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Jun 252010

How many times have you heard the word ‘Consistency’ when referring to the capabilities of football players?

Do you even know what defines ‘consistency’?

Me neither. It is complete and utter b*llocks. It’s simply a way for someone who doesn’t know jack-sh*t about football to act like he/she (ya never know) actually knows about football. Namely Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen on Match of the Day! :@

I hate it when football fans use this word!

It’s thrown around like confetti and shouldn’t even be WHISPERED if it’s football related.
For those of you who use this term when discussing, tell me – exactly how do you define consistency!?

Is it when a striker scores in EVERY game? Is it when a goalkeeper keeps every shot out of the net?
Is it when a defender goes without a booking for the whole season?

If yes to the above, then a striker never scoring in a single game, a goalie letting a ball slip under him into the net at every single game and a team winning every single game every week is ALSO consistency to me tbh.

Therefore, every player and team must be inconsistent! Are they not?

If you can define ‘consistency’ in football terms, fair play to you. But I don’t see a clear-cut definition of it and so it should be left out of football because it’s a terrible excuse of a word for people trying to make another point.

  7 Responses to “Consistency: A brief, unspecific word in your ear…”

  1. Not a great word i agree, but my take on it is making the right decisions more often than not. Re; Runs, Shots, Passes. Positional play etc. Keepers – Punch, Catch, Parry, stay on line etc. However this leads to average players. I’d rather a player has a below average game then a stormer the next……… but then thats probably why Spurs has been the perfect fit for me !!!

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