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Aug 242010

After last week’s first half mauling at the hands of Swiss side Young Boys what can we expect for Wednesday night’s match. I think the neutrals expect Tottenham to win quite comfortably but anyone who has been a Spurs fan for years knows that it’s never that straight forward with us.

Whatever the outcome I am confident we will be the better team on the night but I just hope it isn’t a match like Hull last season, where we dominate for 90mins but can’t find the back of the net. This is my main concern and for some reason I can’t shake it out of my mind.

Let’s not rule out that we could actually just go out there and for once finish the job in style and make it easy for ourselves, but come on this is Tottenham Hotspur we are talking about, we don’t believe in making things easy for ourselves, with us it’s the hard way or nothing at all. I expect the players to get the job done on the night, but expectations differ from those of reality. Any true football fan knows that it’s not always that clear cut and upsets can happen.

A couple of early goals would calm the nerves, if we can go in at half time with a 2 goal lead I will be happy, the last thing I want from the match is to only have a one goal advantage going into the last minutes of the match and I can see that outcome being a real possibility. How will the players be feeling? Will they play with no fear or will last weeks first half shambles still be on their minds? Causing them to play with caution.

So what do you guys think will happen tomorrow, how to do think the game will pan out? Will we make it hard for ourselves or will we get the job done in style?

  11 Responses to “Champions League – What Can We Expect On Wednesday?”

  1. 3-1

  2. As you say the first goal will be the all important one,should it go in for us then we could go on to win with style,if on the other hand Young Boys score first it might turn out to be a very uncomfortable night.Although I do expect Tottenham to come out on top over all.

  3. I share your views as I too am a bit apprenhive about this match. I though we beat hammer them last week but they looked a decent team. This is down to Harry and his back room staff to stop the players getting too nervous and to just go out and play as though it was just another game. I know it is easier said than done but this is why they get paid all that money. We must hold our nerve and not go rushhing out like a headless chicken. the match is for 90 minutes and we must pace ourselves. I think YB will come out and defend like mad for the first 25 minutes or so and then try to hit us on the counter attack. We must be clever and realise this is what they are going to do and we must plan for it. It is time to be calm, cool and collected and we will win easily. COYS

  4. Great video mate,you’ll have to make another one with Bales goal against Stoke on it, El Classico.

  5. Correctly said, we are traditionally such an unpredictable side ,that in the past, I came short in many of my predictions. Games that I considered that we will lose, have been won or drawn and vice versa.

    I’ll leave this one in hands of the Good Lord!!!


  7. The answer for the question was lying in the words of David Degen of Young Boys..His words were “We lnow Tottenham are very good in the air” If you are a regular follower of European football, then you should know that a technically lesser team always pile up the midfield, do a lot of running, cover a lot of space and make up for the difference in quality..In England Allardyce, Moyes and alike managers teams do this the best but they also have players who can play the ball in the air to the form of art, which is the difference in between Young Boys and an Allardyce, Moyes team..Young Boys can not cope with high balls, early high crosses, set pieces and Crouch on their face, so biggest mistake we can make is to play a nice, technical football, instead we need to mix and match nice stuff with some old fashioned on your facec English football, make use of set pieces, pick up the second balls bouncing back from high balls to Crouch and push forward which is not something swiss side is used to and they will be exhausted. We have to be very physical and strong in the air.

  8. Panic not my fellow YIDS we will show them who Spurs really are! We will have Lennon tearing it up on the right hand side, Bale on the left and more importantly a grass pitch. I think the noise from the crowd will be enough alone, WHL is an intimidating place when we are in full voice. We gotta stop expecting the worst all the time even though it is difficult to do so. Confidence is key and you all know as well as anybody else we will be in their faces from the off, I expect a goal from us in the first 15 mins and then we will settle and play our beautiful game.

  9. We are being cautious. Think, Chelsea/Arsenal/Man City last year – it is done………. My thoughts go to the transfer market over the next 5 days.

  10. Arsenal and Chelsea let you play football because they are footballing teams themselves, even though Liverpool was more like Everton and Bolton last season under Benitez they are easier to beat because of everyone expect them to win everytime..So we beat them all three. Underdog is a dangerous word so os favourite, Wolves,Stoke, Hull City last season proves the fact, Wolves didnt have any household names but they run their bollocks off to even the game up, Young Boys should not be underestimated, theu do a lot of running they are qiick breaking side..So homework
    must be done properly, it will be a huge mistake to be over confident.

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