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Jan 022011

All this rot about “we are getting this guy”, “we need that guy”or “that guy is pants” is really annoying. We have been linked to everyone who has ever kicked a ball (except for me) and yet when I hear these rumors, I have to cringe at the thought of some of them.

Beckham? Seriously? Yeah not for me especially with his salary demands and his massive media circus that follows him. Mr. Posh Spice could stay in L.A. working on his tan.

Dzeko, not a chance. Not because of the proposed transfer fee, but because of his salary demands. I believe I read on Daily Mail that he wants 180K a week. Yup, sorry buddy, Citeh is the place for you. Plus I’m not even too sure about his abilities. Yes, he has scored goals for fun in Germany, but he has a great partner in Grafite (who I think would be a better option as he would want a lot less),  plus with the exception of Berba, how many Bundesliga strikers come to the EPL and make it?

Samba, again I ask why? Yes, he’s big and strong and could play up top when needed, but with our deep, deep CB surplus (7 by my count although King and Woody are still out) why would we need another CB? We bought our CB for the winter in Khumalo so why do we need another. No go for me.

Fabiano, I could see this one happening but only as a loan with an option to buy if he performs well. I do like Brazilians, they are mega talented and we have two very good ones in Gomes and Sandro, but they sometimes act like little babies (see Robinho) and party too much. And Fabiano has had a number of flare-ups at Sevilla, so I really don’t like this one too much, but again, it could happen.

Suarez, we have heard about this one for quite some time now and I feel this move would be good. He is a quick, strong striker who has a nose for goal. He has shone at the World Cup and has been consistently among the top scorers in Holland. Yes, Holland is not the EPL but he is worth a shot at about 15-17 mill pounds. His wages might be a stumbling block though.

Parker, I’m sorry but everyone must be smoking something that I’m not getting in on. He is the best player on a pitiful team. He is a good player, that is all. What more would he bring to Spurs? Box-to-box midfielder, with our performances for the last month or so, why do we need one of those when we had Modders, Jenas and even Wilson doing an admirable job. Plus when we get Tommy back, what does Parker do….sit on the bench and collect his wages. West Ham could keep him so he could be the best player in the Championship next season.

Pienaar, if he is available for 1-2 mill, then yes. Anything more, no thank you. His a player in the Jenas mold who may be good cover if we get decimated by injuries (again). Plus his wages won’t be a problem as he is not on a big salary over at Everton. Good team player, but only for cheap.

I think that covers all of the most abundant rumors that have come up during the past month or so. What do you all think? Am I off my rocker, as my girlfriend says, or have I made a point or two? Thanks for reading everyone!

Aug 212010

I’m well aware of the general consensus that Gallas is very unwanted at Spurs considering his background and what has gone on in that time. Gallas-in his years at Chelsea and Arsenal-was notorious for his outbursts on and off the pitch, not to mention his emotional outpouring after the draw to Brimingham not so long ago.

However, I must speak up for Redknapp and his decision to acquire him:

1) He’s free!!!! – Fans can’t say it’s a waste of money because we haven’t spent any transfer funds on him. I can think of players we’ve shelled out for who were overpriced *COUGHS* DARREN BENT *COUGHS* £16.5m *BRONCHITIS KICKS IN*. All that needs to be paid is a rather modest £60k per week. As Harry correctly points out, Gallas could’ve gone to ANY club, but he wanted to stay in London and play for Spurs. He chose convenience over money. What if Gallas was another one of Harry’s great deals where he spends little, but the outcomes are big…

2) He’s a great defender! – Gallas may have ruffled a few teammates’ feathers in the past, but you don’t become a team captain for sitting on your tush every week! Gallas became captain and was like that for two seasons until being stripped of the captaincy for creating tensions in the dressing room, but as far as leading a team goes, he led by example; defending while getting forward to score. He is a solid centreback and a frequent goalscorer (by defenders’ standards) and has been that way in his time at both Chelsea and Arsenal. Just this past season, he formed a great partnership with the belting Belgian – Thomas Vermaelen.

