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Dec 162013

Another chapter closes and the page is turned. Doesn’t matter whether you liked him or not, AVB has gone and we await his successor. So what will the new manager inherit ?

In my opinion it will be a squad of exceptional talent and potential. The players though are currently confused and lack confidence not only in their own abilities but in the manner in which the club is being run and is heading. They see no future plan or achievable targets.

That is what needs to change…..the new manager must have a style of play that is not ‘set in stone’ no matter who our opponents are. It must be flexible, it must adapt and evolve whilst still maintaining the traditions of the club as regards playing attractive flowing football. When he arrives he must ‘buy in’ to the expected standards and pass that through to the players. He needs to gain not only their confidence but their respect. They need to feel that he understands them and their unique talents and that he tries to build a team which capitalises on their individual strengths and talents combining them into a unit of players who fear no-one.

I have my own ideas on who that person should be and for me I think Laudrup would tick every box. That is just my opinion and no doubt you will all have different people in mind. One thing is certain….now is the time for all fans to come together (regardless of our views on AVB) and begin a new chapter in the club’s history. I still remain convinced that the nucleus of a brilliant footballing side is there. It just needs nurturing and developing. There is an expression “An Embarassment Of Riches” which translates to “so many good things or people that it is impossible to decide which of them you want“….to a certain degree that was AVB’s problem.

Until today we had such an embarassment of riches……now the riches remain and the embarassment has gone.

You may reply with whatever insults and witticisms you think fit but before you hit the keyboard let your comments be about the times that lie ahead and not the past. He’s gone…live with it…let’s move on and forget about ‘Our Arry’ and AVB……let’s look to the future and hope that the board has learnt something from all of this. There is still a huge chunk of season left and a top four spot is still a possibility together with a European trophy.




  36 Responses to “Drawing A Line…….”

  1. Another awful story.

    • You write one then…..let’s see what you can do. Or do you just slag other people off ??? Do you have ideas and opinions of your own or just sit there waiting to print negative replies ??

  2. If we can’t get Laudrup then we should try Rafa Benitez ( I’m trying to get a campaign going for the INTERIM ONE ). I suspect he would jump at the chance of managing a big club in the Premier League again. We, for our part, will get an experienced Premier League and European operator and serial cup winner. Get us the Spanish waiter, Levy!

  3. […] Another chapter closes and the page is turned. Doesn’t matter whether you liked him or not, AVB has gone and we await his successor. So what will the new manager inherit ? In my opinion it will be a squad of exceptional talent and potential. The players though are currently confused and lack confidence not […] […]

  4. You have just written exactly how I feel THANK GOD HE’S GONE lets have someone with abit of football savvy not theory.

  5. The last paragraph condemned your blog.

  6. laudrup 4 me everytime plays the spurs way but his agent has said e happy at swansea but guessing e gotta say tht just incase e dont get it after all we all kno wot happens floppy chops n england spring 2 mind.

  7. benitez????? NO WAY. Please don’t you know anything about Tottenham? Our tradition is style, panache, attacking flair… we just got rid of AVB and his boring football and you want to replace him with Benitez? Out of all the comments and managerial suggestions I have read in the last few hours yours cockerell is the most ridiculous. Don’t you know anything about Tottenham????? …. Laudrup has ruled himself out by the way, as has Hiddink…. Capello sat in the Drivers Seat yesterday at The Lane… I don’t want him first choice nor do I want Weirdo Glenn the Faith Healer… Pochetino or DeBoer top my list though I fear we will get Capello… one thing is for sure, AVBullshit had to end.

