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Jul 162010

Come And Get Me - But Is He N17 Bound?

Sevilla’s Brazilian goal machine Luis Fabiano has issued an apparent come and get me plea to White Hart Lane chief Harry Redknapp.

The 29-year old former Sao Paulo and Porto striker, who found the back of the net three times at this summers World Cup in South Africa, has been made available by his Spanish employers and was offered to the North London club earlier this week.

At £150,000 a week, Spurs chief Redknapp was initially wary of doing a deal, fully aware of the stringent White Hart Lane wage structure.

However, Fabiano’s comments suggest that he is interested in a move to move to White Hart Lane, leaving us with the exciting prospect that a compromise could yet be found!

Speaking to reporters, Fabiano said :

“I must admit it’s only in the last few weeks I have understood just how big Spurs’ ambition is,” said the forward, who previously attracted interest from AC Milan and Manchester United.

Fabiano would certainly fit into the ‘marquee’ category that Harry Redknapp has so often spoken about this summer and I would imagine that every Spurs fan would be delighted to welcome the Samba star to the Lane. Whether or not the players comments are only offering us false hope remains to be seen but this is certainly one deal that is worth keeping your fingers crossed for!

  20 Responses to “‘Marquee’ Signing In Harry’s Sight ….. La Liga Star Talks Up N17 Switch!”

  1. Levy will not pay him as much as he requires for his mental samba lifestyle. ie, street parties & beach football on the high road.

  2. He is a quality striker, Every season reaches the level required from him, only thing that would worry me is in case he issued his statement because of he was told off by his agent or even his club chairman for his previous statement contains some not very nice comments for another club, so his words can be interpreted as an appology rather than come and get me plea.

  3. If he’s going to upset Spurs more level-headed salary schedule I don’t want him.

  4. what a load of shit

  5. Marquee signing for two more seasons at his best and no sell on value? Without doubt he’s better than what we have at the moment, but we have to be careful. We’re not in a position to take a hit of 19m+.

  6. The quality is there but the deal is not right for spurs- he is out of our range- we need to set sights little lower= Hunelaar & Zamora would be welcome addition with Joe Cole at right wages. Then move on Keano & any 1 of Pav, Crouch or Defoe- not bcos I don’t like em but 5 strikers would be too much headache. And there is little to choose between the 3. I do feel striker situation needs shaking up a bit.

  7. We aint gonna have 5 strikers, Keane is going to be displaced and Gudjonsen seems like will be with us for a further season. It seems to me that Harry id looking for a quality finisher who can play with or without Defoe. We have a very busy season coming up and every player is needed. As we all know Defoe usually disappears at the last 6-8 weeks of the season due to fatigue, we were lucky with Pavlyuchenko turning up and banging them in for a period of 8-10 weeks.This season we cant take no chances, so a top class striker is needed,i also think Harry will sign another attacking midfielder or a goal scoring left winger as well as a top quality centre half..I think serious stuff is about to start next week regarding transfers, since all the World Cup players are now due to report back to their clubs as from Monday.

  8. We need to set our sights higher not lower
    We are almost in the champions league (proper) and it’s time to grow as a club…I don’t think
    Huntelaar wil cut it in the prem…Time for BIG singnings Harry

  9. Zamora-fuck me dead. Anybody that thinks we should be bringing him in is a wanker. End of story

  10. Huntlaar or Zamora or this ‘fucking wiseguy’ Fabiano are all the wrong players. Huntlaar just wants to retire with a big club paying him big money for another 3 years, whilst he makes no effort. I have seen him play recently and I think he’s shite. A non-trier. Zamora suits Fulham and he can hack it there. He is not good enough for Spurs. Fabiano is a bit like a prostitute and thinks he can bad mouth us one week and change his mind the next. He can fuck off too like SAF and Milan told him and Seville can keep him, as their a bigger club than Spurs in his opinion.
    Craig Bellamy, Joe Cole and Gudjohnsen would fit the bill and all three would fit in at the Lane.

  11. Kevin C, Huntelaar is only 26 years old. Fabiano would be more than welcome at white hart lane. This is because he is able to play as a lone striker. He has got pace, strength and is a great finisher. None of our current strikers posses all three. When playing in Europe the 4 5 1 or 4 2 3 1 would be essential. This is due to the modern european clubs are playing this and a 4 4 2 is out dated and we saw with England does not work.


    Richards King Dawson Bale

    Palacios Huddlestone

    Lennon Modric Cole


    Cole and Modric could interchange and with this team in europe i think we could go far. In the premier league a 4 4 2 would work as we found out last season.

  12. I’d go for Huntelaar, experience and will be cheaper and younger

  13. Nothing to this story. He is just using our club name to keep his in the paper.

    Looks like Harry wants Cole and Bellamy. No reason to gamble on Fabiano or Huntelaar when he can get those two British players.

  14. How about saurez he is 23 excellent finnisher unlike defoe who has to blast every chance he gets.Looks great when they go in but he should have scored 30 goals mininum with the chances he had last season.GET THE CHEQUE BOOK OUT LEVY

  15. shut up, stop talking shit, fabianor is a great player if we can manage to get in it would be great i think hes the best in the business drogba/s 32 n just finished top goalscorer, hes 29 in his prime, unlike keane he hasnt been at top level since he was 16 and so hes not burnt out, money will probably prove too much, but im really sick of hearing so called spurs fans slaggin defoe, jesus when we sold him we all cried that he’s a yiddo nothings changed hes a better player than when he left and more than capable of playing on his own upfront, great movement better with his back to goal than he ever was, aware and bright, he missed lennon towards ends of season as they seem to understand eachother, fans slegging his finishing?? are you serious sorry he blasts it home and doesnt stroke it into the corner like some players, i for one enjoy seeing the wee man blast it in from all angles, hes a yid a gem and a legand, jermaine defoe hes a yiddo, u all sang it when he was leaving and u will al sing it next year u bunch of fairweather w*****s come on, we are tottenham, super tottenham, we are tottenham, from the lane, last time i checked we werent from south london wearing red shirts with no identity from and a team full of strangers from all over the world who would swap everything to be playing at a differnent club. COYS

  16. Kevin C is an idiot

  17. Fabiano is shit – that’s why he’s old and still at Seville. He’s also a COCK.

    Huntelaar has something about him, that’s why he’s been at Madrid and Milan – if Harry can ignite that potential he will be a much better buy.

  18. Lol @ frazzle
    I dont think he is shit.
    It really is the sort of situation that can be proven in hindsight.
    If he gets us goals then its worth it, if he doesnt then. . .well maybe just having him at the club will make the other guys more inspired?
    TBH we have signed better players than him, younger lads with “ahem” ‘FUTURES’
    Postiga? Rebrov? What harry must really be considering is who can he bring in to create a tidy STRIKE FORCE.
    When keane and Berba were playin together it was insaine. Now theyre separated at different clubs theyre nowhere near as impressive. You’d have to have an expert footballing brain to be able to percieve this desired partnership, so we pretty much have to trust old arry.


  20. I pretty much agree with everything Brizzle says,seems to be the only one with any sense on this board. Ultimately, I doubt any of you would really quibble the arrival of a Fabiano or a Suarez, regardless of how good or shit you perceive them to be. At the end of the day, they WILL perform in the PL, and if they turn out like Veron, then no big shakes, we’ll sell them on to a Juventus or a Athletico Madrid the following season, replacing them with the “next big thing”…

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