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Sep 012010

Tottenham have just confirmed that Rafael Van Der Vaart is now a Tottenham player. In the last few minuted the club have announced that the Premier League have given the transfer the all clear.

Van Der Vaart joins from Real Madrid in a deal worth around £8million, the deal was done late on transfer deadline day yesterday but questions remained over whether it was completed in time. It turned out that Tottenham missed the deadline because of technical issues to which the Premier League investigated and have now given the move the all clear.

Van Der Vaart is free to play in the Champions League group stages and brings with him invaluable experience of playing at the highest level.

The reason he was shipped out of Madrid is because he fell behind Ozil, Kaka and Ronaldo, so don’t under estimate the guys ability, you would have to be extra special to get in front of those three. Van Der Vaart is happy to be joining the Premiership and see’s it as a new challenge. I think this guy needs a stable club and to be adored by the fans and we can offer him both.

If you want to cream your pants then watch this video

The guy is a class act and will add goals to our midfield, he will also support the striker for when Harry plays his 4-5-1 formation. He is a player we have been linked with in the past and a player I personally have admired and hoped he would join. He started out at Ajax and then after much hype about his talent moved to Hamburg in 2005 before being sold to Real Madrid in 2008. If you ask me this is a bargain buy, the guy is capable of scoring 15+ goals from midfield in a season if used right. Van Der Vaart will now be included in Tottenham’s 25 man squad which will be submitted to the Premier League in the next couple of hours.

  20 Responses to “Deal Done Van Der Vaart Is Ours”

  1. What a brilliant signing this is! Absolutely delighted! )))))))

  2. Over the moon over this what a fantastic signing kudos to all involved the guy is the real deal.


  3. That’s why i love tottenham

  4. Consider my pants officially creamed…..

  5. Absolutely Top Draw Jewing from Daniel Levy..Yaya Toure for £25 mil and £205k a week? Or VDV for £8 million and £50k a week? Difference between an Arab and a Jew me thinks:):):)

  6. Iver Biggen, that is the best comment ever to be made on this website … YIDDO! YIDDO!

  7. W00T, W00T!

    Cracking signing, superb work from Levy and the boys, still think it is a striker we really need however with VdV’s influence and goals maybe we don’t!


  8. All day yesterday I was cursing ‘Arry! But this signing is the marquee signing he promised us!! He seems delighted to have joined us too! WHAT A SIGNING. COYS!!!!

  9. Awesome!!!

  10. he is going to play left, and drift in…..modric, kranjar, dos-santos????…….
    ahhh VDV for CL, Modric for EPL, Kranjar for FA Cup, and Dos Santos for League Cup………

  11. just what we have needed since Gazza, an attacking midfielder, who is also brilliant at set pieces, an even better improvement on Modric, this guy is the REAL deal

  12. I was taken aback at this signing,and I also bet there’s a few managers around the Premier League who are kicking themselves at missing out on this guy.Also eighteen million one day,eight the next,lol.classic Levy.

  13. bang on the money iver biggen…………….
    what a catch this guy is, and all for just 8m and 50k a week…….PRICELESS

  14. I’m a gooner and I have to say van der vaart is a quality signing for you guys. Way better than any signing we’ve made this summer. And for only 8 million!! I have to say Harry has pulled off probably the best signing of the summer. Christ, I wish Wenger would make deals like this.

    • Hey Pie, I still can’t believe we only paid 8mil I think even 12mil ould have been cheap. You kno Wenger has a different style he is able to spot good cheap talent. You did get a good deal on rosicky I remember wanting him to come Spurs, but he hasn’t really lived up to it at Arsenal.

  15. Pie you can’t possibly be a gooner : )

    David Silva at 24mil and VDV at 8mil. I know which deal I want and which player I want. Levy’s Brinkmanship do work wonders sometimes. My guess was that Levy did make an enquiry on VDV but RM call a bluff by claiming BM is bidding at 18mil. I don’t believe for a moment that Levy and Harry was telling a lie about the initial 18mil price tag.. Its not till the last hours that RM decided they have to act quickly but giving a fire sale price.

    Somehow there is still a feeling of what could have been with Fabiano. You can’t use Brinksmanship all the time. Levy should have sat down and negotiated properly for players key to our progress..

  16. I know it’s only you tube clips but this guy looks mustard
    I reckon he could and will most likely play the advanced midfielder in a 451 role, He’s got an eye for a goal, quick feet and as you could see from the Ajax v PSV clip, when the fella almost dragged him down, is strong also.
    Well done Harry and Levy

  17. ‘Happy Birthady Tottenham, happy birthday’………

  18. Arrivals: VDV, Sandro and Gallas – waaw. Can you all imagine if we also had Fabiano instead of Keane? Spurs is now a fantastic team in the making, and maybe a Fabiano kind of striker will follow in January?

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