For this reason his main aim next year should be to make it a priority Spurs return into the Top 4, but I’m not naïve enough to think players have a mindset like that. Modric sentiment is similar to Aloe Blacc’s ‘I need a dollar’ but replaced the dollar with £120k a week!

Selling Modric is not something Spurs should be considering at all, however Spurs fans have to be realistic and realise there is every chance Levy will end up doing this. Bearing this in mind, I believe there is a Chelsea player Spurs will look to bring in a swap deal that could end up being very useful for the next season.

Didier Drogba

Spurs have been crying out for a new striker since last summer, and this player has been arguably the best premiership striker in recent years. With Torres at Chelsea finding it extremely hard to link up with Drogba last year, and £50 million at risk of being wasted, Chelsea may be willing to offload Drogba in order to revitalise Torres. Furthermore, Drogba has a fantastic record scoring goals against Arsenal, which is always a characteristic Spurs fans like to see in a player. Moreover, it appears if Drogba were to ever grace the lilywhite shirt it would be without Modric pulling the stings in the middle of the park for Tottenham, but we do have a player that is capable of stepping up to the plate in Tottenham’s absence.

Niko Kranjcar

This is a player that was very unfairly restricted to mainly substitute appearances in the last campaign, but still managed to score 2 goals that were winners (Modric scored 3 goals in the premiership last season). More than that Kranjcar has openly stated he is ready to fill Modric’s boots at Spurs, hence this is a footballer that is determined to succeed which can be seen by his desire to leave Spurs (last season) to further his career rather than earn more money in Modric’s case. What’s more, you only have to look to the 09/10 season when Kranjcar scored many goals from midfield as well as a handful of assists. Obviously Modric is a greater technically gifted player, but I think Kranjcar with an extended run in the side will score at least 10 goals a season in all competitions, and to only a slightly lesser extent compared to Modric be able to take a game by the scruff of its neck at centre midfield.

It is also important to remember with Drogba in the side there would be far more emphasis placed on Bale and Lennon running down the wings trying to provide service for Drogba’s exceptional aerial ability, hence Kranjcar’s role in the side would be different to Modric’s last season where we didn’t have an effective target man (Crouch’s knockdowns to VDV aside). This is not to say without Modric in the side we will become a glorified Sam Allardyce side, but the way we play will be able to represent pace and power, along with Kranjcar and VDV representing the technically gifted players in the side. We will be able to combine the advantage of having old-fashioned swashbuckling wingers along with a skilled centre forward, and still have players in the side who can play the Barcelona style of football that has worked in recent years.


Jul 052011

With Tottenham starting pre-season training this week, it is starting to feel like the football season again. However at this moment in time I am not fully convinced we will return to the top 4 because of our striking issues, and consistent rumors linking our best players – Modric and Bale with a move away from WHL. Despite the fact Levy has reiterated we will not sell our best players I am not fully convinced given his previous record in selling our best player, but forgetting that I feel regardless of if we sell Modric and Bale I feel there are 2 players that could make a huge impact on our team next season.

Fernando Llorente

It is imperative we sign Llorente this summer. He is scored 19 goals in all competitions last year, and is probably the main reason why Athletic Bilbao are playing in the Europa League next season. He also happens to share his name with another Spanish striker who used to be quite good! In all seriousness, he is a strong, tall striker that it would appear be perfect to meet the demands of the Premier League, and knows how to consistently find the net (something we didn’t have in a striker last season) As well as this, Llorente will be able to link up with Van der Vaart in an as equally effective way as Crouch did last season, but also score a load of goals himself. The fact Athletic Bilbao are playing a friendly at WHL in August greatly encourages me that we will at least attempt to buy him, and I don’t know if you know what Llorente looks like but when you enter the Tottenham website the page which makes you enter the actual site contains a picture of Dawson and Llorente in order to promote the game so perhaps this is another sign Fernando Llorente is on Spurs’ radar.


