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Mar 222012

Last night showed we still lack a bit of belief and cutting edge and possibly even quality in the final third. It’s obvious we still need another striker, without Adebayor playing we didn’t look as dangerous.

We have constantly been linked with Eden Hazard although not a striker he would certainly improve the team. The player himself has declared interest in joining Spurs and that is why we must act now. We can’t afford to wait until the summer to sign this guy, other clubs are now on red-alert to our interest and will look to hijack the player.

We have seen it happen so many times, especially with strikers we are linked with, we wait and wait and wait and before you know it they either sign a new deal to stay at their club or somebody else gets in before we do. Huntelaar and Suarez are two recent examples.

Hazard will probably leave Lille in the summer and if we have a chance of signing a player of this quality we should do it now, if we slip out of the top four then we can kiss goodbye any chance we have of signing him and expect to see him in a United or Chelsea shirt next season. Players like this don’t come along too often and certainly in the past not many of them have openly said they’d like to join Tottenham. We should look to get a deal done before the season is over, if we wait I fear it might be too late.


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