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Dec 082010


Here is the final list of who we could face in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

In this round we can’t face any English teams neither can we face a team that has won their group, it has to be a 2nd place team from another group.

Eight of the 16 teams in the draw – those that won their sections in the group stage – are seeded, with the eight runners-up unseeded. The runners-up are drawn first and play the first-leg matches at home. They cannot be paired with either the winners from their section or clubs from the same association. The draw will be on 17th December.

1) Lyon (Runners up group B)

2) Valencia (Runners up group c)

3) FC Copenhagen ( Runners up group D)

4) Roma (Group E)

5) Marseille (Group F)

6) AC Milan (Group G)

7) Shakhtar Donetsk (Group H if Arsenal top the group after tonight)

So who would you fancy and who would you like to avoid?

  21 Responses to “Champions League Knockout Stages – Who Tottenham Could Face”

  1. I sooooo hope we get FC Copenhavn!!! As a norwegian i will definilty see that game in denmark! COYS!!

  2. Anyone but AC Milan or Lyon. Although at the moment I reckon we could beat any of these teams.

  3. Feeling confident. Times are good at the Lane.
    I worry a bit about Milan, but other than that I think we could win over two legs against any of these teams.

  4. I know who i don’t want -valencia.They are fast and skillful and will give us problems home and away so any of the others AC Milan would be good.

  5. i worry about shakhtar and milan.others are lame.dont underasted shakhtar

  6. Shachtar Donetsk please!!!!

  7. Ideally, Copenhagen or Basle would be our best picks from the lot. Would hate to see Lyon, Valencia, or Milan.

  8. Definitely not Valencia, though it could make for some brilliant football. I think they are every bit as good as Milan or Lyon but do not carry the same household name. So it’s kind of the worst of both worlds. We could easily get beat, but it would look – to the untrained eye – as if we choked, whereas a loss to those other sides would not receive the “Same old Spurs” stories that so many seem to desperately want to revive.

  9. I really dont care who we get out of those – im sure we will give anyone a game.

    They will all be tough games and confident teams. Lets enjoy what Im sure will be another thrilling ride.


  10. Ac would be great,old washed up and slow but still a big name. it would great to do inter and ac in one year.Fuck sake seedorff still playing for them and he must be 36 or something.yid4life

  11. definately FCK. It will be my first Spurs game since moving to Denmark from N17 10 years ago, which will be a bit odd, but more importantly, we’ll tear them apart on the counter… COYS

  12. has to be milan, could bale go down in history as the first player to score 2 hatricks at the san siro against both milan clubs in european competition? we should fear nobody, our home record speaks for itself and i would like to think that most teams will be hoping to avoid us rather than vice-versa, come february with a bit of luck we will have a fully fit squad to choose from as lets not forget we topped our group without our first choice CB’S or our first choice striker!! COYS

  13. dont really care all tough teams we are in this competition therefore must play at our ultimate best home and away GO YOU MIGHTY ONES

  14. Biggest threats = Valencia, AC Milan, Lyon & Shahktar Donetsk ( and in that order), although neither Roma nor Marseilles can be sneered at. That leaves Kopenhagen and , again we shoul NOT underestimate them.

    None of them will be easy, but some will be harder than others: Valencia is the one i would like to miss.

  15. Milan would be great as they may not be ready for our fast pace football. Let’s catch them off guard just like we did to Inter!

  16. We have one of the easier pots. Poor old Arsenal Ha Ha
    Avoid Valencia and A.C. Hope for Copenhagen.
    Easy draws allow us to stay in the competition longer but the further we go the tougher the matches become. Eventually Bale, Modric, Lennon, Van der Vaart etc will come up against the best……

  17. Don’t fear any of the 6 we could face but given the choice would avoid Valencia ans maybe AC Milan.

    The Gooners will have Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Schalke.

    Oh to progress further than them so they can concentrate on the League Cup, the competition their supporters have belittled for so long and now their main aim for the season. I love their hypocracy, just like when they claim to support England and play a team of foreigners. It’s fun baiting them in my local at the moment and they bite too! Lol

  18. I want AC or Lyon. We have the beating of those two especially at this stage. Valencia are the only team I have reservations overs. I think they’ll cut us open through the middle of the park.

    I’d hate Copenhagen, we want to play big teams in big games in every round!!!

  19. Copenhagen all day long…
    Reckon that’ll be a cracking away trip

  20. Valencia, Simply because of the City and climate, Or Italy. Don`t fancy a trip to Ukraine or Denmark it`s cold enough here……..

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