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Jul 202011

The transfer saga starring Luka Modric has quite rightly angered many Tottenham fans. How dare a player that Spurs have given the opportunity to showcase his skills to the world, and just a year ago signed a 6(!!) year contract demand to leave. Unfortunately in recent years we have seen this situation before, and in the 3 high profile cases (Carrick, Keane, and Berbatov) it has always concluded with the player getting their way and leaving. Thankfully Daniel Levy up until now has stood firm on his transfer policy claiming Luka is not for sale. Despite this, you only have to look to a couple of years ago when he was more than willing to sell our best players at the time. Although we were in the Champions League last season this means nothing to most mercenaries like Modric who appear to forget the reason we are no longer in the Champions League is because the PLAYERS were not good enough. For this reason his main aim next year should be to make it a priority Spurs return into the Top 4, but I’m not naïve enough to think players have a mindset like that. Modric sentiment is similar to Aloe Blacc’s ‘I need a dollar’ but replaced the dollar with £120k a week!

Selling Modric is not something Spurs should be considering at all, however Spurs fans have to be realistic and realise there is every chance Levy will end up doing this. Bearing this in mind, I believe there is a Chelsea player Spurs will look to bring in a swap deal that could end up being very useful for the next season.

Didier Drogba

Spurs have been crying out for a new striker since last summer, and this player has been arguably the best premiership striker in recent years. With Torres at Chelsea finding it extremely hard to link up with Drogba last year, and £50 million at risk of being wasted, Chelsea may be willing to offload Drogba in order to revitalise Torres. Furthermore, Drogba has a fantastic record scoring goals against Arsenal, which is always a characteristic Spurs fans like to see in a player. Moreover, it appears if Drogba were to ever grace the lilywhite shirt it would be without Modric pulling the stings in the middle of the park for Tottenham, but we do have a player that is capable of stepping up to the plate in Tottenham’s absence.

Niko Kranjcar

This is a player that was very unfairly restricted to mainly substitute appearances in the last campaign, but still managed to score 2 goals that were winners (Modric scored 3 goals in the premiership last season). More than that Kranjcar has openly stated he is ready to fill Modric’s boots at Spurs, hence this is a footballer that is determined to succeed which can be seen by his desire to leave Spurs (last season) to further his career rather than earn more money in Modric’s case. What’s more, you only have to look to the 09/10 season when Kranjcar scored many goals from midfield as well as a handful of assists. Obviously Modric is a greater technically gifted player, but I think Kranjcar with an extended run in the side will score at least 10 goals a season in all competitions, and to only a slightly lesser extent compared to Modric be able to take a game by the scruff of its neck at centre midfield.

It is also important to remember with Drogba in the side there would be far more emphasis placed on Bale and Lennon running down the wings trying to provide service for Drogba’s exceptional aerial ability, hence Kranjcar’s role in the side would be different to Modric’s last season where we didn’t have an effective target man (Crouch’s knockdowns to VDV aside). This is not to say without Modric in the side we will become a glorified Sam Allardyce side, but the way we play will be able to represent pace and power, along with Kranjcar and VDV representing the technically gifted players in the side. We will be able to combine the advantage of having old-fashioned swashbuckling wingers along with a skilled centre forward, and still have players in the side who can play the Barcelona style of football that has worked in recent years.


  12 Responses to “Drogba for Modric, and New Era for Kranjcar”

  1. One problem with getting Drogba. It’s ACN again in January which means he’d be missing for a month (maybe more if he comes back with malaria again).
    Don’t doubt he’d be excellent for us, but if this does come to pass we need to have another player of a similar calibur to take he’s place when away (or even when injured/suspended)

  2. I agree with what you say and would love to see Niko given a proper chance although i would hope that Mr Levy would hold out for nearer to £15-£20 million plus Drogba as i think Chelski value him way to high at around £25 million. Modders is a good player but if we believe the stats (we won more games and scored more goals without him in the team last season) then he isn’t the be all and end all at Spurs. Lets just get this sorted and move on.

  3. Laughable. You think Drogba would play for a side that is unable to even qualify for participation in the Champions League? And that he would play for also-rans who have won no more Premierships than Crystal Palace? Spurs supporters must be in La-La Land. Dreamers. And that’s an understatement – the writer of the article even talks of “Barcelona style of football” at White Hart Lane. Unbelievable! Delusional. Sad.

