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Sep 052010

Someone said it on here the other day and if what we are reading today is to be believed then could the reason we got Rafael van Der Vaart on the cheap mean that Real Madrid get first option on Gareth Bale?

Since breaking into the Tottenham side in the second half of last season Gareth Bale has gone from strength to strength, he played a vital part of Spurs securing 4th spot. Bale’s form has been noted by some of the top European clubs and it seems Real Madrid are his latest admirers. The Spanish giants are tipped to make a £25million move for the Spurs star in January after reportedly making a bid on transfer deadline day only to have it turned down.

Bale recently signed a new deal with Tottenham so the club are under no pressure to sell but if Real do come knocking then it will be a test of Bale’s loyalty to the club. The way I see it, it’s vital we finish top 4 again this season otherwise the top top clubs will come knocking for Modric and Bale and if we can’t offer them champions league football anymore could we really blame them if they wanted to move on?

Last Tuesday we picked up Van der Vaart for around £8million and apparently Bayern Munich were also after the Dutchman but for a much higher price. So why was the price a lot cheaper for us, it might not be such a great deal after all if this is in some way linked to a future transfer of Gareth Bale. Hopefully there was no promise made to sell Bale and at worst it is only a first option on the lad should we decide to sell.

So let’s have your thoughts, it seems strange but it could be totally innocent, we know Jose Mourinho loves the Premiership and still watches our great league so maybe he has just noticed what a brilliant young player Bale has turned in to.

  13 Responses to “Could Bale Being Linked To Madrid Be Part Of Van Der Vaart Deal?”

  1. No, the “source” is the Mirror. The worst newspaper in Britan

  2. As Van der Vaart has since come out and said that there was no firm offer from bayern that this can be dismissed as idle speculation.

  3. BOLLOCKS !!!!!!!!1

  4. I’ve seen quite a few people make the link between the price of VDV and Bale being sold. It’s just a prime example of lazy journalism. If this was true, why the hell would it have been arranged at such a last minute? Why would Harry mention Bayern being asked to pay a higher price with Real Madrid quashing the rumour? It just doesn’t add up. Most likely scenario is that Real thought they had a buyer but it fell through so they decide to take a hit on a player they know they won’t use just to get him of the wage bill. No need for a conspiracy really.

  5. Since the day Sir Alan booted out the Real Del Boy of English football Terry Venables, The Mirror turned anti Spurs, Harry Harris (the genuine wanker) and Co ever since took every opportunity to unsettle Spurs and Spurs players..Add this to previous unsuccesful attempt of take over by at the time The Mirror owner Robert Maxwell (this was a seriously dodgy guy who stole £300 million of his workers pension fund before killing himself cowardly) , you will end up ( even after Harry the venables pal Harris left) with a genuine historical Spurs hate with the Mirror..besides by even editing an article as such you are helping Spurs hating c**nts…my advice ignore and avoid the smear campaign against Spurs, you have made the similar mistake in the past, ended up receiving bundle of bollocking by Spurs fans before removing the article..all the best..

  6. Total bollox,written by the wanker gutter press who put 4 and 4 together and make 21.For a start. Bale is probably the best left sided footballer in europe at the moment,so do you think we would sell him for 25 mill + a midfielder( albeit a very good one ) who couldn’t hold down a regular place in madrid.
    Roll on January, maybe we will swap Bale and modric for Raul,and some mugs would still believe it!

  7. You’re at it again, Mate! 😀 I like ROMFORD’s maths. They put 4 and 4 together and make 21. Are they victims of Descartes’ Demon?

  8. I agree with Iver this is a good site dont be wrecking it with nonsense like this there is nothing in the reports usual media kunts trying to unsettle our players thats all there is to it, Bale is signed till 2014 no way he is going anywhere before then imo and why would he the mighty Spurs is stirring good days to come.


    • it’s just something that has been bugging me in the back of my mind, i’m not saying we have promised to sell Bale but don’t be surprised if real try to get a deal where they get 1st refusal on him.

  9. I remember that post you were referring to Coxie,it was made just after we signed Van der Vaart then this story came out in the papers a week later.It certainly makes you wonder where the paper got their story from doesn’t it? Could just be coincidence of course.

    I think I’d better put my Sherlock hat away,lol.

  10. re coxie.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with a 1st refusal option, it wouldn’t affect the price, and I bet we all would rather see him go to spain than down the road, or up to manchester

  11. The problem with this type of speculation is that “first refusal option” means nothing unless the player agrees to move to thet club. The club cannot tell him he has to move to Madrid. If you will trecall, Berbatov and Bent were sought by Citeh and Stoke for higher prices than we eventually got from Manure and Sunderland, because they refused to go to the other clubs.

    It’s alright saying that they have first refusal, but if Bale were to refuse to move to Spain, this is useless. Again, even if they had such an option, and say they offered £30 mill and Barca offered £35 mill, would we still accept the Madrid offer?

    A nonsense piece, from what is usually a good blog

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