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Jun 222011

Well one thing is for sure, Samuel Eto’o will never be welcome at White Hart Lane after his latest comment.

Eto’o has been linked with a move to Spurs following our hunt for a new striker but the Cameroon international has ruled any possiblity of that out by saying:

“I hope the English fans will forgive me, but Tottenham are a club in mid-table and I need more”.

A mid-table club that made his team Inter Milan look like a bunch of school kids when they came to White Hart Lane last season and could only beat us by one goal at their gaff when we had our keeper sent off after 8mins.

However if that’s how Eto’o feels then let him, wouldn’t want the money grabber anyway, Chelsea can have him.

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  30 Responses to “Eto’o – Tottenham are a mid-table club..”

  1. May I remind him we beat his team? So…. you got beat by a mid-table team

  2. It’s from 2008 you muppet – we had just finished 11th in the league….

    • lol. Harsh. Or I’m a muppet, too. Well spotted. Eto’o’o’o we lo’ove yo’u. Eto’o, we do’.

  3. Yeah and what are Inter without Mourinho? that idiot. 3-1 at the Lane you twat. If we had 11 men at Inter would of destoryed them there as well. They are nothing to us. We’ll beat them ALL DAY anyday. FACT.

  4. Shows his maths isn’t very good either. Since when is 5 half way between 1 and 20?!

  5. everyone chill :L its from ages ago like josh said

  6. He said this before moving to Inter way back in 2008.,,11675_3672376,00+en-USS_01DBC.html.

    He tried not to offend and he’s dedicated a goal and a nutmeg on Sol C**tbell to us when he was playing for Cameroon against England, he was on the verge of joining us at the time but something stopped the transfer. I’d take him anyday over our other strikers.

    • Totally agree mate, top drawer striker and these comment are ancient. I think it was David Pleat that stopped the transfer from happening

  7. this is an old quote…

  8. Do some research and stop copying and pasting.

    This is from 2008 and he was 100% correct. Wether he would come to us now is debatable but be accurate when posting random quotes.

  9. quotes from 2008

    Catch up fella

  10. Oh jeez. Was hoping no one would pick up on this.
    It’s a 4 year old quote. Lets not turn this viral please!
    Saying that, Eto’o is way out of our league financially so we can’t really afford to bring him in anyway. His wages are massive.

  11. Take it with a pinch of salt. Firstly – mis-translation by Eto’o – he probably is a French speaker Cameroon – most likely with another traditional African language, living in Italy. Eto’o or the reporter may well be getting the words twisted. Secondly, he could be misquoted. Thirdly – semantics. To a Spurs fan, mid-table is probably 8th-15th. To someone who used to play for Barca, and had last year won the Italian league and Champions League, mid-table could be 5th-11th. Who cares? The last point is that over the last 20 years, Spurs HAVE been a midtable club – on average around 8th. Let’s be honest. Things change tho. Chelsea used to be a 2nd tier club no so long ago.

  12. Old quote eh… oh well…. Like I said: so what?

  13. Chill, folks, he said this three years ago. He does have a soft spot for us, his comments about our incredible atmosphere at the Lane this year and his dedication of his Cameroon goal against England and preceding nutmeg against Judas to us proves it. No harm in admitting that we were a mid-table club when he made the comments ,back in ’08 when we finished 11th. We aren’t now, and, after being beaten soundly by us in the CL, I think he knows it as well.

  14. Well as sports journalism goes this is pretty timely as it’s what only two ot three years old. Somewhat restores my faith in sports repoting that your site is so up to date with the news

  15. Yes it is an old article that came from back when….doesn’t change the fact that he is indeed a money grabbing muppet 🙂 why does it take so long to get the new strip ?? I could understand last season with the sponsorship admin but this is ridiculous.

  16. Though, as TonyRich points out, 4th or 5th could very easily mean mid-table to someone who played the majority of his career for the likes of Madrid, Inter and Barca and won bucketloads of trophies along the way.

  17. i believe he said this a couple of years ago…

  18. If this is the old quote I have to wonder why you even wrote this guff. What was it supposed to achieve? You really live up toyour name somtimes.

  19. Can you wallies please delete this blog? Have you no shame?

  20. haha i was getting worried i really liked him until that comment then i find out it was from ages ago phew! It would be absolutely wonderful to have him in the squad.

  21. ..This Site Has Just Lost ALL Credibility!!

    • What! you’re telling me we used to have credibility?

      • Coxie is a cock,Samuel Eto wouldn’t be seen dead in a spurs shirt,anyone
        with any common sense wouldn’t ether hahahaha,well done Samuel.LOL.

  22. Calm down people, i think we need 2 stop dreamin! He is right, we are a mid table team at best. We have had a couple of good years where the big 4 have massivly dropped in form and we took advantage! I very much doubt we will be anywhere near them next may and would be very happy if we could chalenge the likes of everton and villa for top 7 finish! Modric and bale will end up abandoning us and arry will continue 2 go for players we have absolutley no chance of getting because WE ARE A MID TABLE SIDE!! Inter made them selfs look bad, again we just took advantage of it! WAKE UP!!

  23. There’s no harm in dreaming nobody ever thought valencia would win titles and if your not in you can’t win, no one expected klinsman to join us besides there are lots of good strikers that are. looking for moves bound to get at least one of them. Eto’o is a longshot but nothing ventured and all that I’d be perfectly happy a negredo, millito, floro florez,amanitides leading the line next year add in a Abel hernandez or a Eric lamela for the future and a workhorse of the Kevin Doyle ilk along with defoe and we’d have plenty of options upfront and all of these are not beyond the reason of attainability and would improve us

  24. Coxie, sorry son but you’ve had a shocker with this one!!!
    ” Samue Eto’o will never be welcome at White Hart Lane after his latest comment”
    …. he obviously doesn’t speak much because his most recent comment seems to have been 4 years ago! Haha!

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Samuel Eto well done mate.

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