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Oct 292011

So.. Harry is, as of yet, undecided on how he can fit both Rafael Van der Vaart and Jermaine Defoe into the same Spurs first eleven. And to a certain extent I’m with him all the way. With Rafael scoring five goals in his last four games and orchestrating a fair percentage of the teams play he is surely a fixture of the present Tottenham team.

Though is this a dark cloud forming? Possibly. Or the developing of a silver lining? For me.. Most assuredly the latter. Mull this over for a while if you will me old muckers. For as of a time, not so long ago, the left hand side of the Tottenham team seemed to be the thorn in our underbelly. That along with the veritable slothfullness of central midfield.(a story happily rectified.) And it wasn’t until Luka Modric and fellow country man Niko Kranjcar allied themselves with an upturn in Gareth’s form, and pulled that rather unsightly lance from a wound that seemingly just would not heal.

Now however, that discomfort having recovered itself. Only for the right side to begin to show some signs of taking that unwanted mantle for itself… Yes we have players that can cover in that position Modric, Kranjcar, Townsend, Pienaar to name a few. Though for me those players lose something of themselves when they are asked to cover there when Lennon is either injured or off form. It is then a position that has begun to cause a few problems. Some fans would like to see Kyle Walker move further forward with Corluka taking back the position he made his own until quit recently. Though for me the answer comes from another source.

A little sauce with that solution Sir?

Jermaine Defoe Tottenham’s newest winger. So what is it you need in an ideal world from your “winger”? A directness in play? Pace? The ability to cut either inside or make a run to the by-line and deliver a quality ball? Yes.. Yes.. And yes, on all counts. But adding to that the finishing of a twenty goal a season striker and for me you have yourself a diamond set in the finest of golden clasps.

Now I know the saying goes that form is temporal whereas class is permanent. Hence Aaron will most likely regain his mo-jo sometime soon. Though there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition either. In fact Lennon’s most recent rise in form was when we signed one David Bentley. And with Defoe being in top form at the moment can we afford to leave someone out of the team who is on fire in training and a real menace when on the pitch. Someone who in Harry’s own words is “unplayable.”

We also know that Aarons strongest asset has never been his final ball or his goal scoring ability. And though it has improved considerably it still does not meet out a real threat to the opposition. He does though understand that a winger does need to show some defensive responsibility. Yet so does Jermaine.

So though it be my own humble opinion.. There it is out in the wilds for all to behold. Hopefully Harry is one that might get to hear of it… And sometime soon.

Team for Queens Park Rangers game:






It goes without saying that this team is intelligent enough to move into a five man midfield when without the ball. Yet formidable when in possession and has more goals in it that one with Aaron Lennon.(no disrespect intended.)




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  36 Responses to “Defoe: Tottenham’s Newest Winger?”

  1. He’s so not a winger. A rather silly suggestion.

    • And Barca often don’t play with conventional wingers or strikers and they seem to do alright. IMO, not a bad formation, if you could get JD to track back like even a half fit Azza always does, then give it a go. But there are other combos to try — give Bale a rest (let him see the view from the bench for a game), Corluka & Walker on the right even. Nice to have options. COYS!

      • Get Defoe to tackle back? That’s half the problem. He’s useless at tackling. He puts in half hearted kicks or a wreckless typical “forward’s tackle”. He just can’t tackle. He’s also too selfish a player, which is often a positive in a striker, but not a winger who’s main purpose is to supply the forwards. He’ll end up getting frustrated stuck out on the wing and probably get a red card for kicking out at someone. He’s done it before. As for the comparisons with us and barca. Good luck with that one.

        • We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one Stoney me old mate. As I do believe he would play that position well.

          Regarding tackling back. Yes that’s not the strongest part of his game, however I know it’s only one comparison but what about when he won the ball from from a tackle against Shamrock went on a seventy yard run to set up Gio’s goal. And please don’t say it was only Shamrock as they gave as good as they got that game. Don’t forget Lennon too rarely tackles he just puts himself between the opposition player and our goal to force a negative pass.

          And the Barcelona comparison does not mean we play as well as they do. But we could still adopt a similar formation.

          Though you are quite correct when you make the observation regarding Defoe being a little too selfish on occasion. He can however also open the tightest of defences with a well timed pass.

          • Well said Foggy he has bean training extra with Wrghtys ex trainer not for the bench.. Harry needs too have a word with our states man 106klm against Blackburn is poor too Newcastle and Arsenal 119 and 121this is why we are limping over the line instead of winning like we did at Wolves with 442.

  2. He doesnt have to be a winger to be effective in the position.. Villa at barca doesnt do a bad job on the wing does he?! I like the suggestion and think it could actually work for us, anyone would be better than aaron atm!!

  3. He would just drift inside and leave us exposed on the right. The only way it could work would be to play Sandro and Parker together in the middle to give us a strong foundation.

  4. worth a try … like david villa at barca ?