  8. Personally I liked AVB and a part of me thinks thst a longer term view needed to be taken. It is not likely that 7 new players from all around the world, none with Premier League experience, would gel in their first season. AVB does have the best win record of any previous Spurs manager, and we are still in all competitions and only eight points off top spot in the premier league. On the face of it sacking AVB seems a knee jerk reaction to some very humiliating results. I can understand that, I really can. Watching my beloved Spurs humiliated by an under strength Liverpool who could and should have scored even more goals, was truely a life changing experience in all the wrong ways. However would Manchester United have sacked Moyes in similar circumstances? Continuity and stability has a lot going for it. However we must look forward and none of us supporters know all the facts. Maybe AVB had lost the support of the players, who knows? I hope Levy is as in control as he looks and there is a plan B.

  9. Tim Sherwood seems to be highly by Levy, so I believe he will get a chance to run the team and if the results go his way, he will get the job long term !!!!!
    It also means Levy doesn’t have to part with and cash ticks all the boxes

  10. So no manager-again. The way this club is being run from the top level is scandalous. Yet Levy just sits there losing the plot. He fires Redchops hires AVB fires him, presides over the biggest spend up the club has ever seen goes back to D.o F let’s vdv go etc etc. joe Lewis should have a look at how bad this bloke is at making a right move for the club, not his ego. He used to, not. anymore. Like I said on here a while ago in football blame Is always the managers it’s obvious here that AVB did not want half those players in the summer. I have been surprised by some of AVBs decisions but I am totally staggered by Levys incompetence in all this. Next manager/coach? Might as well give Sherwood it till end of season at least when Levy sacks him there won’t be much compensation to pay. I am just totally pissed with the whole set up at the minute.

  11. Levy and the board are far to much short term.. They should start with a manager who wants to play football the Spurs way.. Then build a team and young players to be able to come into that team.. We know the two top teams that have done this and are successful. What will happen who ever comes in and does not get CL will be sacked and the cycle goes around again..Which is a waste of time and money..Lets have some consistency.the right manager and not the board in charge would be great..

  12. well fulham perhaps we should play scunthorpe, they’ d give us a better game than the shit you support. Have fun in the championship!

  13. You on drugs? Why dont you kcoff and go perv at jimmy saville sites? Maybe that is your problem like your team – erectile dysfunction. Your just a shit west london bitch club for Brentford

  14. Levy has to give a press conference to explain his rationale behind parting company
    with Arry and his appointment of AVB. Also why spurn Benitez,
    Martinez, Moyes or Rodgers for AVB?

  15. lol…check out the weird little fulham fan… what a geek!

  16. u deserve to have your neck cut open for wanting benitez, fuck off u know nothing cunt, worst thing about the internet is scum like u get a forum… ever go to a game before elfarnz? ever kick a ball before\? fuck off u kiwi cunt… seriously, Tottenham used to have a following of passionate fans, now cos of the internet we have wankers like u… the next cunt who says benitez should get the job is in need of a new fucking head with his old one kicked off with size 13 stompers. benitez… u utter cunt

  17. AVB wine four trophies in the Portugese league, with a team that had coutinho and falcao, David blunkett could have managed that side, he was a shambles at chavski, and when you lose 5 0 at home, and not even create a chance on target then the smoke and mirrors clear, hr was never good enough for the EPL, levy took another punt, and it hasn’t worked, he is embarresed because he has bankrolled this inexperienced naive young man, he needs to have a long hard think about the club, the fans, and appoint a top coach and a top man manager, redknapp had his faults, but remember the football?players playing for each other, proud of the shirt, proud to be spurs players, whoever we get we need to bring that back, make us fall back in love with the club, turn all those that ridicule us to dread playing us again, my choice hoddle till may, go for klinsmann! To dare is to do! COYS! Ps the Fulham bloke are your parents brother and sister?

  18. hes embarrassing all the other fulham fans who are trying to keep a low profile because they are doing so bad!

