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May 112011

Well the last few games aren’t going to be anything exciting from a fans perspective so I’d like to find out who you guys would vote as your Spurs player of the season.

I will put a case forward for some of the stand out players for me this season and you guys can do the same in the comments box below.

Aaron Lennon, had some decent games but probably, no definitely lacks consistency. Lennon has improved in his crossing ability for me this season and could be a contender.

Gareth Bale scooped the PFA award for player of the year which is voted back in December when he was in great form but after injury he never seemed to rediscover that form on a regular basis. With Bale on the pitch there’s never a dull moment.

A strong contender is Luka Modric, the magician in midfield for Spurs, Modric pulls all the strings but for some reason doesn’t grab the limelight. Modric has had a consistent season at what he does and if he could only add more goals to his game he could be one of the world’s best players.

Rafael Van der Vaart joined from Real Madrid and hit the ground running and becoming the club’s top scorer this season in his first season. However the second half of the season he seemed to fade away and never really got back to his best. Still a real contender.

William Gallas, signed on a free after leaving Arsenal and probably was a great signing when you consider all the injuries we had at the back which would have left us short had Gallas not been around. Some fans were infuriated by the signing but many soon warmed to Gallas who can hold his head high as a Spurs player this season as he done himself proud.

Michael Dawson, reliable for most part, maybe not as good as last season but let’s not discount he missed a few months through injury which might make it unfair to award him Spurs player of the season but let’s still give our captain credit.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto, for someone who doesn’t even like football he is damn good at it. Reliable most of them time but I can’t think of anyone else who is as calm on the ball as this guy. He does have a tendency to make a mistake or do something rash but you tell me a player that doesn’t make mistakes. For me personally I’d give him the award.

Sandro would have been in with a shout for me too but I like to judge over the whole season and not just 3 or 4 months but who knows, maybe next season. Crouch could have been too but only on Champions League form.

Take your pick and give your reasons, or anyone else if you fee that’s the case.

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  15 Responses to “Decision Time”

  1. Most improved BAE

  2. Sack Harry (I said this when he joined – worthless man), Keep Pav and get rid of VDV, Bale, Crouch, Gomez, Defoe, O’Hara, Bently, JJ, Paclios, Bassong, this should generate about £100million and then get a manager who knows how to run a team .. i.e. José Mourinho and then see us fly (oh and I hope we don’t get Europa football, let Liverpool burn out playing in the tin pot cup), these are games we should have won (MC 1 – Spurs 0) etc., but bad management, bad team selection, inactivity in two transfer windows, buying the wrong players (Pinnar when we already have a better player in Kranjcar as just one example) … No we need to change from the top down .. and that includes Levy who also needs to go… And my comments are not rubbish or anything like that, they are based on fact and not blinded like some … I see what is weak and say it as most fans are now starting to do .. few wanted Harry in the first place, most decent managers could have got us to CL it only took a bit of confidence in the players and by the players. Harry was in the right place at the right time but like MJ is a nearly man … we need the best and that will never be Harry. Bale cannot keep up with the hard English game and would play better in say Italy, the English sides just put 2 or 3 players on him and he is done for and played out of the game. VDV was not wanted by Real as he was (like here) a 2 min wonder who cannot even take a good free kick… how many goes does he have to have before he scores? Levy might be a good accountant but his closed cheque book policy is stopping us from getting the best players so we have to hunt the bargain basement and land up with people like Crouch, Defoe etc. that is why Harry was bought in and that is why we will never be at the top all the time because he is a bargain basement man .. We need WINNERS not ‘might be winners’. Stop shutting your eyes and hoping it will all be better next year – IT WON’T as long as we carry on like this, look at what a good manager can do – where were Liverpool at the half way point and where were we?? now what has happened … what will happen is Harry will buy Foster, Cole and most other lower team players (Parker comes to mind) or upper team rejects (Cole) … No get rid of Harry before it all goes backwards.

    • What an idiot! We need to have a SQUAD!!!! If you get rid of Jenas, Palacios, Gomes, Bassong what happens if our first team players get injured? Who are we going to play? Sheep?I understand we need to get rid of fringe players but we have really decent squad players who are happy and know their place like Jenas and Palacios- why do we need to get rid of them? For me the first thing we need to do is get rid of all the players who are currently on loan at other clubs apart from Kyle Walker! That is Keane, Bentley, Ohara, Dos Santos! Then we look at our current squad and see who wants out and who is not putting in 100%. Pav is one so is Hutton and i think Niko (understand him) fit that category and want to leave the club. That is at least 7 players who should bring in at least 40million! Then here is the fun part- we decide specifically who we need to bring in and how much they would cost. For me, We only need 4 players to be up there with the best:
      Karim Benzema- approx 20million- Striker
      Sergio Auguro- approx 30million- Striker
      Marteen Steklenburg- 10million- Goalkeeper
      Jeremy Menez- Swap with Niko- attacking midfielder to replace the loss of both Niko and Dos Santos.
      In total spurs have spent 60million and regained 40million from selling players thus we have spent 20million which i think for the quality of players we are looking to bring in and the fact that Torres on his own cost 50million and we are getting 4 players of his caliber for 10million more is really good. But i can sit here and work it out and make things seem easy but obviously there is more to just transfer fees and players coming in and out! The one thing that was really evident in the City game was how we could really dominate teams away from home and our team spirit! We have the makings of such a great team and with the right signings, Harry and fools like you going to support our friends from down the road instead of us, we will be up there with the best!COYS!

