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Jun 052012

You will all know the type of disaster I am talking about, the one that involves Spurs and self-destruct.

Sitting pretty in 3rd with a 10pt gap and suddenly it evaporated faster than a puddle of piss in the Sahara. Why did it go wrong? well clearly it was when Harry was linked with the England job that the uncertainty on his future saw bad team performances. It was clear the players all play for Harry and many of them have openly said that he’s the only reason they stay at Spurs.

Harry has today said he wants his future sorted out and it seems as though Daniel Levy is having the last laugh after watching Harry for months flirt with the England job and before that period Harry could have pretty much demanded any contract he wanted but after our demise it seems as though it’s not as clear-cut as that.

Fair enough Daniel make the man sweat a bit but know when to draw the line. There is no better manager out there who we could afford or who would want to come, we tried for nearly 20 years to break into the top 4 and Harry has done this twice in 3 full seasons. The players love him and play for him and if Harry doesn’t have a new deal before the start of the season then we could see the mother of all de ja vu disasters as the uncertainty around Harry will filter into the players performances. You can’t let Harry go into the season with 1 year on his contract and tell him to earn a new one, he has done better than any other Spurs manager in the Premier League, a league that is hard to compete in at the moment because of the foreign billionaire owners so take nothing away from Harry’s achievements and back him.

Learn from previous mistakes let’s for once get everything sorted by mid July, so many times have we let things drag in the past like the Berbatov incident which damaged our start to the season and we can’t afford to go into the new season with uncertainties hanging over our heads, we saw the damage it can cause last season. We also can’t hold it against Harry that he wanted the England job, for many it is the ultimate dream and Harry is of that era where he regards the England job as the pinnacle of management.


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