I imagine many people will agree with me that Llorente will be a good buy for Spurs, but this may split some people’s opinions. This is a player coming off a few tough seasons personally at Juventus and Wolfsburg where he hasn’t performed that well compared to his past and encountered disciplinarily problems. Despite all this, to me Diego’s past reeks of similarities with Van der Vaart, and Tottenham could well be the place that resurrects his career. I remember 2 years ago when he almost singlehandedly got Werder Bremen into the then Uefa Cup final, only to be suspended for the final from which his career has gone downhill. This guy is only 26 though and has played for Brazil 33 times. Furthermore, he scored 6 goals for Wolfsburg in Germany which I believe is more than Modric scored in the league for us, so even though I’m not saying he is better than Modric if we bought him it was give us a different option in midfield if say Modric or VDV was underperforming. Also the fact he is Brazilian can only be a good thing in helping the development of Sandro because it will makes things easier for Sandro knowing that he can link up with a Brazilian midfielder, and it sounds like we may be signing Leandro Damiao so it would seem Diego should find it easy to settle in at Tottenham. Finally, even though ideally he would be a squad player, having him biting at the heels of Van der Vaart and Modric (can play both of these roles) should only have a positive effect on these players raising their game to keep their place in the side. With these two signing in mind a typical match day squad next season could be:
GK: Friedel (assuming Gomes will be sold)
RB: Walker
CB: Gallas
LB: Assou-Ekotto
RM: Lennon
LM: Bale
DCM: Sandro
ACM: Modric/Diego
SS: Van der Vaart
ST: Llorente
S1: Cudicini
S2: Kaboul
S3: Corluka/Rose
S4: Huddlestone
S6 : Pavlyuchenko
S7: Leandro Damiao

Jun 212011

Yep, it’s me with another late thought on something which happened last weekend, but owing to knackeredness at work, this is a rare opportunity taken to air my thoughts.

Firstly, props to Levy on standing firm in the face of approaches from the likes of Chelsea. If that’s not a demonstration of ambition for the club in itself, I don’t know what is.

Has Modric been uncovered as another mercenary owing to what’s gone on this past weekend?

The Croatian is highly sought-after by many top clubs in England and across Europe I’m sure. Barcelona fans would think Johan Cruyff walked through a top-secret time machine in Area-51 if they were to see Modric in their shirt.

Chelsea decided to test the waters of Levy’s no-sale stance by making an official £22million bid for Modric. That bid was swiftly rejected. However, Luka has allegedly stated that he wants to go to Chelsea because it seems that even after winning the League and FA Cup numerous times in recent years, they still have more ‘ambition’ than Spurs, who have gone without either of those trophies for over two decades.

But surely Modric could be a part of Spurs’ ambition to win that calibre of trophy once again and feel like he earned those honours as part of a team who have given him regular starts. Now that Yossi Benayoun has recovered from injury, can we see Modric automatically taking his place in the playmaking role? Would Chelsea be so bold as to replace Frank Lampard with Modric to accomodate both of them??

Seems a little far-fetched and almost cynical of Chelsea to bid for Luka when they don’t really need him.

If you asked me if there was any deal I would accept for Modric, then I’d actually say yes but Abramovich wouldn’t like it. I’d accept £20million PLUS Didier Drogba and nothing less. I think that leaving Drogba on the bench in preference of a £50mil flop upfront was what got Ancelotti sacked, not elimination from the competitions. So if you want rid of Drogba, get rid of Drogba…

I can see what Modric means if he just wants personal honours, but it’s not like clubs above Spurs get seeded further on in the FA Cup rounds is it. Money can buy you the odd trophy in Chelsea and Man City’s cases, but it can’t buy you an automatic place in the final.

On the other hand, I don’t know if Modric was planning to leave Spurs at all.

He could’ve been pulling a Rooney. Kicking up a stink to get a rise in his wages. But I thought he enjoyed football more than being paid for that football. Surely he knew what he was letting himself in for – a wage-cap of £70,000 a week which is enforced with military consistency. If he’s already on top wages but wants to join Chelsea, it indicates another mercenary mind. But I didn’t want to think of Modric in that way.

I have not personally seen a quote in the news from Modric which says he hates it here and is desperate to leave. He has said he’ll remain respectful by not handing in a transfer request, but what’s the difference now that he’s openly considered leaving us in what would only be a sidestep as Chelsea won the same number of major honours as Spurs did this year – 0!

If he had said something along the lines of ‘Chelsea are a bigger club with bigger ambitions than Spurs’, it might – in true journalistic fashion – have been twisted or sensationalised to match the attention-grabbing headlines that their readers eat up like Fern Britton on Ryvita.

