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Jan 092011

Two halves, two different games, three goals let in by Charlton in the second half.

The first half was to say the least…terrible. Evidently, if you remove Van Der Vaart, Bale and Modric, the creative midfield play which we expect from Spurs flies out the window faster than Roy Hodgson’s England Manager prospects.

It was rather stagnant as Ekotto could think of nothing  more than simply passing to Kranjcar on the wing or Palacios in the middle. If Charlton hadn’t been below par, they could’ve gone 3-0 up. Spurs encouraged danger to come to them but luckily it didn’t cost us dearly – It was like licking a 9 volt battery.

Onto the crowd atmosphere for now. I’ve worked out that the amount of noise we tend to make at White Hart Lane is proportional to the quality of the football we see in the opening minutes. It wasn’t anything to shout about at first, so we didn’t shout about it. Charlton on the other hand gave me something to listen to in the first half so all credit to their spirit. Chanting like they had won already wasn’t wise though, as they were about to learn from the addition of Luka Modric to centre midfield at half time.

I saw that substitution work wonders for us with immediate effect. Modric’s extra invention had turned the tap to release the chances and run at Charlton from every corner (even if there were only two). I have to give a special mention at this point to Andros Townsend, who opened the scoring with a fantastic low strike into the left side of the net. As I said before, who needs Beckham!!?? That deal seems to have fallen through anyway.

Ok, so Townsend doesn’t have the pace of Lennon, but it’s not all about pace and sometimes Lennon falls over himself. Sometimes his legs work faster than his brain does, but that’s a separate matter. Townsend showed his potential today, regardless of the rickety defence Charlton may have exhibited at times. He even threw in a few pieces of skill for good measure. The whole team worked around Modric though. The second half was a major improvement on the first.

A brace from ex-Charlton schoolboy Jermain Defoe sealed the win for Spurs to the further detriment of the Addicks.

Hopefully, the pre-Modric lineup was just a one-off to give Lennon and Bale a well-deserved break rather. Unlike the League Cup, the FA Cup is not a lager marketing ploy so where possible, Harry and the players should pull out all the stops in this competition. They did today and Modric turned out to be the missing link in this chain of Tottenham highs.

My man of the match – Andros Townsend. Opened the scoring to fire up the Yids’ voiceboxes and ran the leftback ragged for a solid 90 minutes. Sorry for getting a bit Andro-centric there *BA DOOM TSSSH*.

All that’s left to do now is write a chant for him and our new signing Bongani Khumalo….

We certainly have a player of the future in Townsend, let’s hope it doesn’t ‘-end’ there.

Onwards and upwards. COYS!

  7 Responses to “Charlton Athlet-off.”

  1. Does anyone know why Dos Santos didnt even make the bench, I thought he was back from injury?

  2. dos santos had a hangover

  3. Maybe Keane, Bentley and Dos Santos were left out so they wouldn’t get cup-tied, ie slightly easier to seel or loan out.

  4. Great right up Coxie you seem to have got over the Everton awakening and the ginger ones sudden return to fitness. The Lad Townsend is very good and was the best player when we lost out to Arsenal Youth he and Walker should be our 25 They have both scored in the Cup why are we helping other clubs who helps Spurs. Harry needs to start reminding Gomes he has competition because the goals he is conceding helped us get beat at Everton.We must be unlucky to get Fulham flyers or the thin ones i call them .We are meeting our nemesis next week the Team every commentator are asking why they are unbeaten when they are not playing well .The answer lies way back in Africa when a group of men knocked on Portugal’s Hotel door and told Qeuros the ex UTD right hand man to the Don Ferguson head off the Fa at Old Trafford. Mr Queros was told Nani would be the first to piss and give Blood sample Queros started to sweat profusely at the thoughts of the Utd star being tested quick has a flash Queros thought of the timme Ferdinand face the same test and he remebered what he did he ran after the testers who where about to knock on Nanies door he shoute no you cant tast Nani he is going home with a shoulder injury the men said he will still need to be tested in case he returns Queros snapped no no you can fuck off he his injured Nani heard all this shouting and done what his captain did and jumped out of the window and hid till they left Queros sent Nani Home well away from the nastie testers and his mystery shoulder miraclesly healed and he starred in America for Utd in pre- season. The Don Ferguson who is against target testing and voiced is objection to this form of testing Sol Campbell said we are a special case the same Sol who had the second fastest run playing for Arsenal behind Wallcot last season. He flew to Portugal with a glowing reference quoting Qeuros his anti drug and would not allow any of his team to use them the court asked what about Ferdinand you was also present when he fucked off and with that damming evidence ringing in his ears he got sacked Fergie went back home with the comforting thought he has Mr Gill at the Fa to look after his players and his neighbours City Oilers have there man incharge to look after them and aredy Zabala had his red card rescinded oh well it could have bean Sir Allen Sugar but you now what they say Money talks and the skint Fa Listened hope this thriller in Africa has helped you Coxie to no our next North West Team will be just like Everton in the second half was full of high tempo energy especially Nani

  5. good article daveyid

  6. good young player townsend. he did well for spurs in pre-season in spain a couple of years back but has since been loaned out to lower div clubs with mixed reviews. I don’t agree with young players going into the lower div for experience. I’d reckon playing in a spurs reserve team would be better than playing div one! you need good players to learn from not the numpties you get lower down. modric being an example even in this good player makes all the difference, who would you rather learn from? on another web site one bloke played down townsend’ goal..saying it was only a div one outfit!! So how does that make kranjcar and pav look! Never understand anyone knocking a player for scoring a goal..especially a young lad on his debut for the first team in the always feircely competitive FA Cup. Nice to see Defoe score a couple. Never mind how they come about it’ll give him some confidence just in time to face united..hopefully. I still think have doubts over sandro as i do with palacios and jenas. I heard Arry didn’t fill the subs bench?? Maybe it would have been worthwhile trying out another youngster? I think livermore,obika and bostock are better prospects than sandro or jenas if..if given a chance to do so. Townsend was released by ipswich and i know one game a great player doesn’t make. However if surrounded by the right people it’s amazing what can happen (ask arry). It’s been a good week for spurs youngsters walker netting for villa and having an impressive game and now townsend raising a few eyebrows. Long may it continue. Chances have been given to kranjcar,bentley,jenas,gio,keane and a few others who have (IMO) failed miserably in one way or another. So why not give a young player a chance. Maybe not full games everyweek but at least a little encouragement. Young Kane has gone out on loan too so fingers crossed he makes it. He likes scoring goals and that’s just what we need. There seems to be a lack of decent young strikers around.

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