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Jul 052011

With Tottenham starting pre-season training this week, it is starting to feel like the football season again. However at this moment in time I am not fully convinced we will return to the top 4 because of our striking issues, and consistent rumors linking our best players – Modric and Bale with a move away from WHL. Despite the fact Levy has reiterated we will not sell our best players I am not fully convinced given his previous record in selling our best player, but forgetting that I feel regardless of if we sell Modric and Bale I feel there are 2 players that could make a huge impact on our team next season.

Fernando Llorente

It is imperative we sign Llorente this summer. He is scored 19 goals in all competitions last year, and is probably the main reason why Athletic Bilbao are playing in the Europa League next season. He also happens to share his name with another Spanish striker who used to be quite good! In all seriousness, he is a strong, tall striker that it would appear be perfect to meet the demands of the Premier League, and knows how to consistently find the net (something we didn’t have in a striker last season) As well as this, Llorente will be able to link up with Van der Vaart in an as equally effective way as Crouch did last season, but also score a load of goals himself. The fact Athletic Bilbao are playing a friendly at WHL in August greatly encourages me that we will at least attempt to buy him, and I don’t know if you know what Llorente looks like but when you enter the Tottenham website the page which makes you enter the actual site contains a picture of Dawson and Llorente in order to promote the game so perhaps this is another sign Fernando Llorente is on Spurs’ radar.


I imagine many people will agree with me that Llorente will be a good buy for Spurs, but this may split some people’s opinions. This is a player coming off a few tough seasons personally at Juventus and Wolfsburg where he hasn’t performed that well compared to his past and encountered disciplinarily problems. Despite all this, to me Diego’s past reeks of similarities with Van der Vaart, and Tottenham could well be the place that resurrects his career. I remember 2 years ago when he almost singlehandedly got Werder Bremen into the then Uefa Cup final, only to be suspended for the final from which his career has gone downhill. This guy is only 26 though and has played for Brazil 33 times. Furthermore, he scored 6 goals for Wolfsburg in Germany which I believe is more than Modric scored in the league for us, so even though I’m not saying he is better than Modric if we bought him it was give us a different option in midfield if say Modric or VDV was underperforming. Also the fact he is Brazilian can only be a good thing in helping the development of Sandro because it will makes things easier for Sandro knowing that he can link up with a Brazilian midfielder, and it sounds like we may be signing Leandro Damiao so it would seem Diego should find it easy to settle in at Tottenham. Finally, even though ideally he would be a squad player, having him biting at the heels of Van der Vaart and Modric (can play both of these roles) should only have a positive effect on these players raising their game to keep their place in the side. With these two signing in mind a typical match day squad next season could be:
GK: Friedel (assuming Gomes will be sold)
RB: Walker
CB: Gallas
LB: Assou-Ekotto
RM: Lennon
LM: Bale
DCM: Sandro
ACM: Modric/Diego
SS: Van der Vaart
ST: Llorente
S1: Cudicini
S2: Kaboul
S3: Corluka/Rose
S4: Huddlestone
S6 : Pavlyuchenko
S7: Leandro Damiao

  61 Responses to “Fernando (Llorente) Torres and Diego to Tottenham”

  1. Buying a Brazilian player who’s lost form and discipline…what could possibly go wrong with that scenario.

    • I had to laugh at that one… Very true, although if he is available for say 10m and Kran goes, maybe worth a punt?

      • Possibly, but unlike Niko I don’t think he’s able to play on the wings, and is going to feel even more strongly about being included in the squad. Now, if Harry were to change to a 4-2-3-1 we could play Modders, VdV and Diego as the 3 and possibly persuade Niko that he’d have more of a chance of making the squad.

        As for the risk of Diego, since he holds an Italian passport I suppose we could always just pretend he’s Italian.

  2. If only, if only… I would love to see llorente up front instead of crouch every game

  3. I see in your team we have already bagged Damaio. Llorente is a great buy, but don’t know much about Diego. I disagree with getting rid of Gomes- he needs a rest & real competition & his engery & keeness channelled in right direction. Much of his mistakes come from over eagerness, or concentrating on nex move before he has dealt with a situation. He is still a Great Keeper!

  4. what u talking bout diego retired

  5. You can’t play a diamond formation with a ss, the amc and ss will get in each others way.

    Also we nearly signed Diego before he went to Porto but had the work permit turned down.

  6. Better take Modric out of that team sheet. Your blogcolleague is convinced he’s going to ask Levy for a move.

  7. sorry must of being dreaming think spurs should sign higuain

  8. nice thoughts , however my thoughts are sign bojan, adeybayour, Diarra and a good CB

    Walker Gallas , Dawson,Bennoit
    Lennon Modric Diarra/sandro Bale
    Adeybayour/bojan, VDV

    • Llorente is the perfect player to get as a target man but adebayor is probably next best. Llorente, rossi, hazard and shawcross please!