  5. SIGN HOILLET FROM BLACKBURN!! he can cross score goal n play either wing and is cheap. GET HOILLETT!! anyone agree with me??

  6. sorry jd doesnt have the football brain or awareness to play rw, certainly not from the start mayb e last 20 mins try him there as a trial type o thing. would def need him to defend as well, bt wud love to be proved wrong. coys

  7. He was tried on the wing under jol with Robbie & Barbara upfront didn’t work then doubt it would now although his workrate has improved since then, The main problem I’d have with it is what it would do to squad morale we could be left with lennon gio townsend krankjar piennar & maybe rose moping about cause a striker is ahead of them for starting berth on the wing.
    Only a matter of time b4 they’d hand in transfer requests. If everyone of our wingers is injured fair enough try him on the wing but not while there is wingers already fit to play, if you want defoe & vdv in same side It’s simple we play with wingbacks with vdv as attacking midfieler of centre 3.
    Not knocking you for idea though as I have it in my head that against city and utd we should of played BAE in cm, he has great passing ability and covers ground quickly & if parker or sandro hudd are injured I’d favour him ahead of krankjar for cm position as a ball winning midfielder but I’m sure people will think i’m mad for it

    • Unusual thought Doc (bae.) It would be interesting to see if it would work. Regarding Defoe do you mean play 433 with say Defoe Ade and perhaps Bale as a front three with Modders Rafa and Either Sandro or Parker in a middle three?

      • Not a 433 more a 3412 or 532 depending how you look at it don’t believe in fixed formations players don’t remain in one area of pitch constantly on paper barca are 433 but in reality its not true coz Alves spends as much time on edge of opposition box as his own, most of time in possesion barca are a 316 formation.
        But getting back to vdv n defoe I’d see it as 3cb if kaboul king hudd then walker rwb bale lwb midfield 3 of sandro modric vdv with vdv operating in the whole & defoe Ade as a pair upfront.
        But this is only if you want defoe & vdv in the line up personaly I’d leave things as is with vdv ahead of defoe. I still like to see BAE tried in midfield but only in euro league try it as were practically qualified for knock out phase so there’s nothing to lose really by experimenting

    • Never though about BAE in CM, I think thats worth a go, good shout squire

  8. The answer is this Coxie drop the weakest link and sadly its got too be Ekotto and this is why he sometimes dwells too long on the ball and causes a goal or panic in defence we are unbalanced without two strikers Bale has stopped dominating games and needs a rest from attack to recharge his batteries This would be better for our attack and i still believe without Hudds passing and moving the ball our attack is sometimes too slow and when Lennon and Bale get too the byline and look up there is one man in the middle and about eight defenders. So my team has too have on change in defence and one in attack Friedel Walker King Kaboul Bale Lennon Parker Van Modric Defoe Adebyor we will have speed at the back and upfront. This would mean three players who can score not one because if the well drys up we could end up like last year Crouch Keane Defoe and Pav all firing blanks because of a Van and Crouch knockdown. No fan on here or other blogs can tell me our football is top four its not its one mistake from a loss with Kranjcar we kept a clean sheet and still scored with Van we have beat Wigan 2-1 Newcastle 2-2 and Blackburn 2-1 and in all three games we came within a whisker of drawing two and losing one Liverpool dominated West Brom and won 2-0 without Gerrard and Carragher there’s a lesson there two strikers do a lot more than score the goals too win they keep defenders pegged back and midfielder s Van does not do this his second goal was a result of a misplaced pass from Ekotto a midfielders great goal and that is where he should be or we will regret it las season he scored nuffin newt after Father Christmas called till he scored against Liverpool. YOU LOVERS OF WHITE VAN MAN HAVE BEAN WARNED.

  9. This is a top top formation. But only if the opposition are not allowed to have the ball! I pity Parker’s lungs!

    • Attack is a form of defending if you check our last game Parker ran 11 klm out of 106 so he is overworked trying too prevent 2-2 . The less defending we have too do the better we play the way we play now fingers feet and bollocks crossed . Another point Ady has stopped looking like he could score every week and Defoe and we are in a false scenario if Van stops scoring can we expect a player who knows next week is reward is the bench my feelings is no Harry has started head wrecking already with two statement firstly he told Ady we cant afford him and secondly he told Defoe after he scored this is what you get from him and he should play for England then he drops him for a Dutch man.Lets hope we win and Van runs over my stament and prove he should be in our side Coys

  10. Who gave you that idea? “Robbietott I hope you the only one thinking that”

  11. Play 4231. Ade or Defoe up front. VDV Modders and Bale behind, interchanging places at will. Have Parker and Sandro sitting in midfield as holdong players withs Sandro given license to push up when possible. This gives Walker the space to overlap. We can be defensive this way if we need and fluid going forward. I’m basically saying 442 (or 451) limits our squad and if it means discussing playing Fox In The Box Offside Man as a winger, even more reason to drop it.

