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Sep 022010

This video has been floating around the net for just over a week now, although it pokes fun at Spurs fans I find it funny because half of what is said in it, I have said myself when in a debate with an Arsenal fan.

Be warned it does contain some swear words so if you’re a minor then ask mummy or daddy before you watch this.

“Harry Redknapp said it so therefore it must be true” I love that bit.

As a bonus here is one made by the same guy for when we signed Gallas

I sense the Gooners are getting a bit envious of us now. Looks a bit like sour grapes in the second video to me.

The website used to make the video was, I challenge one of you guys to save our pride and make a good comeback video and then send me the link via the contact page and I will blog it if its decent enough.

Oh I found one in retaliation.

  16 Responses to “Do We Really Sound Like This?”

  1. No need to do a come back the “typical conversation with a gooner” is sooo much better. Subtle, witty and realistic rather then full of tired old generalisations

  2. That’s exactly what alot of Spurs fans sound like lol.

  3. Note that the Conversation With An Average Gooner was created a month before the Typical Conversation With A Spurs Fan.
    Boring, boring Arsenal, indeed!

  4. Just the second video smacks of bitterness? Sounds like there’s an Arsenal fan or two out there with too much time on their hands. I feel for you mate if you liken yourself to the parody of the ‘Spurs fan’ in the first video….

  5. I think we’re getting under their skin.

  6. What Jake said is true.

  7. first effort guys dont be too harsh!!!

  8. cheers coie will try and put more spaces in!!!

  9. ***Coxie

  10. Saw this weeks ago in reverse!!….

  11. coxie republished here struggled to slow the fucker down!!!

  12. sorry link may work now!!! having a mare

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