3) WE NEED HIM!!!!!!! – Jonathan Woodgate’s career is heading towards a premature close unless his last roll of the dice – a full scale surgical operation – is a success. I hardly remember how he played against Wigan, either due to it being ages ago or him not having to do much anyway. Assuming the worst (e.g. he doesn’t come out of the operation in full working order), his career will be over and to me will feel like he’s just died. I know he isn’t going to die, but his absence and potential career termination makes it seem that way and it’s rather saddening if you ask me.

Harry is in desperate need of a centreback and Manchester City have immaturely refused to do any deals with us for life so Micah Richards was held back from a move to us. I’m not prepared to listen to fans saying ”It’s because we’re a top-four rival and pipped them to it last year, so they won’t want to sell us players”. Aston Villa are/were (depending on your viewpoint) also City’s top-four rival and they happily took Milner and gave Stephen Ireland to them in return.
Arsenal are a rival of ours and at least ten players have made a switch between the two North London clubs. Gallas was a realistic option and an easy one. No massive amount of travel required; he’s free seeing as he ran out his contract.

Imagine it – Gallas heading in a goal against Arsenal. Mark my words, it will happen. Hang on, I’ll make you a deal:
Favourite this article and then see how Gallas’ time here pans out. If he doesn’t score against Arsenal or put his full shift in as a defender for us, then you can insult me with comments as much as you like and I won’t respond as I won’t be able to argue when you say it was a bad move all along.

But if he does score against Arsenal and give good performances, then you’ll all buy me a pint whenever we meet at a game – if we ever do 😉

What have we got to lose? Harry will put Gallas in his place if he plays up because – unlike Wenger – he’s not French 😉

When opportunity knocks, answer the f*cking door!

Aug 092010

Nobody will yet know the full reasons behind Martin O’neill walking away from Villa just days before the start of the new season but early reports are that it has to do with Villa planning to sell Ashley Young to Tottenham without O’Neill’s consent. It seems Martin had resigned himself to losing Milner to  City due to their formidable spending power but selling Young too was just too much for him to take.

Young to Spurs?

It’s no secret that Harry has been an admirer of Ashley Young for a while and had flirted with the idea of bringing him to the Lane. Most places are reporting that the reason behind O’Neill stepping down at Aston Villa is because of the sale of James Milner and a lack of funds available for him to spend.

It was a couple of radio stations that seem to think that the real reason that tipped Martin over the edge was that Villa were also planning to sell Ashley Young to Spurs, Talksport in particular. This would seem to make more sense than O’Neill leaving because of James Milner because the Milner saga was hardly a suprise and Martin knew Villa couldn’t compete with City’s spending power and would have to sell, but it seems that if there is any truth in tha Ashely Young story that the Villa board pushed him just one step too far.

So what do you guys think, any truth in this? Could Ashley Young be on his way to Spurs and do we really need him?

Aug 082010

First they wanted Harry and now they want Crouchy, Harry saw sense so hopefully Crouch will do the same. it’s great to be able to say this but why would Crouch want to go to another team when he could stay at a top 4 club. Reports all weekend have been coming out that Hodgson is desperate to sign Crouch but is he going to get more game time at Liverpool than he would at Tottenham? I would think not, so why on earth would he want to move.

Fingers crossed we can beat Young Boys and then we have Champions League football at the lane so the squad is going to be rotated I would imagine, Crouch will probably feature more for Spurs this season than he would for the Scousers. They have Torres and now they have Joe Cole who might play just behind, so where would they fit Crouch in?

Some people might not see it as a big deal if he leaves for Anfield, and I probably wouldn’t see him as irreplaceable however he adds a different dimension to the squad, now nobody likes seeing us play long ball Wimbledon style but sometimes needs must and you have to take the route one direct style and Crouchy is the ideal target man in them situations. It has worked for Chelsea for years with Drogba as their target man and you could argue it has worked for us due to the fact we have finished top 4 for the first time in the Premiership.

Peter Crouch has helped in turning the fortunes around of the club, would he want to see it through or would he be tempted to go back to Anfield, personally I can’t see him going, I can’t see any logic as to why he would want to go to a club who can’t offer him what we can in Champions League football. It’s a classic case of Liverpool thinking they are bigger than they are and can attract players from our club, I think even if Liverpool come in for Robbie Keane that suddenly they wouldn’t be his boyhood club anymore. Liverpool are not as good as they were and keep living off past reputation and I can’t see any of our players who know they will be in the first team next season would abandon us now in favour of a move to Liverpool.

