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Jun 262010

Tomorrow is England v Germany in what is a massive must win game, the streets will be dead for 90mins, you will hear cheers from houses on your street should England score. There surely is nothing like the World Cup to unite the nation. Well with the nation united I am now probably going to divide us Spurs fans with one not so simple question. Defoe or Klinsmann.

Following on from my previous blog on Modric or Ginola (you can still have your say here Modric or Ginola) I have decided as it is the long awaited World Cup revenge match between England and German that I would do the same again but with a present Spurs legend Defoe and another historic Tottenham legend in Jurgen Klinsmann.

Klinsmann scored a total of 30 Premiership goals for Tottenham in 2 seperate spells in the 90s. His first spell came in 1994/95 where he scored on his debut against Sheffield Wednesday followed by the infamous Klinsmann dive celebration. Klinsmann finished the league season with 21 goals and won the footballer of the year award before his controversial departure to Bayern Munich, much to the disgust of then Spurs chairman Sir Alan Sugar. In a twist of fate Klinsmann returned to the club in the 1998/99 season for a loan spell towards the end of the season where he helped save Tottenham for relegation with 9 goals in 15 games, most noticably 4 goals agaisnt Wimbledon.

Jermain Defoe joined the club in 2004 following the relegation of his then club West Ham United. Like Klinsmann, Defoe has also had 2 spells at the club. His first spell from 2004 to 2008 saw Defoe net 43 goals in 139 games, however although not as good as Klinsmann’s record, you need to take into account that Defoe fell out of favour with Martin Jol and made a lot of appearances from the subs bench. Defoe unlike Klinsmann was sold to Portsmouth but it was more the clubs decision rather than Jermain wanting to leave, if he had been playing on a regular basis he would no doubt have wanted to stay. Harry Redknapp was the appointed manager and resigned Defoe in 2009 and to the present day Defoe still plays his football at the lane, so far scoring 21 goals in 42 games.

Although both players are from a different era although not too far apart, which one would you want in your team today if both were still playing. Although because he is English and is at Tottenham at present I am swaying towards Defoe although something tells me Klinsmann was the more complete striker and had more to his game than Defoe. So I think if someone put a gun to my head and made me make a choice I would although a tough decision opt for Jurgen, but only just. Lets see what you guys think, and remember if you want to have your say on the Modric or Ginola article you can find it here Modric or Ginola.

Stay tuned as I will be doing more of these in the future, it’s not nice to have to chose between iconic Spurs players but then again who ever said I was nice.

  9 Responses to “England v Germany – Defoe or Klinsmann?”

  1. Sorry Coxie but its not even close .As a season ticket holder in Klinsmanns full season I am of the opinion he is the best striker I have ever seen play live. He had everything you need in a striker,pace,power team awareness and an eye for a pass he could finish left foot right foot and with his head . As a partnership with Teddy Sheringham they were a joy to watch.In fact i would go as far a s to say that if that was our forward line next season I think we could win the league. Defoe is a different kettle of fish a pure predator who only thinks about scoreing goals, (this is not a critisism by the way ). But for me it will always be Klinsmann.

  2. I know you’re right Pete, it’s probably only close for me because I love Defoe hes a yiddo and he is English plus Klinsmann is just a memory now

  3. Klinsmann every time. I’ve never seen such a good striker. His work rate was amazing – the closing down of opposition defenders. I was at Selhurst aginst Wimbledon when we needed to win, Jurgen was the best!

  4. Pete – I was also at Watford that night – magnificent!

  5. Its not even a close one, JD is good but has not achieved a 1/4 of what Jurgen did. I would say Jurgen was proper world class where as JD is just good, no offence to JD as i think he is a great player, but he cant be compared to the greats

  6. No competition! Jurgen Klinsman – absolute class. My only regret was that we did’nt have him long enough. Apart from the one full season he was actually a major factor in us escaping relegation on his return. Also he was a fantastic ambassador for our club, and his country. A gentleman who has left us with so many memories.

  7. Jurgen Klinsmann is one of football’s all-time greats. The other fellow, sadly, is not.

  8. I figured this would be the general vibe, but as it was England v Germany I had to go with this one, next weeks one will be a much tougher choice

  9. Maybe Teddy or old jug ears would have been a better bet for England.
    Would still back the German though, pure quality.

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