  19. It’s not just the Liverpool game or the city one. Not just the shocking scores. It was the terrible football the stubberness, the lack of quality and the consistency of bad results. If we hadn’t had 3 penalties this year we’d be on 21 points. 9th and 11 points off 4th. The fact that we have to rely on penalties to beat lower league teams sums up avb’s inadequacy. Everyone could see that we needed to change the way we played. The indications were there but he wouldn’t do it. AVB’s decisions are what has caused us to suffer combined with his inability to change. We’re in December now and he had more than enough time to make a difference. But he didn’t and that’s why he’s gone

  20. I dont understand what you are saying. We have never been relegated from the premier
    league. We have won two uefa cups two first division titles three league cups plus the cup winners cup..
    If you are going to have a go get your facts right you moron.

  21. Who is spurs in today’s premier league?
    We are I believe a club steeped in tradition, pride, success, sexy football, rich history etc etc and that’s why I love spurs and will support the club through thick and thin.
    I never boo, I always try to encourage whoever is in charge of the club I love.
    Have we fallen behind some of the other teams…. By a country mile we have!!!
    Have we become deluded? Yes we have
    Stability ? When?
    Spent 100mil….and?? man city spent 900mil …chelski .?..near that amount
    Who are we kidding? …are we a small club with just dreams?…..I don’t know, only mr levy knows that.
    And there I was last year thinking that we’ve become serious about competing with the big boys….young manager, bought young players steadily building for the future, but then again I thought…fuck this building for the future…give me some sexy football NOW!!
    Yeh he fucked up, yeh it was embarrassing, but only 16 games into the season with still the highest percentage of wins, 5pts off 4th and glimpses of what was to come?
    Mr levy, I think you bottled it….
    I will still turn up on wed , and I will travel to Southampton and every game we play and I will clap and shout, cause I love my club….but please make a statement!
    Where are we going to be in 5 years time…. And HOW, will you get us there!

  22. Not quite sure why Sherwood is so unpopular with Spurs fans, didn’t set the place alight as a player but neither did Venables. Harry marked him as a future Spurs manager a couple of years ago and Levy seems to rate him. Who’s to say he’s not our Guardiola. Bill Nick and Keith Burkinshaw were promoted from within and didn’t do too badly. No doubt Daniel will go al Shirley Valentine and go for the next European flavour of the month.

  23. Oh and stop swearing, maybe some young kids might like to read these forums you saps.

  24. Who the feck are Fulham anyways! How safe is Daniel, surely the game not be nearly up, reckon if the rest of the season doesn’t go well then he could be off.
    I thought I liked AVB, but Sunday was an embarrassment, as was the Ref.
    We have no choice but to support the them on Wednesday, don’t we owe Karen’s boys a hiding! Maybe we can nail the semi, and get a few wins over Xmas, before beating Arse in the Cup. He who dares!

  25. Shut up c**t hook.

  26. Fulham till I die, six million sperm, you were the quickest? Your dad should of had a w**k…

  27. Hey Fulham – are you on day release from the asylum?

  28. Well said – couldn’t have put it better myself – everyone pretending the league is finishing… I’ll be there on Wednesday and at Southampton and the two home games after that and then Manure and so on as I have been doing for 40+ years – my desire for success for Tottenham will continue no matter what … I think the whole club including the fans have been bullied by the media to get rid of him but his faults didn’t help (the style, some of his selections etc) … and someone shut the ex chairman, the ex manager and his son …. they won so much while hey were here… COYMS!!!!

  29. The above was in respond to the article posted by ‘AVB..well just a mere season ticket holder’

  30. I have read a few of your comments now and they just keep getting worse. I can only imagine that you are either in some form of mental hospital or a rehab. The fulham fans probably kicked you of there website as you were making them cringe.

  31. Lets get behind Tim Serwood for the next few games.If he does well let him have the job, It would be a breath of fresh air to see a young English manager given the chance to shine rather than going abroad and going back to old managers. COYS!

  32. What silverware would that be??

  33. That was a reply to Fulham when he said Fulham have won more silverware in the last year.

  34. “Please stop swearing”
    “Shut up c**t hook”???

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