Sometimes, players can’t avoid being asked questions in press conferences for example.

If in the case of Modric he was asked if [he’d] be ‘better off at Chelsea[?]’, as antagonistic a question that would be, he’d be screwed whatever his response would be;

If he said yes, the fans would turn on him. That might have happened already. The media would take that quote and use it to say ‘Come and Rescue me Chelsea, Says Modric’.

If he just said ‘No, I wouldn’t be better off’ or the commonly-said-but-not-always-meant ‘I like it at Spurs’ (which Modric had said just before renewing his contract!), the media would turn that statement inside-out to make a headline like – ‘I HATE CHELSEA! SAYS CROAT-SCROTE!’. If you’re a Daily Star journalist reading this, feel free to take the above as a headline idea seeing as you like to blow stuff out of proportion so much.

I particularly remember you labelling Eidur Gudjohnsen as a Neo-Nazi using a rather pixelated image and a drunken night out as your source of information. I applaud the time and effort it took then and still takes to write your world-renowned content….

Daily Star rant over. It should be renamed the Daily STIR.

Mr. Modric, can I make a deal with you?

There’s no denial you’ve given great service to this club, and apart from the goal count, Hoddle fans have been given a chance to relive his magic on the pitch as your style looks similar. I know that Spurs haven’t made it into the top four this year, BUT we did it last year. Isn’t that enough ambition? Working towards something we want is defined as ambition. Instant success and systematic winning is defined as ambition being over and done with long before.

The deal is this:

If you can stay with us for another season (and Levy has made it clear that you will anyway) and put your shift in like you have done, I won’t begrudge you leaving if we fail to make it into the top-four/win something by the end of next season.

That is up to you, but don’t end up like Berbatov. You’ll regret it as the very fans who loved watching you play may turn against you in their droves for using us as a stepping stone.

I’m hoping one of our Croatian fans can translate the above.

Feb 012011

Why oh why couldn’t there be just ONE crumb of comfort after being thrashed by a sharp Fulham team in the FA Cup, having Dawson suspended, having Bale out with a back injury and getting ever closer to moving away from North London!!?? It would’ve cheered me up at least a little bit if Levy pulled his finger out [of his ear] and tried to solve the problem of ‘our current strikeforce have scored sweet FA’.

The FA Cup becoming a FUC-Kup wasn’t a result of a lack of striking prowess, but mainly because we never got a chance! Fulham unleashed wave after wave of attack without reply, despite Spurs’ attacking formation also being present.

The result signified what was wrong with this club at this moment. It reflected us being absent from pretty much every important thing we needed to do to move forward as a team and club. The strikers were absent so we needed a striker!

Usually Levy pulls something out of the bag at the last minute, but this month, he’s screwed up, further trying my patience. The stadium bid was painful enough without losing the FA Cup in the most humiliating fashion and not getting the striker we need.

With a complete obliviousness to Luis Suarez being ripe and ready to move from Ajax, Harry’s fetish for creative midfielders and two half-arsed attempts to appeal to the likes of Diego Forlan and Giuseppe Rossi, our hopes of any further success this season have been ruined beyond repair. The gravy train has left us behind and the blame has to be distributed proportionally.

Neither Redknapp or Levy should be immune from criticism and certainly on this occasion, they are not. They were lazy this time round. Levy was too engrossed in thoughts about the Olympic Stadium, probably more intensely than SebCoe at times, while Harry continued to be blind to the fact that Crouch is terrible at playing centrally. Then, to cap it all off, at 11pm, when Sky Sports revealed that Harry had finally done something, it turned out to be the player we’d all been waiting for to sign for Spurs…..Blackpool’s…..Charlie Adam!!! ANOTHER F*CKING MIDFIELDER!

Absolutely ridiculous. We need a striker to progress but get sod all.

I’ve defended Crouch to the hilt owing to his rather nifty footwork, but I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t lead anywhere in terms of goalscoring. He relies too heavily on service from Bale and Lennon on the wings but not enough in the centre, which reduces more centrally-played attacking options and chokes the life out of our famous attacking edge. Something which Berbatov and Kanoute maintained in their great spells here and something which every fan misses in some capacity, whether or not they think Berbatov was a ‘traitor’ for jumping ship to United.