      • You’re both idiots lol.
        Firstly, some tax clause in Sergio Aguero’s contract would’ve pushed the transfer price up to £40m and sadly, it was that one detail which made Levy decline the offer. Secondly, what is it with all this desire for a firesale!?

        You know as well as I do that we wouldn’t be able to sell everyone in one transfer window even if you wanted to. Harry has missed a trick with Dos Santos and Pavlyuchenko by leaving them on the bench all the time.

        This season in the League, Pavlyuchenko has done statistically better than Defoe.

        Defoe – 4 goals in 19 games = 21% goal-game ratio
        Pavlyuchenko – 8 goals in 28 games = 29%

        Only a slight difference, but if you don’t rate Pavlyuchenko, you shouldn’t like Defoe either and I like both of them. I don’t mind Crouch/Keane leaving, Crouch mainly for the own-goal and two Madrid fouls, but Defoe and Pav are the better strikers out of the four.

        • Did you see Pavlychenko against Chelsea, Blackpool- you are an idiot for not realizing when someone does not want to play for you! Crouch has scored the most important goals for us not Pav and Defoe- Man City last year, Young Boys, AC milan all spring into mind! I dont care about statistics- i want my team to do well and have players who put in 100% which is why i would keep Crouch because he works so hard even though hes not the best striker! Defoe sometimes puts a shift in but Pav- i used to like him a lot but that Blackpool game really annoyed me- We needed to win and every time he had to hold the ball up he gave it to Blackpool defenders!And whats worse Harry has actually given him a chance in the last couple of months! If we cant get Auguro then we could always get somebody else, we just need someone of the same caliber! Falcao/ Hulk could be possibilities- if you still want to keep Pav and Defoe after this season then i really want to know why?COYS!

  3. With the greatest respect most true Spurs know how to spell Gomes, Palacios and Pienaar. So therefore take very little interest in your comments.
    Seeing as you posted identical last night you’re probably not even a Spurs fan.

    • I agree…he’s a dick! Anyone who says get rid of Bale, VDV, Levy and Harry in the same season is either a window licker or an arsenal fan! (maybe both!)

  4. Modric: A model of consistency

    If I had been allowed to vote twice, I would have added Gallas who I thought was a joke signing, but has proved most of us wrong and in his time here, has been an exemplary professional.

  5. peter4spurs, you clearly are not a spurs fan and have absoloutly no idea about what you are talking about!

  6. Modric is a wonderful player – world class – and a workaholic. But Bale gets my vote for providing some amazing moments in the games against Inter. His surging run and cross for the third goal in the home game – I’ve seen nothing like it in more than 40 years (apart, perhaps, from Ralphie’s goal against the Arzzers in ’72). As for Gomie – half genius, half clown.

  7. My vote was for Modric, Bale would be 2nd, and BAE would be mentioned in dispatches. The regular remarks from Alan Hansen over BAE make me sick, and suggets he isn’t the sharp pundit he thinks he is. The word “clueless” comes to mind !

    As for comments from one idiot above, Levy has to keep the wage bill down for two main reasons. First it allows us to have some hope of competing for top talent in the transfer market eg £16m for Modric, £11m for Berbatov. But secondly, we can’t commit ourselves to 80 – 100k a week until we build a new stadium.

  8. Shame you could’nt create a score for each player

    1..BAE – No frills hardworking professional player….did his talking on the pitch

    2…GALLAS – must have the balls of an elephant…rebadged and always gives 101%

    3…MODRIC – When on form he pulls the strings … small in stature but a giant heart

    4…BALE & VDV – Both enormous talent and given some great memories…affected by the media ?

    5…LENNON & DAWS – Both suffered with injuries but massive input and commitment

    6.. PALACIOS & SANDROS – What a midfield duo – lets hope we can see them next season

    7… Gomes – Has been our saviour and our assassin .

    8.. PAV – If he didnt fall over so easily… I still rate him as our most talented striker (Ouch)

    9.. CROUCHY & DEFOE – E for effort but F for failures (sorry just too predictable)

    10.. CORLUKA & HUTTON – one is too slow the other too fast (put charlie with Lennon)

    11.. JENAS – anus ..say no more

    12.. KING & WOODGATE – love em both but GOODBYE

    13… REDKNAPP – saved the worst till last …..follow ledders and Woody

    OK what do I know but hey this is freedom of speech (I await the abuse)

  9. Sandro for me. Hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped running!
    Also, that goal against Chelsea was a treat!

  10. Modders for me closely followed by BAE.I’m excited by Sandro who looks pure class,and considering his had no break for a year and a half i think next season he will be our most important player.Maybe Harry deserves a slap on the back for the way his developed Sandro for the English game (not the reaction after he scored though)

  11. 1 Gallas, 2 VDV & Bale joint. 3 Sandro, 4 Luka. 5 Pav ( unfairly treated and our best forward)

    The rest have been below average to shocking. the worst players of the season are:

    1 Defoe- complete waste of space and the worst striker in the division, I blame Harry and Defoe for the predicament we are in now. 3 point form 12 games says it all!!

    2 Gomes- Never has looked right mentally all season to me.

    3 Crouch- Another Harry boy who has been shocking.

    4 Bassong – the guy is an accident waiting to happen just does not have the intelligence to play at the top.

    The worst out the lot is Harry Redknapp!!

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