    • Bojun has extended his contract at Barca today so he is off the list! would go for Llorente, Adebayor and Mbai (young 16yr old French prodegy) two to go straight in and one for the future…COYS

  9. I remember Diego being linked to spurs the same summer we bought Modric. I watched them both on You Tube and at the time I thought Diego would have been the best buy. However Luka has been a great buy and hopefully will be in the future!!!! However HR might fancy taking a punt on Diego. He has all the talent, but has he the right attitude to impress HR.If not there’s no point.
    Totally agree with Llorente. Would be a great signing.
    How much doyou think they would both cost?

  10. Is 19 goals in ALL competitions worth around 30 mil? I don’t think so. Defoe scored 19 in just the league 2 seasons ago. I would prefer Gyan for 13-15. Vagner Love 6-8mil, Falcao 30+, pappiss cisse dont even know his value, if we get desperate big money for oldies forlan fabiano, drogba. why did’t we go for nisterooy on a free transfer?

  11. Diego and Llorente combined would cost 30-35 million, steep but well worth it also we in fact agreed a fee for Diego when he was a youngster at Santos:

  12. This is a really bad blog.

  13. I’m tiered of this transfer speculation. It has seriously affected my health. My eyes are going weird from being glued to Newsnow , my finger hurts from pressing f5 all the time, the fact spurs are not signing any one is causing me severe anxiety and depression. This is by far the worst transfer window since January !(LOL) . Levy better have a good plan, because I have no faith in Harry Redknapp when it comes to signing players. If it was up to him we’d sign Parker,Cole,upson and probably freaking julian Dicks!!!!!!

    I think I need to ring NHS direct …. 🙁

    • Shut up you dick head, you spurs fans need to wake up… your team is shit!!!

      • Kindly bugger off, your not welcome here. I can’t wait to give you a thrashing this year!

      • Thankyou for your beautifully crafted, perfectly argued, highly intelligent analasyis. You are a beacon of light and truth, and I see now that I need to wake up…next to your mum. Again. Although as I recall, she was pretty shit.

        • My reply was aimed at chelscumboy, in case the reply format doesn’t make that clear.

  14. I really do not want to see Llorente at Spurs next season! If hes so good, you would think Barca and Real might have been interested in him seeing as he plays in their league not to mention both Manchester clubs, Chelsea etc. When i see him play he just reminds me of a more talented Crouch and like someone said for 30million he is not going to be the striker to take us forward. He was not even one of La Liga’s top scorers- whats the point? If we are going to spend 30million plus then it has to be on someone like Aguero, Benzema, Rossi, Falcao- these are strikers who start for their countries and all got more than 19 goals last season. Obviously not playing in the Champions League and not paying the most means it will be hard to get that sort of player but theres no harm in trying. We are a London club, with a bright future ahead of us and with world class players like van der Vaart, Modric, Bale, Sandro already at the club- we should be able to sell ourselves to these sort of strikers. If we have signed or are trying to sign Damiao (apparently he might be signing a contract extension) then Aguero/ Rossi would be the appropriate buy but if not Benzema/Huntleaar would be the other options. This transfer window is so important for spurs its unreal- sign the right players and we could be winning the league in the coming seasons- buy the wrong players and we will be mid table for a long time!COYS

  15. Garbage title to this article and a poor, poor job by the person who published it. No problem with the idea of speculating how potential transfers might fit in, but make that clear in the title. “Fernando (Llorrente) Torres and Diego to Tottenham” explicitly says to the reader that this move has officially happened, or at the very least is imminent. Obviously, neither of which is true.

    I understand the site wants people to visit, but tricking people with captions like these will only drive off viewers in the long run.

  16. A pretty negative article. For starters, quit worrying about Modric and Bale. They’re not going anywhere. For the rest, be patient. Levy will manage to make all the right moves.

  17. Of all the strikers linked to us llorente is by far the best, It’s not just his goals but he works so hard for the team and is unselfish and makes right choices when to pass to team mate in better position instead of goin for glory, in the words of harry he’s a top top player,Unfortunately I think he’l sign for Madrid this summer, so i’d go for negredo if he cant be got. Wouldn’t touch Diego don’t think he’d adapt to English game questionable character to and squad morale is all important. If palacios, jenas , gio and krancjar are sold I’d replace them with seydou keita of barca can cover right across the midfield and is very comfortable in posession and has a healthy scoring rate add to the fact he would only cost in the region of 7ml and barca might be looking to offload some fringe players he could add experience and know how to are squad which harry has been looking for. The second is Alan Dzagoev of cska Moscow who could be perfect longterm replacement for modric and a season as understudy would mean modders sale next summer would be less felt, dzagoev is quiet similar in playing style really good passing and excellent dribbler plus he scores a lot of goals and is an expert at deadball situations which is not our strongest area at the moment but best of all his contract runs out in 2012 so we wouldn’t have to break the bank to get him,In fairness he would have to improve his defencive side of game but so to did modric and if he did in my opinion could end up a better player in years to come,With one of Abel hernandez,Eric lamela or stevan jovetic signed as a backup striker along with defoe and Tasci signed for cb we’d have a squad capable of having a real go for title,why settle for just cl why not go the whole hog and reach for the sky

