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Jul 122011

Well there’s no doubt Giovani Dos Santos is talented, the only trouble is that he has never really done what he does for Mexico when in a Spurs shirt.

There are cases that he is a bit of a party boy and not focused enough but on the other side has he really been given a chance? when did Gio have a proper run of like 10 or so games in the team? The same happened to Tarrabt and he was sold but he wasn’t a party boy and now it looks as though we might end up regretting that one. Does Redknapp just not see what we can see when it comes to flare? surely he must do, the man signed Di Canio.

With Modric looking more and more likely to end up elsewhere could Gio not play more of a part in the team? I know Kranjcar is waiting for that chance but what about Gio? I know he is not the same sort of player as Gio and likes to get forward more but so what, he can be an attacking midfielder as he will have Sandro breaking up the play behind him when he decides to push on. I have always said that I think we will regret the day we ever let Gio leave, I’d like for him to at least be given a chance and see what he can do. He usually looks good in pre season and then just vanishes off the face of the earth once the Premiership gets under way.

Jog Modric on, if he wants £100k a week then send him to Qatar, give Gio a chance don’t let it be Tarrabt again, I am not saying we shouldn’t have sold Tarrabt but we could have got more for him if he was given a chance to prove his worth. Everyone could see he had talent the trouble is that he knew he wouldn’t get a run in the team and so each game he did get as a 10 min sub he would try too hard to impress and not show us what he really was about.

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  1. The guy is doing it at the highest level. So to do it for us shouldnt be a problem. This wont happen as long as Harry is at the club. The reason. Gio isnt one of his favorites is he.

  2. Good points just the sort of optimistic article needed in this dark period. Gio will be a fantastic player IMO but again in a spurs shirt? in the premiership? we wont know until he is given a real chance. I think he has proven enough that he is capable enough to be given the opp and the argument is alot stronger for Niko.

    Everytime we loose a special player we have to have the faith that someone else will step up, i will be looking to these two

  3. Dos Santos and tarrabt both lack discipline. Warnock hit the nail on the head about taarabt when he said “i only know what he’s going to do 60% of the time”. You can’t have a player in the premiership no matter how skillful that can’t or won’t follow instructions, it disrupts the whole team! That’s why we sold him (we get 40% of his next transfer fee by the way) and that’s why we’re more than likely to sell gio too.

    • I guess you can say that Gio parties a lot and that should be true but that must not mess with what he does in the pitch. Why is he performing nice at the National Team? He is given trust, something that Redknapp is not illing to provide him, as easy as that.

  4. I don’t believe we could have got more for Taraabt as he had become a bit of a comic turn when playing. Is someone doing ten step overs to ironic cheers from the crowd really the sort of player we want ? He had become a joke. Getting the big sell on clause was probably best we could do. As for Gio i have only ever seen him play well for us pre-season or for Mexico. He seems to have the wrong attitude like Bentley. Could have been the reason Barcelona let him go

  5. I think you are right.

    I’ve felt for some time that our personnel need to play in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Thudd and Sandro seem tailor made to sit as a pair in front of the back four. They both like to try to snuff out danger in that area and seem to be more comfortable in getting forward knowing that the other would cover if they do.

    The formation requires attacking full backs but surely we have the very best in Bale and Walker.

    The three behind the striker need to be mobile and versatile but also need to score goals. VDV must be one of those and I’d play Azza as another. Last season I thought that Modric would be the third but he does not score goals and it seems more and more likely that he has to go anyway. Much as I appreciate Levy’s stance on this it is surely inevitable that he will be sold and we must concentrate on firstly getting the most that we possibly can for him and secondly finishing above Chelsea so that he regrets it.

    Nico suggested today that he would probably stay if Luka went and, to be perfectly honest, he would probably be better suited to being one of the three than Modric would be. Gio also could be one of those and, dare I say it, JD could too. Defoe has been rightly criticised for last season’s performances but I thought his link up play actually improved despite losing his predatory instincts.

    Spend the Modric money on Llorente and play him as the sole striker. Let Pav have a go at that as well when necessary.


    • Makes sense to me Neil. Certainly worth a go. Sell Modric asap- let him and Torres console each other on the stupid decisions they have made to join chelsea. Granted he is a lovely player to watch, but he is replaceable. The No.9 issue needs sorting quick smart.

  6. Gio doesn’t stand a chance at Spurs while HR is at WHL. He had more chances than JD missed last season. He continually missed training sessions at the spurs Lodge. He well and truly burnt his bridges with HR, even though he has the talent to be a Tottenham legend. I would love to see Gio back if Modric pisses off. he would add class and youth to our strike force.
    Last season Gio played in the CC match against the Scum and he was terrible. My 7 year old son could have been a better influence on the game, however against Roma pre season he lit up the pitch in our 5-0 win. He has the potential, but needs to sort his attitude as a pro.
    Modric will go as I predicted three weeks ago. Levy is still pushing the best possible deal. £27m won’t be close to the final detail. Modric isn’t going anywhere until £35m is offered or £30m+Drogba or Sturridge.
    I’d get Gio back, but HR won’t, so send him on loan for one more year and then get him back with our new manager this time next year.

    • Yes. you’re probably right. Gio will not convince ‘Arry easily and so another year on loan would make a lot of sense. Do we know how long he has on his contract?

      Incidentally, I have not seen him on any of the pre-season training pictures. Is he back with us? Is he on the plane to South Africa.

      • Gio has only 2 years left on his contract with spurs, so we do need him to come back to Spurs this summer to keep an eye on him. No squad has been publically announced for S. Africa.

        I know Spurs were chasing the lad from Brazil Damaio, but can anybody tell me how good Ceballos is? Similar age and talent?

  7. tarabat was useless in a spurs shirt, our squad was growing at the time so we needed to out players to make space! it was the right decision to sell him, you think he would have got a kick of the ball over any of our other midfielders? never!

    gio is a frills and spills player, does a bit of trickery and nips about alot, but im not 100% about him, sure he can take a man on but what after that? im not sure though, sometimes looks good, sometimes a waste of space im 50/50 about the guy! krankier is definitely more worthy of the shirt i think.

  8. I would certainly like to see him play a part in our team for next season. As I have previously stated I believe him to be of great talent, but would like to be assured that he has matured and is now more responsible in his behaviour.
    Does anyone know if he has travelled with the squad to South Africa?

  9. The 4231 could work with gio on the left but i doubt bale would be happy playing left back and so harry would probably have him in the gio position. i think falcao is overrated and sturrige would be a quality player to get in the modric deal as well as get in another young striker.

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