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May 292012

Eden Hazard, early in the new year for those of you who remember was reported to have said on Belgian TV that he could possibly join Tottenham in the summer as we were a club that appealed to him and looked as though we were going places. Unfortunately for us we weren’t going places due to our fall for grace in the latter part of the campaign.

It doesn’t really matter anymore but if we really wanted this guy I said we should have tried to wrap up a deal for a summer move their and then as once other top clubs are interested then suddenly Spurs doesn’t seem the best option. Chelsea look to have secured his services but was it the fact that they won the CL and we can only have Europa to offer now that has meant he had a change of heart (for which I don’t blame him) plus the fact he would probably be on double the wages at Chelsea.

Another theory is that we were interested but did him and his agent use Tottenham to alert other big clubs of his desire to move, were we merely a pawn for Eden Hazard to engineer a move to either City, Chelsea or United who can offer him CL football and pay him the best wages he could possibly get?

“Maybe it will be Tottenham. It is a great English club,”

“I said that I would go to England and there is very good players [at Spurs]. I have not yet signed, this is going to happen soon,”

Where did it all go wrong?

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