  18. why is everyone so hyped about llorente apart from one season his best league return has been 18 goals, fantastic might as well start penning our names on the premier league trophy. I see his previous seasons record is 09-10 14 goals, 08-09 14 goals, 07-08 11 goals, we need a 25 goal a season player desperately, if we can buy llroente and play a decent striker alongside him then great. but I’d prefer a prolific goalscorer first.

  19. We cant buy any big priced players and its back too buying potential or using our kids because with 36 thousand gates we cant live in the top four any more. Arsenal and Liverpool will also struggle and all three of us will have to wait till the playing ground is level and the fittest clubs will be at the top. This is why Chelsea City Utd they are all buying younger players before the rules hit home we have to be strong and Keep Modric and Bale on board and next year no one can afford to buy them and there agents know this we need too keep what we have and trust me Defoe and Crouch will have the time too score goals or i will go to the NEWS of the World and tell them about the abuse of Toure juice that got Spurs out of the top four trust me this is no idle boast but true. This Modric affair has shocked me more than the drug abuse

  20. i agree spurs frontline needs a wake up call.need another klinsman.goal poacher so i would like falco from porto.need to win trophies and keep big names so need his services like we have trophie below champions league but falco has good for services off rossie i would welcome with so much confidence hill fill he could score in any league and his on form with bale crossing from the left and lennon getting better from the right with vdv playing behind gomes,walker,dawson,gallas/king,bennoit,lennon,mod,bale,rossie,vdv,falco

  21. Please add Arda Turan to our squad ASAP. Thank you kindly.

    • another good player..if lennon goes ill use that money to get him in

      • Are you in charge of player recruitment then Dave? If so, I have a list of players I’d like to see at the Lane- drop me a line!

  22. Llorente would be such a desirable addition. I still have the heretical thought that Berbs could return (Teddy like) and fit perfectly back into a stronger team than he left, and with a point to prove to Man U. (or is that wishful thinking).

    Diego has not retired but sounds like a bundle of trouble. Hopefully we have Damiao, I just wish it was happening more quietly and not in slow motion. But Mr Levy seems to creep our transfers on in full public view and often leading to failure and humiliation.

    We pay realistic wages and don’t prostitute ourselves to Carlos Kick-a-balls paying ridiculous wages at the expense of the club’s stability. So Van Nistleroy etc are out of our price range. Do we need a 5th Centre back, when we also have Charlie & Caulker?

    Although we only needed to convert more of the many chances we created against the relegation strugglers in order to up there, it strikes me that the top 4 and Liverpool will be stronger next year. With Bojan gone, we really need a coup if we lose Modric (even for £45).

    I love the idea that we may have lots of Brazillians and we will be the samba team of London!

  23. stick kabul in there instead of gallas to give him the experience he needs to become great! also hes not infected with arsenal and chelski!

    oh and we are not close to signing either of these players right now by the way!

  24. if we keep bale and modric and bye two 20 goal a season strikers the we can compete for some silverware i think we should sell defoe and crouch keep pav and bye rossi and adebayor and if man city wont sell him to us get Llorente and get cahill

  25. sorry i like rossi he think he is class and will score 25 goals defoe should stay he will come good again the long lay off of three months put him out of his stride and he did not get enough games the two goals he score against wolves shows he is still a good player would sell the other striker before selling defoe we do need a centre back and maybe two strikers i think modric will leave what is the point of keeping a player thats not happy it is detremental to the team 35 mill is a good price and we could replace him with a midfield player who may not be as good but will score goals from midfield i still think modric is lightweight yes he is a good player but he is not world class he goes missing a lot and so does bale he was superby in the cl but in the league did not put enough performances in spurs will win a cup this year and get fourth this will mean a great season to us i beleive we will ifinish above arsenal and liverpool this year

  26. Then again, why not throw every name possible at a wall, and see what sticks…yeah!!!!


  28. Lets roll w/ Llorente…………Land and air…………..goals will come…………

    And, plz spare the board on the Crouch comparison. Llorente is much more talented……

    Throw AB about 14 large and Gio…………….that should do the trick.

    Sell Keane/Bassong/Jenas and another 5 large and get Cahill………..

    S11 set to go……………..lets talk some turkey…………..Bring on those AFC wankers and its gonna be a Double and CL for ’12 . lets do this

  29. And can we plz sell Roman P and the epitomy of inconsistency to that Russian club w/ a lot of loot ? At this point , lets just settle at 12 large and eat the loss and move that distraction out of town……..