So if there are any truth in these rumours I don’t even think Harry would let him go and I really can’t see Crouch sulking like Berbatov did just to get a move to Liverpool, no doubt they are a big club but you are only as good as your final league position and that was 3 places behind us. Crouchy will know he will be spending a lot of time on the bench next season but so will a lot of the squad, that is the price you pay if you want Champions League football, United,Chelsea and Arsenal will be doing it and so will we otherwise league form will suffer.

Aug 052010

The Spurs boss is understood to have offered around £8million for the striker who snubbed him to join Manchester City from West Ham 18 months ago.

The Price Is Right - Redknapp Back In For Craig

Aston Villa are also after Bellamy. But sources close to the club believe Spurs have outbid their rivals and can also offer Champions League football.

Redknapp wants Bellamy, 31, for his influence in the Tottenham dressing room – which he feels is too quiet – as much as his combative nature on the pitch.

The Spurs chief said: “We need a couple of experienced players – a few men in the team.

“Two or three would make a massive difference to us.

“Inter Milan won the Champions League with men, they weren’t kids. I think it’s going to be important.”

This is what the Sun is reporting today, again this one is resurfacing which makes me think that Harry really does want to add Bellamy to his squad, I really think he should try more around the £6 million mark as I am sure City would go lower. I fully expect Craig will be a Spurs player by the end of the month simply because this rumor simply won’t go away.

Aug 032010
Apologies for the laboured headline. I try too hard to be clever sometimes. My parodies would prove that to you.
Following the South American Copa Libertadores, Sandro [Ranieri Guimares Cordeiro] will be jetting off to lovely, sunny North London to join Spurs after SC Internacional agreed a deal with them. The two clubs are affiliated with each other so that Spurs get first pick on all Internacional Youth Academy players.
Sandro is a solid defensive midfielder with purported ability to get forward and may be tipped as the other 50% of what could be one of the most formidable midfield partnerships in the League. Honduran hard-man Wilson Palacios is the other 50%. However, I have to be a Doubting-Thomas and voice my concern.
Whilst I’m excited about Sandro donning the pure lilywhite strip in just a few weeks, by joining Palacios in central-midfield, a Chopper-Harris style midfield would be formed (non-Chelsea fans, Google for more info). Palacios’ cards record hasn’t presented him in the best light possible. A shining example lies in last season’s away match against Manchester United. The Honduran had a very bad day at the office. He bundled Nani over in the penalty area and was generally uneasy in defence that day.
There is no point in doubling the chances of losing a player during such an important era in Spurs history [e.g. Champions’ League qualifiers]. There is now no scope for silly tackles and both Sandro and Palacios carry a risk of doing so.
Additionally, I have a ‘no sh*t Sherlock’ reason for it not working out; and that is – Having two defensive midfielders is too defensive. Spurs may have one of the best defences and goalkeepers in the League on a good day, but are comparably light in attacking prowess and need the stylish playmaking of Modric to maintain a wider range of attacking options than simply wing-play from Lennon and Bale.
Goalscoring ability upfront is also scarce at times. Spurs need more weight upfront (goalscoring ability, NOT Tom Huddlestone). Therefore, I’m much more excited about Yannick Djalo; the Guinean-born, Portuguese youngster who has been impressing Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon to you and me) with his winger skills and his eye for goal.
Djalo has shown interest in moving to England and his agent cited Tottenham as Djalo’s next destination, possibly during this transfer window, if not pretty soon. He could be Spurs’ ‘Signing of the Season’.
Additional Info: The award for ‘Signing of the Season’ 2009/2010 went to Niko ‘Ginola v2.0’ Kranjcar.
Jul 212010

Now don’t go getting excited we haven’t signed anyone yet. What I want to talk about is something different, something that is always a great feeling. What I would like to see from this summer is one “surprise signing”. When I say this I mean what I want is for Spurs to go out and sign someone and totally suprise us all, someone we haven’t been linked with time and time again in the papers.

Remember when we signed Modric and Klinsmann plus i’m sure there were some others but you guys can tell me who on the comments below, but Modric and Klinsmann for example suprised most of us, we hadn’t been constantly linked to them in the papers everyday, it came out of the blue and caught us all off guard. I love that feeling.