    • At 33 years old Drogba’s options become more and more limited. He would come, if it wasn’t for the money situation. Drogs can get more money elsewhere. Besides, whilst Drogs would add much needed power and fight up front, I doubt that he would score the goals. We play 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1, and he has been at Chelsea in a more attacking 4-3-3. Contrary to popular belief, Drogba does not normally score too many goals. He had 2 high scoring seasons, but all others he got 12 goals max – in a title-chasing attacking, high scoring team. Put him in a low-scoring attack-minded team like ourselves, and his goal total is likely to go down to Defoe levels at most – 12 goals a season on average.

  4. I agree with this post. Drogba might however be a long shot, especially given the hardline stance of Levy (which I have no problems with). But further more, I have hated how unfairly Kranjcar has been used in the last season. Heś got the skills to become our next ‘big one’ and would hate to see him leave, as some reports indicated last season.

  5. If Modric leaves has to be replaced by a more creative and regularly scoring midfielder like Vidal, Badelj, Granero, Pjanic etc.
    The need for a productive striker is desperate.
    As we’ve seen also yesterday, Kranjcar is unable to play consistently and effectively at PL level and to help Spurs and therefore has to be sold together, if possible, with at least a decade of other Spurs players who lack the proper quality and mentality to play for a club like Spurs.

  6. This mooting about Spurs signing Drogba is nonsense. Even Chelsea fans know he is finished and would breathe a sigh of relief if they could get riid of him to Spurs. At best he is worth 4 million and Spurs would be lucky to get two full seasons from him. If the Modric transfer takes place, as a result of the tapping up that has beem done, then Spurs should hold out for 30 million plus Sturridge and McEchen.
    As to Krancjar he has been totallly wasted at Spurs. He is a really good player and can actually shoot which seems to be an attibute that our strikers do not have.

  7. Guys we are NOT selling Modric and Drogba is NOT coming to Spurs! Why is it that we are always being fed the scraps that the top teams do not want? Drogba is 30 years old- wtf is he doing at a team who has an average age of 23-24? Selling one of our best players to bloody Chelsea is only going to make them better and to be perfectly honest are Chelsea really better than Spurs? The only difference between us and them last season was that they had£75million to spend on 2 players and they had the experience and luck to get them back into the top 4 because at one point they were 5th and we were 4th. Selling Modric to them will just widen that gap between us and them because he WILL improve them there is no doubting that and seeing as they finished 2nd- look how close Spurs were to being in the top 4 and finishing 3rd or even 2nd. I heard Adebayor is a player Harry wants- City do not want him, Arsenal do not want him, Real have decided not to buy him, so wtf are we doing trying to buy him or ‘get him on loan’. We need to buy a striker once and for all! No Loans! We do not need to buy much and i do understand where Levy and Harry are coming from in that we need to sell Keane, Hutton, Bassong, and Bentley at least to fund transfers and wages for top players. I think we should be looking to bringing in Benzema or Rossi or anyone who will be on the same wavelength as van der Vaart and can play to our strengths as we are like the only team who play with 2 out and out wingers. This could be our first and second team for next season: First Team
    ———–Lennon——-van der Vaart——–Bale——

    Second Team:—————-Gomes—————

    That is 2 very good teams and with buying 2 players who will cost £50million together at complete most and thats without taking into consideration the money we will make if we can sell the deadwood we have at the club. I know this is a long post but watching spurs last night even though it was pre-season showed what is so good about us e.g Modric and Bale performances and van der Vaarts freekick and whats so poor e.g.Keane! I just hope we make the right signings and at least some of the deadwood has left before the season starts. COYS!

  8. TIM weise gk 1yr left on contract,dzagoev yr left on contract, mertsacker yr left on contract that’s 3 that can be got, seydou keita barca need money for Fabregas 7ml or so, upfront negredo seville send gio other way as part of deal, kevin Doyle wolves great work ethic perfect replacement for crouch, stevan jovetic fiorentina cover for vdv and lennon,altogether your talking in region of 60ml and none of. these players would break our wage structure the only problem is offloading the crap we don’t want

  9. I would let rat face leave and include Sturridge or Drogba along with Youssi Benyoun. Very under rated player with flair and great creativity and goals in his locker and the boy has Bale like stamina too.

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