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Dec 152013

Can you please arrange it so people  print their own opinions and views on here and not just use ‘Cut and Paste’ from other websites………and can you also arrange for AVB to be the manager of Porto in Jan 2014

Merry Christmas to every Spurs fan out there !!

(I know I said I wouldn’t post until either AVB had gone or we were back in top four but there’s only so much a guy can stand !!)


  31 Responses to “Dear Santa….”

  1. Here here

  2. Hearing he’s gone and Hoddle to the end of season

  3. Loud Drop new Favourite at 6/1
    Fabulous Capello at 8/1
    Harry Redknapp junior 100/1

  4. Us lot that never wanted Harry sacked are generally scoffed at and shouted down by our self appointed spokesfans, we simply don’t understand football. Run faster than the opponent, pass straighter than the opponent, shoot better than the opponent and occasionally have your manager put an arm around your underperforming star and tell him he’s a top, top player.
    Trigonometry Boy’s days are up I’m afraid.

  5. I hear that ken Dodd is available

  6. If you don’t get behind your manager and winge after a couple of unlucky results perhaps you should go and support Chelsea.

  7. Rather have his dad’s dead dog than what we have now…..

  8. Get one of the Diddy men, couldn’t be more of a Tit than the present head coach.

  9. Unlucky?

  10. Dont sack him!! Hoddle might be good coach but is worse than avab when it comes to man management,,,These days coaching top profrssional is 10% and man management is 90%..Harry would have won the league by now if he had thee players at his disposal..Hoddle will bring a lot of disharmony amongt the players,,.BETTER STICK WITH AVB..

  11. This would be ideal, Hoddle will settle the ship. Losing is one thing but without even have a shot on target is unacceptable. The ribbing I am about to receive at work tomorrow will be worth it as long as AVB gets the bullet!!

  12. His failings were obvious last season if it wasn’t for Bale. Take his goals away and we’d have been 6 points off relegation. This was waiting to happen.

  13. I’ve stuck by him until today,its not the results as I can see we have alot of new players to bed in. Its the fact we dont even look like a team,there are no worthy attempts at goal regardless of this “most shots In The league” nonsense. Not even a glimpse of a future fluidity.this despite spending loads of cash on a very very good squad of players. i irony blame levy for sacking arry because we needed someone to push us on to the next step, but it had to be someone in between the opposing ends of arrys “just run around a bit” and avb’s Lani ated spread sheets. It hasn’t worked for avg, we need a change before the new year, even if its a temporary hoddle appointment.

  14. Levy’s position untenable, he staked his reputation on this appointment. His only appointments that have seen any improvement are Jol and Harry, both hired after his fixation with DoF’s and Europe’s flavour of the month went tits up.
    Oh and I’m a fan of 40 years that started going in Division 2 before the inevitable slating comes.

  15. “It’s not just about winning, but winning with a certain amount of flair. Everyone likes attacking football.”

    The above quote was AVB’s first on taking over at Chelsea. Thankfully Danny Blanchflower is not around to see your definition of flair as it is diametrically oposite to the great mans.

    Actually Villas-Boas, you are wrong in so many respects. Everyone does not like attacking football. What everyone does like is winning, and winning is what it’s all about.

  16. […] Can you please arrange it so people  print their own opinions and views on here and not just use ‘Cut and Paste’ from other websites………and can you also arrange for AVB to be the manager of Porto in Jan 2014 Merry Christmas to every Spurs fan out there !! (I know I said I wouldn’t […] […]

  17. We need to get Suarez, he would be perfect for us, imagine Suarez playing in our instead of an ordinary Liverpool side, we would be unbeatable.

  18. Yes it hurts but we must give avb more time,we should never pander to the anti Spurs media.Why do people think sacking our manager will help.

  19. Er, coz he’s fecking useless

  20. I sincerely hope that Levy shows some class and does not sack AVB. This result, along with the West Ham and Man City results, have been without doubt a total and utter humiliation. In my view the performance today was the worst that I can remember. Liverpool are a good but not great team and we made them look like the best team in the world. It was so shocking, so very grim. However out of the two options of sacking the manager and keeping the manager, then we must support AVB and show some maturity and experience. Take a longer term view and build for a better future. Keeping our manager will show that we are in fact on course for future glory rather than tearing everything up and starting from scratch.

  21. Why sack AVB? AVB was not on the field, he was not one of the sad fucks who donned a Tottenham shirt and pretended to be a footballer at White Hart Lane. We got what we deserved ,sweet fanny adams. 30 years I have watched this bollocks, each season I think/hope maybe this time, but you know what, I give up, I cannot keep believing/hoping, we were shite personified, the gooners were crap yesterday but today we showed crap is not the worst you can be. Wet spam was a one off, bar stripes was a hiccup, Citeh away was painful but I could deal with that, today was absolute wank, each and everyone of you who played today should hang your head in shame. I don’t want excuses, you know what shut the fuck up and say nothing. I give up.