All summer long we have been linked with Joe Cole, Micah Richards,Forlan,Bellamy and a few other names, so if we go and sign any of these players it doesn’t have the same feeling of that of a surprise signing. Still a good feeling when we sign any player but not the same. It makes it all the more special if we don’t even know an awful lot about the player we sign, a real sense of anticipation and eagerness to see them put on the Spurs shirt. So hopefully Harry has something up his sleeve and didn’t put all his eggs in one basket with Joe Cole. A nice surprise signing of a player we have yet to be linked with or don’t know much about is a feeling I love. Of course I can only speak for myself but I am sure I can’t be alone on this.

I don’t think we need to do too much in the transfer window but one or two tweaks to make the squad stronger wouldn’t hurt. Ship out some of the players that will be eating up the wage budget by sitting on the bench and replace them with players that are happy to be part of a squad on the verge of Champions League qualification, players that know that in this day and age to be a big team you need to be squad players.

Jul 122010

Have a day off work today and got nothing better to do than trawl through the garbage the papers print and I really do have nothing better to do than share it with you guys for those of you who have decided to stay indoors and not venture out for a morning paper.

You wont be suprised to hear that again we have been linked with Everton’s Steven Pienaar for a reported fee of around £15million.

For me the prospect of Pienaar signing for Spurs hardly makes me jump with joy, not a bad player don’t get me wrong but is he really the quality player that can help us push on next season? who is he better than in our current team? Personally I wouldn’t pay anywhere near £15mil for him when you see he has a year left on his contract, however a swap deal with Jenas would be the better option. There might be some truth in this one as it won’t go away.

Speaking of rumors that won’t go away that moves me on nicely to this next piece of transfer gossip. Yes you guessed it, it’s Craig Bellamy again. A fee of around the £7million mark is being touted to bring Bellamy to the Lane. Again to say I couldn’t really care less about signing Bellamy would be an understatement. Again who could he possibly replace? He is the same sort of player as Keane but just a bit faster and a bad attitude so why not just keep Keane?. Is Bellamy the man to push us on in the league and Champions League? I very much doubt that.

Last transfer rumor of monday, one of which Harry has openly admitted is the Joe Cole situation, the papers reporting what we all ready know, that several clubs have offered Joe a contract but he has yet to make his mind up. Now Joe is a player I think can actually imrpove our squad, he has skill, experience and can score goals from midfield. I’m confident when Joe makes his decision it will be Spurs.

One more point of note today is that Harry has spoken out again about Woodgate saying this season is “make or break” for the defender. If Woody’s injury problem persists this season he is likely to either be released by Spurs or hang up his boots. I will never consider Woodgate a waste of money, to me he paid his £8million fee back to us when he scored the winning goal in the Carling Cup final agaisnt Chelsea in 2008.

Jul 112010

Just been watching the latest Sky Sports News interview with Jermain Defoe following on from the work he has been doing in South Africa. Defoe then started talking about Joe Cole and to me looked like he was sending out a clear message “come to Tottenham”. Defoe went on to say what a great player Joe Cole is and with great experience and that he would love to see him at Tottenham next season because he would fit straight into the team so well. He also added that Cole knows a few of the England boys in the Tottenham team and is close to manager Harry Redknapp.

The way I saw this was that Jermain was sending out the message to Cole to join Spurs, it is not the first time when being interviewed by Sky that Defoe has started to talk about the prospect of Cole joining Spurs, he done the same thing last week in a similar interview. Lets face it, we would hate to see Joe Cole in an Arsenal shirt and it looks as though Jermain shares our fears because he seems to be using quite a few media opportunities to send a message to Joe.

Nobody knows which way this one is going to go. Each day has different reports, one minute Tottenham are favourites and then Liverpool and Arsenal. Today it takes a different twist, apparently Joe has asked his agent to look for clubs in Spain and Italy for a possible move. You pick up the paper each day to see who is the front runner for his signature and each day has a different team.

I went on record a few weeks ago saying I am confident he will join Tottenham, the foundations are all in place at Tottenham to give Cole a new loving home. First of all we are in London, which is where Joe wants to stay. Secondly he has a few of his England team collegues in the Spurs squad and lastly and most importantly we have our trump card which is the reason I believe Joe will sign……. Harry Redknapp.

