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May 162013

Firstly I don’t think there is anyway Daniel Levy would shell out £12m for a player who is almost 32 years old in David Villa however I do think there may be some truth in the rumor but I am sure he will get us a better deal than £12m if true. It’s not the usual Levy deal as he likes them young just like Wenger.

villaDavid Villa I could take it or leave it purely because of his age although a player who still excites me at the prospect of seeing him in a Spurs shirt. I would take him because the alternative scares me, if we turn our noses up at Villa because he might not be great value for money at his age then we could end up with another Saha like signing and I for one have had just about enough of them.

A Spanish legend Villa from his days at Valencia where he was the main man for his country and his club and a player who would have walked into any team in the world. The rumors of Barcelona selling Villa to Spurs are really doing the rounds, with the Spanish press claiming a deal is done.

We will believe it when we see it, we have been here too many times before, most recently Damiao and Moutinho, the deal isn’t done until I see the above image, credit to whoever made it by the way because it wasn’t me I was too busy watching Celebrity Juice.


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  19 Responses to “Could This Really Be About To Happen?”

  1. To be honest he only has to compete with Defoe as I expect Ade to be shipped out so how good does he have to be .If you are good enough you are old enough.Well Villa is good enough and he sure as hell is old enough.

  2. i agree entirely £5m would be enough he is too old-saha?
    lets break the bank and go for benteke who i think is the best centre forward in the country

  3. Good article. Celebrity Juice is awful watch Game of Thrones instead

    • celebrity juice is at least real life. game of thrones is a load of old pony.
      personally i don’t watch the telly but i know i’m right

  4. I’d obviously like aA player with a few years left in him like Benteke, Remy etc.. But in Villa you are talking about one of the best players in the world and at 32 still has some solid years left in him… He’s still playing for Barca – if he was knackered e wouldn’t get near their team… If he’s available for less than £10m and under £150k wages, we would be stupid not to take him.. We could look to bring in a Remy / Benteke as well as or in a years time… But Villa’s quality is unbelievable, something you don’t lose, even if you do lose a yard of pace.. You could play him on the left of a front 3 too if need be, like he has for much of his Barca career…

  5. David Villa would indeed be an excellent addition to the Spurs squad.. Adeboyour hasn’t been at the races all this season, he really frustrates me. But Villa will score 20+ goals in a season, something Adeboyour hasn’t done for many a year.
    So why would we get Villa, simple, this means that we will bring in another two strikers. Adeboyour will leave, probably to join Monaco. That leaves us with Defoe, problem is that Defoe has had a couple of injuries in the last couple of seasons. Getting predictable..Defoe starts the season well, then seems to get an injury and when he returns he struggles to get back his early season form. So Defoe and Villa upfront, but I can see us bringing in another two strikers. Firstly the very highlyy rated Aston Villa striker Benteke, secondly the Croatian wonder kid Ante Rebic.
    So we will then have two very experienced strikers and one that is already getting to grips with the premiership and one for the future. A very good balance thing is that we will get around £5M for Adeboyour, Villa will cost around £7M-£8.5M, Rebic around £5M and Benteke at around £17M-£20M. Total of £33.5M or in Levy’s price promise £29M then take off Adeboyour’s £5M thats a spend of about £25M and that gets us a good blend of strikers.
    One last thing is that Benteke would love to join his Belguim International players of Vertonghen and Dembele. To add to that is another Belguim International player of Radja Nainggolan (25 years old) he his a defensive midfielder who would replace the ageing Scot Parker and would be used alongside Sandro or a back-up to Sandro. Find a left back, maybe a playmaker and I have the feeling that Spurs would go from strength to strength and would start pushing for higher finishes than fourth. Let’s get the deals done early and not wait for 10 minutes left on Transfer Deadline Day!!!

    • AVB said he doesn’t even know who rebic is so the rumours you have been trading v age all fake

    • Good response and I just cannot see David Villa for £12m, would be absolutely stupid.. Back to the days of Bentley and Hutton – waste of space an money.

      We would have to join a long q for Benteke, et al. In my humble opinion we need another midfielder that get double figures in goals every season, maybe it’s Siggy? Also a top striker that will cost a lot of Wonga.

      Hopefully Sandro and Younes will return as the same players and with the above + a bit of tweeking by AVB (i,e Townsend and rose in squad every week, we just might get at least 3rd spot next season.

  6. Villa IS another Saha signing – Too old for resale – check, Used to be really good – check, hugely injury prone – check, hasn’t done much for a couple of years – check. He’s just a higher class of Saha… unless he’s taking a huge wage cut and we’re getting him for ~£6m I just cannot see this happening.

  7. We keep on saying that Levy has to back AVB. Well, if AVB has said he wants Villa, then perhaps Levy has decided to back him irrespective of age. The reported £8M is not bad business for a player still with a good few seasons left. Unlike some, I think Defoe may be the one shipped out, he just doesn’t cut it any more. Selling Ade after a year would be bad business, it sends a bad message out to new signings.

  8. Wesley Sneijdner ring any bells

  9. Villa is too old and since he has recoveverd from his broken leg, he has been well past his best. Good player but a crock unf. Christian Benteke has also only had one good season and is now worth 20 million. If he does not perform, he will be crucified by the media. This is the way EPL football breaks players who do well for lower division clubs!

  10. Apologies: Lower ranked clubs in the prem that is !!

  11. We could bring in remy except for the small fact of a rape charge.

  12. 31 isn’t too old. Lampard turns 35 in June and he’s scored over 75 goals since his 31st birthday. I’d pay £10 mill for that

  13. This guy cost too much for someone who has not too much left in him. Nobody knows how much that injury took out of him. Should have burried the hatchet with Berbatov. I still can’t believe he is playing for Fulham.

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  16. David Villa would be a good signing another Spanish legend Raul was old and still scored goals in the bundesliga,and Sheringham was the slowest ive ever seen and was still world class so it shouldn’t matter if Villa has slowed a little as he knows where the net is.

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