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Sep 302010

Finally after months of debate Haringey Council had a final meeting to decide whether or not to give Tottenham the go ahead to redevelop White Hart Lane into a new 60,000 capacity stadium, council members voted unanimously in favour of  Tottenham redeveloping White Hart Lane.

Watching the live webcast on the Haringey Council website the points were discussed and it seemed as though a lot of the council members were concerned with Spurs being linked with a bid for the London Olympic Stadium, the meeting finally finished around 11pm tonight in which the members voted in favour of giving Tottenham the go ahead. Just by looking at comments from others who were watching like myself they seem to have picked up that the Council seemed worried that Tottenham were set to bid for the Olmypic Stadium and this could well have worked in Tottenham’s favour when the voting process began.

Tottenham will still have to overcome one or two more hurdles but with the biggest obstacle would be getting permission from Haringey Council but with the council on their side it looks as though things can now finally begin to move forward. A Tottenham spokes person was also asked to comment on whether Tottenham had in fact made a bid for the Olympic Stadium but refused to comment on the matter, fueling speculation that there may be truth in the rumor, it now looks as though Spurs won’t actually need to bid for the Olympic Stadium afterall.

The final part of the application is in the hands of Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who now has 2 weeks to rubber stamp the approval for Tottenham to press ahead with the new £400 million stadium.

Council leader Claire Kober said: “The Spurs development has the potential to make a huge impact, not just on the success of the football club, but also on the whole of Tottenham – delivering job opportunities, regenerating the area, and boosting the local economy.

“We’re proud of Spurs’ rich history in Haringey and excited that the club has committed its future to the area.

“We look forward to seeing the development unfold and are confident that it will deliver fantastic improvements to this part of the borough.”

A statement from the council said: “The plans will now be referred to English Heritage, the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State for a final decision.”

  8 Responses to “Haringey Council Vote Yes To New Stadium Plans”

  1. good work dl


  3. john, you mean brand new Olympic Stadium with a running pitch designed for athletics and no binoculars provided.

    No Thanks!

  4. foolish comment we need a real ground not something where the players are like tiny figurines get real mate!

  5. John – If you could turn off the cynicism for a bit, it’s not JUST the stadium that Tottenham Hotspur were trying to get permission for. It was the redevelopment of the entire area around it, hence the first rejection of their plans. Plus, the Olympic Stadium is nowhere near Tottenham! I wouldn’t call Stratford/Hackney – or any part of London where West Ham may be – a more beautiful place to be if I’m honest.

    Talk about hellholes…

  6. I know it is official we have bid for the Olympic Stadium but come on guys do you not think we did this to push the vote in our favour. All the club has spoken about since they announced we have submitted planning permission is how important the atmosphere is going to be and with a running track running around the pitch the supporters will be further away than ever. Worry not we will be staying in the area and I cannot wait to see this new stadium unfold. Also expect a stadium sponsor before Xmas or early in the New Year as we will have waited until we got the yes. Let the bidding war commence and I for one will watch with interest!

  7. It will take more that a new spurs stadium and surounding area to sort your hell hole out.
    Personally id just drop a huge bomb on the hole area of tottenham and forget about it.

  8. Would someone please be so kind as to explain if all spam fans are thick, ignorant and illiterate or if it’s just those that infect these threads with their nasty, vexatious and bitter diatribe?

    Does mr wet sham not know the difference between hole & whole and which to use to make a sentence intelligible?

    Is there a special school where they send east London kids to learn Spamish?

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