Defoe also went on to add he would like to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career:

“At the end of the day I am playing with great players and that’s all I want,”

“The squad is full of internationals and when you play you know you have to play well because a player just as good as you can come in and do the same thing as you.

“I have always said if i am playing with great players then I am happy.

“So why would you not want to commit yourself to a club like that?

“We can have a good run in the Champions League and if we do do that it would be so special for the club and the fans and just everryone involved at the football club,” added Defoe.

“It is the first time [being in the Champions League] and the fans have wanted it for so many years.”

Jul 032010

I had a bet with a work collegue a few weeks ago, when reports were coming out Joe Cole had done a deal with Arsenal I said all along that he would join Spurs. My reasons were having watched Redknapp his whole managerial career I know how he loves a bargain and how well he knows Joe Cole, and when you put both of these together it stands to reason that Harry would put up a fight to sign Cole.

Today Redknapp admitted he is now in talks with Cole over a move to the lane

“You know he’s got lots of options, I think quite a few clubs want him,” said Redknapp.

“I had a great relationship with him as a kid; I signed him when he was 11 years of age.

“As I said before he lived for football, he was the best schoolboy footballer I have ever seen without a doubt.

“He has still got that enthusiasm I think, but whether there is a chance of getting him, I feel there is a chance.

“I don’t think it will be easy, but I think we have got as good a chance as anybody.”

I know Harry likes to play it down to the press, but i said weeks ago on here that I am so confident he will be a Spurs player I am prepared to get his name on the back of my shirt. Why would he want to work with Wenger and his foreign legion when he can work with Harry and play with his fellow England team mates who have probably spent the World Cup telling Cole to join us.

I would put a bet on it by this time next week Joe Cole is a Tottenham player.

Jul 022010

LIVERPOOL and Spurs are battling to sign Galatasaray’s Turkish winger Arda Turan.

Turan, 23, rates playing at Anfield as his ‘dream’ but Tottenham are keen to strengthen ahead of their upcoming Champions League campaign.

Judging by the Sun it looks as though Turan would prefer the  move to Liverpool but luckily for us they can’t offer him champions league football. I have seen this boy play a few times and let me tell you he would be a great player for us but if we were to get Joe Cole we would have too many players playing similar positions.
Anyway don’t take this as gospel just thought i’d share this bit of transfer gossip which has resurfaced today as there is not much else about and it makes a change from the Joe Cole and Palermo pair saga. Just what the papers are reporting today so is there any truth in this one? we will have to wait and see.
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Jun 202010

Diego Forlan is wanted by Tottenham.

The 31-year-old Uruguayan striker has been one of the stars of the World Cup in South Africa and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp rates him highly.

Atletico Madrid relied heavily on Forlan in their Europa League triumph and he scored twice in the final as they beat Fulham.

But the stumbling block could be Forlan’s age – and the price that Atletico will demand.

They will want in excess of £12million, while Spurs would not be prepared to go higher than £8.5m.

But Redknapp feels a player of his experience will be vital as Spurs go for the Champions League.

Now forgive me here but when Harry said he wanted that 1 special player this summer I really pray to god he didn’t mean Diego Forlan. I can’t deny that Forlan in Spain is not the same Forlan that played in England but I remember Savo Milosovic in the 90s going to Spain and being top scorer after not really impressing in England, so what makes Forlan any different?.

My personal opinion on this subject is that I hope Harry is having a laugh here, I just think the style of Spanish football helps Forlan and his game. I think if he were to come back to the Premiership he would not be as deadly but go back to being that donkey we all remember from his Man Utd days.

We then move on to the price, £12mil for a player of 31 and which in 2 years will be worthless. It will be a pricey gamble because if he does flop at Spurs then nobody in their right minds is going to stump up anywhere near that amount for a 31 year old flop. The one thing I admire about Daniel Levy is that he is a good business man when it comes to deals and usually buys players of younger age who can be sold on in the future. My only worry here is the persuasive power of Harry, especially now we have secured 4th place in the Premier League.

I really hope this is a nasty rumor that just won’t go away because for £12millon we could get so much more for our money than Diego Forlan, however this is just my opinion on Forlan and I will not start doutbing Harry after what he has done for the club, so god forbid if he really wants to sign Diego Forlan then as much as that pains me, he has my full support.