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Aug 312010

No not for me either, but a couple of internet news sites plus newspapers are claiming Tottenham are to make a deadline day move for the Man City striker. My initial thoughts were that I hope someone is having a wind up here.

Emmanuel Adebayor seems to be out of favour at city now and could very well be sold although I doubt City would want to let him move to White Hart Lane. The reports say that Tottenham would only be interested in a loan move and would only pay half of the £170,000 a week Adebayor is currently on.

So could anyone see this happening? I can’t and I don’t think too many would welcome him in a Spurs shirt, the guy killed the spirit of the Arsenal dressing room and his ego would surely do the same to Spurs. If he could just keep a level head and see that he is not the world’s greatest striker then maybe he could spend more time concentrating on scoring goals.

Huntelaar and Fabiano won’t be coming to Spurs this season by the looks of it and I really hope this doesn’t mean we will turn our attentions to Emmanuel Adebayor, surely there is no truth in this. No doubt he is a good player but in my view more trouble than it’s worth, he ain’t no Berbatov. I’d rather keep the four strikers we have than have Adebayor in a Spurs shirt.

Let’s not get too carried away because the media might have fabricated this story but surely to god it can’t be true and part of me doesn’t even know why I am even bothering to put this into an article. So comments and thoughts in the box below and enjoy transfer deadline day.

  18 Responses to “Emmanuel Adebayor Anyone?”

  1. they didnt give us bellemy so i very much doubt they would give us adebayor……not that i would like to see him in a spurs shirt

  2. A greedy self-centered lanky bastard….perfect for you guys

  3. we need a striker not a wanker

  4. I say send him back to Arsenal. He doesn’t deserve to wear the Spurs shirt.

  5. Why would we loan to you bunch of skint pikeys ?

  6. ridiculous speculation. like the first guy said, they wouldnt loan bellamy so there not going to loan Adebayor, pointless speculation. We will sign Pletikosa and that we’ll be our lot

  7. No chance of City doing us a favour and no chance of us paying him £170k per week. Its sad that we are having to resort to discussing this sort of thing on the last day of the window. Rasiak, Campbell or Pavyluchenko anyone?

  8. …or maybe Andy Booth will come out of retirement?

  9. Ridiculous speculation from that quality rag the Mirror. Theres also a lot swirling around about Scott Parker as well…why? He’s absolute dogshit.

  10. Always surprised that any club leaves it’s transfer business to the last day ? To me it implies a lack of a transfer strategy, surely not the way forward.

  11. More wind up from the King of Spivs Arry the tax dodger. We have had it all transfer window that he was going to going to take any number of City players on loan (uh why would City do that?) to Spurs. Of course nothing happened because it all emanated from the big mans ass which is where he keeps his brain. I suspect he is doing it to make some kind of point to Levy.

  12. MCFC: Skint pikeys? Remember where you were two years ago mate! As soon as your owner gets bored of his new play thing, your club is going straight down the swany. Who else would pay your ridiculous wages and no player would be sold during their contract because they would have to take a wage cut so would want to see out the remainder meaning you will also lose them on a free!
    Anyway, how are we skint? we got a nice cash injection from getting into the champions league, courtesy of your good selves. Just because our club is one of few stable clubs not run against huge debts doesn’t make our club pikey. Just sad how clubs like yourself and Chelsea can’t actually grow a team and progress it. They have to get multimillion pound investments who are only keen on players for name sake. Look at Steven Ireland, easily one of your best players in the past few years, thrown from the squad because he isn’t this weeks top fashion. There is no loyalty from your players. Players like Tevez or Robinho didn’t to you for your “great” history or achievements. They came to you because of the blank cheque given to them on a weekly basis and told to fill the rest out themselves.
    You will forever be the smaller club in Manchester and it doesn’t how much money you throw at the club or how many trophies you buy, everyone (including yourselves) will always know that you cheated your way to the top at the extent of actual good quality players rather then the pre-madonnas you currently have.
    How many already want out of your team?

  13. Your club may have money pal, but we still pay your benefits

  14. It simply will not happen, for too many reasons to even list. Not that it will be any loss to Spurs anyway, he’s a troublemaker and an epic bell end by any standard.

  15. 12 & 13 – Calm down lads … and breathe. Just resorting to the level your loveable, tax dodging wind-up Spiv has brought your club to. As usual, trying to wind clubs up and scratching around for a few last minute deals. The rest is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Not sure what you are on about with benefits though ?

  16. I went to Togo on holiday last year, and paid for a ride on a newly-washed elephant.

  17. absolute nonsense, will not happen and we don’t want him. Why we didn’t buy Huntelaar for !0.5m is beyond me. This squad is not good enough to go further and we need some investment now not in January.
    Is Levy running a club or a business.

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