Forlan, Rossi or Suarez have the finishing ability to capitalise on service from the wings as well as central play involving Palacios/Huddlestone, Modric and Van der Vaart. How one of the finest managers in the game can’t see that this prong of attack is missing is beyond me!! It’s no wonder every fan thinks they can do the job better, because managers sometimes give them a reason to!

My conclusion is that Crouch should’ve been sold as makeweight towards a new striker; Pienaar shouldn’t have been signed; Levy shouldn’t have got sidetracked so much by something so far ahead like a pending OPLC decision; Spurs should’ve signed a better physio and Defoe and Pav should’ve watched that Jimmy Greaves DVD together with Russian subtitles!

Same time next season people. Let’s enjoy the Champions League while it lasts as it won’t last long if our squad revolves around wingers. There’s nothing wrong with being defeatist if there’s some clout to such a prediction, so I won’t give counter-arguments a response. Agree to disagree. But we can all agree that big opportunities have now been missed.

Jan 192011

Just spent a few minutes checking the latest transfer news and wanted to pass along some info.

Most media outlets are reporting that Ajax striker Luis Suarez is on the brink of being transferred to Liverpool, only a day after Ajax stated that it would take a massive bid to pry the player from Amsterdam. Ajax also recently stated that they do not expect Luis to be moving this month, guess that was all a ploy to raise the transfer fee as only a week ago, Tottenham was the likely destination for a fee in the region of 15 million pounds. To Ajax if the trasfer goes through for the reported 22-25 million pounds, fair play to them. Business is business and they did a nice bit of it in a short period of time to raise his value. To Liverpool, be careful what you wish for, you may get it (*cough cough Joe Cole cough cough*) and it may sound like sour grapes, but with Agger stating he wants out, Carra aging rapidly and Glen Johnson not able to defend a lick, how do you plan on winning anything if you score 3 but concede 4? Oh well, I hope that this forces us to check in on the player we have scouted nearly 30 times in the last 2 years, Porto striker Hulk.

This sounds like I have been beating the same drum for close to 2 months now, but I cannot stress how much I feel that he would be able to fill all of our striking needs. Strong, fast, smart, deadly shot, clinical free-kick taker and a bit of an angry streak (which may or may not be a good thing). He is the top goal-scorer of the Portuguese League as well as one of the leading assist men. Able to beat his marker with speed, strength or just a bit of Brazilian trickery, he would represent a massive move in the right direction for our beloved Spurs. While his price may be a bit high, the Daily Mail reported that his price is somewhere between 24 and 80 (which may be some kind of mistake), I do not see the harm in putting in a bid for 30-35 million pounds. Yes, I do not know Spurs actual amount of money to play around with, but since we will be guaranteed at least 14 million pounds for this years Champions League progress, plus the impending departure of players such as Keane, dos Santos and one or two others, we should be able to drop that amount of money in a proven goal-scorer. Personally, if I had the choice between shelling out close to 30-35 million for Hulk or Carroll, it would be the Brazilian without a moments hesitation.

Here are a few videos to get you all on board:

Do you agree that he would be a fantastic addition to Spurs and be able to lead our severly lacking front-line? Let me hear your opinion!

And of course there are many other rumors running rampant about us getting this player and that, but lets just ignore those and focus on the best move for the club!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Jan 042011

Ok so there are a few divided opinions that have been voiced about who we should buy during this transfer window. Some are completely crazy, ala benzema (he’s Madrids only striker), while others would be a step back in my opinion. But the two that have peaked my interests are Hulk and Suarez. Let’s go over some of their strengths and weaknesses.

Suarez-Great scorer, predatory, fast and quick, young, scored 49 goals in all competitions last year, technically supurb, combines well with a partner, strong for a little guy.
Cons-May be too small for the EPL, hothead (see biting incident), can’t jump or head the ball, wages may be too high, plays in Dutch league, Cup tied.

Hulk-Strong, fast, big, can jump and head the ball well, technically supurb, super strong shot, top scorer and assist man in Portugese League (which I rate higher than the Dutch League), a,young, may be available for cheaper, free-kick specialist.
Cons-Hothead (see incident in tunnel-led to 6 month ban), Porto is in 1st place-would he want to leave, wages may be high.

So what does everyone think? If you had to choose only one of the two, who would you buy?