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Jun 242010

I did write this out a while back, but for the benefit of the newer readers here goes:

Right for all you guys unsure exactly how this Champions Lgeaue qualifying round works, I will try to explain it for you all to the best of my ability to give you a better idea of our chances.

Basically the qualifying rounds are split into 2 groups, the champions side and the non champions side of the qualifying rounds. Obviously Tottenham will be in the non champions side of the draw, but the teams in the half with the other champions of their domestic leagues are usually filled with teams from the smaller leagues which are usually entitled to only 1 Champions League place for their country anyway. The 15 teams who would be in the NON Champions Qualifying Round
based on current League position
4th Place in ENG, ESP, ITA
3rd Place in GER, FRA, RUS
2nd Place in UKR, NED, ROM , POR , TUR, GRE , SCO , BEL , SUI

There will be seedings and this will work in our favour, because we have had 2 Uefa Cup (Europa League) runs in the past few seasons we have ranked up points, Spurs are currently ranked 30th in Europe with a coefficient of 56.199. Anyway the seedings works based on the points, and how well other clubs from the same domestic leagues have performed in european competitions in recent seasons. With both of these taken into account we rank in the top 5 clubs in the qualifying round and will be seeded straight into the final qualifying round. The likes of Celtic will have to play in the 3rd qualifying round because they don’t get seeded. So the 3rd qualifying round will be made up of 10 teams in the non champions section, these are 5 teams which have gone through previous rounds and 5 more teams including celtic which have been seeded to come in at this stage. Whoever overcomes the 3rd qualifying round will then come through to the 4th and final qualifying round to face the top seeds (of which 1 will be us). The draw will see the top 5 seeds take on the teams from the 3rd qualifying round in a 2 leg match which will see the winners enter the Champions League proper. To clarify this in simple terms, we go straight into the 4th and final round of qualifying because English teams have a good record in Europe, and then we will be seeded in that round because we have ranked up our own points by our previous couple of seasons in the Uefa Cup.

15 Clubs who will be in the Non Champions Section of Qualifying
Werder Bremen

Zenit St Petesburg
Dinamo Kiev
Unirea Urziceni (Still four teams could qualify in Romania)
Sporting Braga
PAOK Thessaloniki
Young Boys

The Five teams listed first will get a Bye to the 4th Qualifying Round
which will have 10 clubs

The 5 Teams Seeded for Round 3 Will be
Zenit St Petesburg
Dinamo Kiev
Sporting Braga

The 5 Teams Seeded for Round 4 Should be
Werder Bremen
Zenit St Petesburg

It’s funny because if Manchester City Or Aston Villa finished 4th this season they would have not been seeded because of their Uefa coefficient points would have not been enough. When the final qualifying round draw takes place we can expect to avoid Sevilla, Ajax, Weder Bremen, Zenit. We will face 1 of the teams who overcomes the 3rd qualifying round.

I hope this helps you all better understand how it works because it can be very confusing.

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  18 Responses to “Champions League Qualifying Round – How It All Works for Spurs”

  1. Mistake? You have Zenit seeded as third and fourth.

  2. Good article by the way, above all this transfer tatter on newsnow this is what I wanted to know. None of the other fan pages have picked up n it yet.

  3. Thanks Monkeyd, I did write it a few weeks back but now I am on newsnow I thought more Spurs fans should see it, hopefully I can keep the Spurs spirit high even if it is the world cup.

  4. oh and regarding the Zenit thing, I don’t think it is a mistake, it’s because the round that the team joins the competition is determined on their leagues uefa points, thats why spurs only come into it at round 4. But the seeding between teams is determined on the clubs own success in europe which is why Zenit have to play round 3 but will be seeded if they reach round 4 due to their Europa league triumph a couple of seasons back, however if they dont make it to round 4 then another team will be seeded instead. Seedings only determine who you play and not what round you enter the competition.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering how that was all going to pan out. Looks like we have a good chance. COYS

  6. Does anyone know when the draws and ties take place? Good article, by the way.

  7. surespur,

    how are you, well i looked up the wiki for ye guys 🙂 and it has all the ino you need :), here is the link 🙂

    come on you spurs 🙂

    ritz from ireland 🙂

  8. If you want the full low down you should check this site

  9. you sure teams get seeded? I didn’t think they got seeded and any team can play anyone in last qualifying round!

    teams don’t get seeded to group stages


    the link is for the Champions League 2010/11 draw and match calendar – would I be correct then, in thinking that according to your revue, we enter the draw at :

    Play-off, 1st leg 17-18/08/10
    Play-off, 2nd leg 24-25/08/10

    and not before?

  11. sorry. that should have read review – not really awake

  12. think the draw is on the 6th august

    They did stop seedings for a brief period in qualifying rounds but all the newspapers have been reporting that this year it will be seeded again

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