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Aug 292013

Marc Overmash confirmed this morning, that Spurs and Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen, have agreed terms , for his contract at WHL.

Tottenham are reported to have offered around £8million for the 21-year-old, but Ajax were still holding out for their initial £12million valuation. Chairman Daniel Levy was in Amsterdam on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of signing the midfielder, who has just one year left on his current contract, and it seems like the talks have gone well between both the parties, and they met somewhere in the middle at £9million

Its also reported, from the Romanian side, Steaua Buchurest, that Vlad is in London, ready to sign his 5 year deal, with Spurs!

Who could possibly be next in line for Spurs? Comment below!

  28 Responses to “Eriksen Deal Done! Chiriches Signs Today! Who Could Possibly Be Next?”

  1. Landed with eriksen..if the reports are true regarding Hernandez for 15m, Thank u very much and that’s us done.!!!!.

  2. Where are you getting your info from. I don’t see any quote marks. No one remembers where they saw a story first but, they do remember who gave empirical facts. COYS

    • De Telegraaf interview with Overmarsh this morning! Link through my norwegian most trusted transfer site
      Sorry about not mentioning that!

  3. Awesome !!!

  4. The next trick for AVB is to keep them all happy, that’s what I could never understand about fergie, but he did it and they won trophies, bring it on !! COYS

  5. need to get some players out now and off the wage bill

    starting with the big usless stricker ade

  6. I’m a bagage handler at heathrow, just unloaded a case from a flight from buenos aries with a tag of L. Damiao, this is sent from my phone, hope you get it

  7. i cant believe what is going on at spurs. To be signing all these class players, we will be absolutely awesome to watch this year. To buy eriksen for reported £9m is a bargain. lamela,chiriches and eriksen look real quality and are all at the right ages. I dont want to dampen the spirits of other spurs fans but i hope we have a couple lined up for deadline day. Cause it wont be the same with us not doing any business on the last day.

  8. Chicharito next, plus a left back, and we have an entire new team. Thanks Bale, see ya!

  9. keep them happy ??? I can never understand that expression. They are being paid more money than we will ever see in several lifetimes. Most players of this calibre surely understand that seasons are long with domestic and european competitions to prepare for. Rotation is the only way in the modern game. I should think they will be more than happy.

  10. If we can pull these 3 deals off we will have a squad capable of pushing for a top 2 spot the rumours of Contrao still wont go away with madrid still owing us 15 mill for Modric I could see this deal happening very fast indeed (deadline day) and for me our team will be just fine. We wont get Chico he is happy where he is but I think we are ok upfront anyway Saldado Defoe and in extreme situations Ade is still on the books also Kane looks like he may have got better from his last loan deal so all good upfront and no need to spend when we have too 2nd for me this year COYS

  11. Hope this is true !!!!

  12. Pls where wld Eriksen play,what wld b holtby role… AVB the players are much

  13. By my reckoning if we rotate youth players through the squad we could have 30 different players in top flight games this year. Never seen the like before.

  14. Thank you Eric. The Bale and Willian episodes have made us all suspicious and wary. Well done my friend.

  15. Yes I agree we need to get these 3 done and then if we want to be really greedy snap up Coentrao and Hernandez and we are done.

    Then Ade and Sigurdsson would have to go

    The only position I look at in our side and think could be stronger is wide left….at the moment Chadli and Sigurdsson have played there and neither have done it for me……I would give Chadli time as he is a good player but putting Townsend or Lamela our there has to be an option. Townsend could be the wide left option Bale used to be.

    • Townsend has been playing wide right, cutting in to shoot with left foot, as Bale did. Lamela will be wide left, with Eriksen in the hole behind Soldado….some serious pace and strikepower there 🙂

  16. Thank you. The Bale and Willian Episodes have made us suspicious and Wary. Thanks for replying.

  17. Another left back would be nice, but must admit that Rose has started strongly…If BAE stays, we still have him, Vertongen and Naughton capable of backup, so for mine, another striker (Chicarito please) and a good young goal keeper are the priorities.COYS!!

  18. What you have to think about is to play 433 we needed more players than we had last year, 2 holders and 4 more attacking players, so the numbers add up, were probably still light on numbers up front in the forward 3!

    Just remember Lamela and Eriksen are still very young, they are not ready made superstars and will need a season to 18 months to settle in as will Holtby and Sigurson, there all pretty young so winning the league is probably not on the agenda this season but it’ll be another great ride on the Spurs roller coaster !

    Give em time and support lads, forget now football, the premier league is a harsh league they need to adapt which takes time.

  19. Ade is useless. Defoe is ok as a sub or for some cup games. We need another forward.

  20. Le Arse can have him, very overrated, just like Willian 🙂

  21. Damiao is Brazilian, not Argentinian, so I highly doubt it.

  22. Referring to the post above that said Damiao to Arsenal….

  23. Alot of flights from South America to Europe go via BA….so him being Brazilian mans nothing really…

  24. no, it was a blue and white bag and no a brazil reporter already asked him that by the carousel and he said “eu não iria se juntar ao chuveiro merda se fossem a última equipe na terra” which basically means i would not join that shower of shite if they were the last team on earth..

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