  22. Totally disagree with you, levy has been the nearest thing we will get to a fan running the club. We finish higher and have a better team and more assets than when he took the job. He has made good calls and bad calls but his term in charge has seen our team improve. Avb needs to go, but levy is the man to find a replacement. How many chairman would have reinvested every penny of the bale transfer so quickly. And before you say what about the berba or modric money, we bought millions of pounds worth of training facilities and are trying to fund a new stadium.

  23. Failed to take us into the Champions League with one of the best players in the world at his disposal, failed to convince him that his future was with us, 100m spent on new players with no Premiership experience, failed to gel those players into a team quick enough, dull football with few chances created except shots outside the box. The defeats against west ham, man city and now liverpool which were too embarrassing for words… I’m sorry, as much as I like him as a person, he has to go.

  24. “We must always consider our supporters, for without them there would be no professional football. It would be better to have more fans watching football the way they like it played, rather than have a few fans watching football the way we would like it played.”

  25. Please Levy…get rid NOW…today was a humiliation…it could have been 10 for gods sake. Words fail me…

  26. supported tottenham for now 30 plus years today we looked like a set of guys turn up with the wrong tools for the job, how comes we cant play 3/4 passes? sorry but i goto admit daws cannot play in this system! and looks way outa depth in this side, as for naughton wow!he needs to find a new career! not good enough with out no doubt now , weve all seen him right and left back and he is out of his depth. lennon compared to a very young raheem stirling, only one winner there. Loris doesnt communicate well with his defense, and chadli was the wrong choice to start, despite him being prob our best performer on the day. positives ? there wernt none. avb looks totally outa his depth and the premiership seems to big a job for him…as today showed he send his guys with the wrong tools!

  27. as for the coming year , i think we in for a real ruff ride, i can envisage a few more heavy beatings, the high back line with three of the four defender being amongst the slowest in the league! just doesnt suit our players , neither does lone striker,
    even in the europa game the russian side , has failed to score ALL season, but managed to score with their weakest team against us! speaks volumes about our team imo.
    yet according to avb were back on track! NO shots no chances no defense
    Even gooners geting beat at citeh, they stil had efforts at goal and scored and had some fight, some positives
    what positives can we take? lool jordan henderson hahaha outplayed our entire midfield

  28. I have always tried to be balanced in my views and today I thought AVB would have to get this tactically right. As I debated over my pint before the game my view was they are a running and passing side. So the midfield will have to press higher up the pitch leaving sandro to patrol and float in front of the back four. The key without 3 quality centre halves was not to keep such a high line and drop that bit deeper giving us more time to react, but the key was the pressing and aggression in the midfield. Well I was almost right but it was the scousers who had read my mind. We were all over the place, no tactical nouse and a team devoid of any leaders. No one seems to know what they are doing. This was an utter humiliation, no shots on target, only 7 goals at the lane and a side clearly clueless as the the system to play, but unable to adapt to cancelling out the opposition. 16 prem games and can anyone now honestly say we are ‘progressing’? Lets get a reality check here. Biggest defeat at home in 16 years, £110m spent, suarez has scored more goals than us and for those stats lovers I could go on. The manner of the defeat shows how low we are at the moment, yes injuries to key players have not helped, but we look a team devoid of any ideas, tactics, heart or fight. I am sorry, but AVB has now lost my belief in him. If we were in Japan the honorable thing would be to fall on his sword, but I will let Levy do that

  29. i dont understand why avb is getting all of the stick, its up to the players to perform on the day, and with the quality they all have, it shouldnt be a problem, we just need to pass faster instead of pissing around with it in midfield give soldado the service INTO THE BOX and then thr goals will come. the only reason we got popped today was because suarez was up Against capoue. if thatd been vert and chrichies no way wouls that of happened

  30. Suarez is one of the worlds best forwards. Our defence featured the 3rd choice left back, the 4th choice centre back (which dawson would be if everyone was fit) and a defensive midfielder. Our best DM was carried off injured and our next best was harshly sent off when score was 2.0 Five minutes into the game the ref misses a foul on paulinho Iin the penalty area. Under Harry we had three world class players and only got into champions league once. Under AVB we got record points total and scored more goals than harrys “entertainers” scored. Our results this year are not good but we have introduced 7 new players as well as Rose and Townsend. Lets not panic…..judgement should be made in May. If we havent a trophy and are still disjointed then its time to sack AVB but not midseason. .

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