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Sep 032010

With less than 2 weeks to go before the start of the Champions League group stages the live TV coverage has been announce,

Tottenham’s live fixtures look like this:

– Werder Bremen away (Sept 14) – Sky Sports
– FC Twente home (Sept 29) – Sky Sports
– Inter Milan away (Oct 20) – ITV
– Inter Milan home (Nov 2) – Sky Sports
– Werder Bremen home (Nov 24) – TBC
– FC Twente away (Dec 7) – Sky Sports

So only one confirmed game on ITV which means a lot of nights planned in the pub for people without Sky Sports. I hope for a winning start against Werder Bremen and with the addition of Van der Vaart in midfield I am more confident we can get it. I can’t really figure out why were are only on ITV the once, maybe it’s because we are such a top team that Sky wanted all our games so more subscriptions will be made. It will probably be Sky Sports 2 and 4.

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  5 Responses to “Club Announce Champions League Matches TV Coverage”

  1. No its because itv only care about man utd and chelsea even arsenal are an after thought

  2. Spurs need to be on Terrestrial Television!!! don’t they get it. What made the champions league such a winner for the likes of ManU, Chelsea and others were big games live on normal free Tv, i.e BIG game, Massive Exposure, just think of the thousands of kids up and down the country that will be watching Spurs and thinking hey I wont mind supporting them, decent team, playing the best of Europe, Think of it guys, this is where the big revenue comes from (merchandise!!) and the next generation of Fans,…we’ve been missing out for years and Levy and the boys must understand this, kids wont be going to the Pub to watch Spurs in the Champions League.

  3. That’s bang out of order!

  4. I was wondering about the number of games on ITV, but if you think about it ITV only show 1 wednesday game, so at the very most we could of been on itv 3 times. On our first wednesday game they’re showing valencia v man u, then it’s us, an I guess they’re going to wait to see which game looks more important man u v rangers, or us vs bremen

  5. on a slight aside dawson sounds like he’s just injured himself – this might have some implication on our champions league progress. oh ****

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