  12. Interesting article this one and I’ve thought about this a lot.
    I think Defoe would play in this position but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t play the wide role we’d be looking for. He wouldn’t get back to tackle and wouldn’t go for the byline like we need from a winger. Adebayor would go for the byline but certainly wouldn’t get back to defend the right side. I think to manage a system with VDV, Ade and Defoe it would require 2 holding midfielders:
    I think this trade off can only work and should only be tested against teams like QPR. It would be hard to do without losing width and subduing the ability of Bale and Modric to get
    forward. However, if successful it could really allow interchangeability between the Walker/Parker, Parker/Modric, Modric/VDV, VDV/Defoe. Worth a try and if effective would help us make the most of our passing game.

  13. YES, YES, YES…I’ve been dreaming about this exact formation for a couple of weeks. And when Rafa runs out of steam, after about 70 minutes, there are several options…)1_ Defoe moving inside and Lennon coming on…(2) Leaving him where he is and stiffening up the midfield by bringing on Sandro or Livermore…(3) Switching Bale to the right and bringing on Kranjcar or Pienaar (or, indeed, Giovani)…(4) Making a straight swap for the tirinf VDV (or Adebayor) with Pavlyuchenko…

    It’s a beautiful dilemma…

  14. 4-2-3-1 is a good formation for us, we can pick the players to suit the match. Usually Modders and or Parker/Sandro but pushing Luka fwd and using both Parker and Sandro in tougher games or to close games out. As for Defoe this is how I see it, the 1 at the spearhead is Ade with Defoe as Deputy, Bale and VdV generally pick themselves (with Defoe again being 1st choice replacement for Rafa) leaving Lennon, Gio and Defoe for the other attacking berth a la Villa, Pedro, Sturridge. Given Ade’s propensity to receive the ball deep on the right flank I think both Gio and Defoe have strong cases for playing on the right as they are both more natural goalscorers than Lennon. Also with the emergence of Walker, Lennon is no longer the only pace to burn left backs option. In short, even if he isn’t picked to start he’ll get plenty of opportunities to score goals this season.

  15. I’m going to say it now, while it’s not in vogue, and i’ve been saying it for a while – VDV is the biggest risk to spurs finishing in the top 4, and we are ALWAYS a lot better without him on the pitch than with him.
    He’s not a striker – cant hold the ball up or play interchange with other strikers (bar the odd nod-down last year from crouch, which is more hit and miss than real football) – and he’s certainly not a midfielder – no tackling, running or positional sense.
    When he’s on the pitch we ALWAYS look lopsided, a striker or midfielder short and just a bit off the game. There’s no flow to our football and things generally break down as soon as we try to push things forward a bit.
    Here’s a stat to look up – how many goals have OTHER player scored when VDV is on the pitch? It’s a startling small number, over the past 20 odd games, and it’s because while he’s got lots of individual talent and can come up with some great finishes, his all round game isnt good enough for a top team, and he brings the overall team quality down drastically when he’s on the pitch.
    He’d be a great 5-a-side player, but for the current spurs team he is a major reason things didnt flow at the back end of last season and is the only constant in the games we’ve struggled attack-wise (man u, city, blackburn, newcastle before defoe came on).
    In summary – we need to get rid of him asap, and games like last week when he scores twice but does nothing else and the team struggle against a bottom-3 side not playing particularly well, are a false blessing, giving weight to the idiots who’ll come back with bare figures of goals he’s scored rather than how the team in total has done with and without him.
    This season – VDV scored 5 goals. Spurs with him on the pitch – scored 6 (inc his goals), conceded 12. Total 10pts from 6 games (inc points gained from goals scored vs ars and newc after hed been subbed).
    Without VDV – scored 8, conceded 1 (!) in 3 total games (inc two halves v ars and nwc).

    Basically, we’re much better without him, in terms of general play and any stats you care to quote (except total goals scored by him – he does come up with flashes of brilliant finishing). Bring him off the bench every so often if we’re desperate for some magic, and sell him in january.


  16. Was Davspurs drunk when he wrote that?
    No offence but my eyes are bleeding from the lack of grammar in that post.

  17. i rather Gio on RW then defoe, And lennon before all, when lennon on form, he’s untouchable, just needs to learn how to pass….

  18. Od the 2 assists Lennon got today, do you think Defoe would have passed either?
    Doubt it!

  19. i am a fun of 4-3-3 and i ve been here saying that we could play this formation quite well as long as harry wants to leave from the old 4-4-2(when VDV is not playing).

    my only change will be to swap modric with will come to them more natural because they will play on the side of their good foot.but obviously players of this magnitude they can play with both feet as well.

    always friendly


  20. Defoe cannot play as a striker let alone a winger . Daftest suggestion I have ever heard lets stick him in goal. the Defoe lovers are out in force just face it the pony is pony and maybe Harry has finally realised he is sh*t!!!!

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