    Use the funds to bring back the Bulgarian………….I would love to see him behind Llorente pulling some strings…………VDV would have to probably head to the bench on occassion but Arry can maybe work a 3 man rotation……….

    The potential w/ only few moves of this club is absolutely scary…………….its now or never………….you got to think Arry and Levy realize this and its gonna happen.

  30. Interesting to see that Defoe didnt even make the bench!

  31. The midfielder we should go all out for if we’re looking at spending big bucks is Wesley Snieder. We all know he and VDV are best mates and hopefully he could be convinced of our project. If the modric situation got more messy then this could be theo nly route we offer him, abroad and in possibly a switch. I do however thing he’ll stay. Levy cant go back on his statement now without losing credibility and in the process ALOT of money in mechandise and tickets due to lack of ambition. If we just give up at the stage we’re at on the cusp of making it big then wat would the point be in ‘dreaming’ of becoming a top club once again?
    Llorente is spot on, with a Rossi, Falcao or Hulk would be perfect

  32. Modric’s saga together with us unable to land a suitable striker, is delaying our transfer initiative. In addition, we need to offload – but this process is coming up at a snails pace. If Modric’s insist’s that he is released, then we should sell at the highest price. The same should apply to any other Spurs players that requests a move.

  33. Let’s be honest, if we are keeping modric, we don’t need diego to warm the bench. Agree that llorente would be a perfect addition, however our signing him is incredibly unlikely. Losing llorente would be like losing messi in athletic bilbao’s case, seeing as they can ONLY sign basque players. I’d suggest we go all out for sergio aguero who wants out of madrid. Unbelievable player.

  34. Diego is a player Tottenham should seriously be considering.Modric is as good as gone.Diego is is a perfect replacement,hes got disipline problems.but if Harry could get in his head we’d have Modric with more goal.Lets face it Spurs fans we a like Porto a high end selling club,Porto know that thats why they focus on good scouting

  35. Interesting opinions here. Llorente would be a brilliant aquisition for us given that he can score goals and is more mobile than crouch. However , we seem to assume that there is a need for the tall man small man combo. I seriously question this need. in my opinion we need a clever, fast moving forward combination e.g vdv and rossi. Get llorente in but sell crouch. The spaniard could be our plan b. We need to spend 50 million on getting the 2 in and sell our fringe players now. We bid 30 million in Jan, where has that money gone? Also if we sell Niko we need to replace him with someone with pace who would be willing to sit on the bench a lot. I’m not sure thats gonna be an easy signing.

  36. There’s a serious need for a reality check here!!

    in case you have forgotten Spurs finished outside the CL qualification, therefore the players mentioned in this dilusional blog are simply not interested in joining, furthermore there are a few players that have expressed their desire to leave the squad for that reason alone.

    I truly believe that the top 5 for the foreseeable future are pretty much cast in stone and it doesn’t include Spurs, so a finish of 6th and the occasional cup is pretty much as good as it’s going to get, there is little prospect of a larger stadium anytime soon so the club has to work within a very restricted budget compared to many other clubs.

    So a more realistic target list for players is definitely called for.

    • Agree, apart from the fact that the top five DOES include Spurs. Don’t forget that we have finished above Liverpool for 2 seasons now. Everton and Spurs have both entered the top 4 with inferior revenues of teams below them. Also City are still paying top fees and wages for non-top players – and are replacing like for like literally every season (replace Barry with Milner, replace Santa Cruz with Dzeko, Replace Toure with Lescott, replace Adebayor with Balotelli). These players were signed a season after their “replacements” – yes they have millions to spend, but the equalising factor is that it is barely used wisely. So do not over estimate City. Tevez aside, City’s best signing have been the low-key ones: Hart, Kompany, Johnson. I believe that Spurs are targeting 3rd-6th, but as you say: these Spanish-based players ain’t coming. Stop wasting time on them, sign Odemwingie or go in a time machine and sign WIckham – because that is what we should be aiming for.

  37. I actually love how shit this blog is.

  38. Not only has Diego had 3 poor seasons on the spin, but he has serious attitude issues imo. He makes a big drama EVERY time he’s substituted, which I find extremely disrespectful to hi teammates and manager. IMO players should have the humility to hold their hands up and admit it when they haven’t had the best of games and wish their incoming teammate good luck on the pitch. It’s a team sport after all. I appreciate a player may not like being subbed and may feel it’s unjustified on ocassion, but on the pitch in front of thousands/millions of spectators is not the right time to address it with a manager who has more pressing issues to handle, such as the game!

  39. Is Walker not out on loan at Swansea next season?

  40. just to say why does it allways happen to us spurs we get a good team then other teams buy our players comon levy just pay bigger wages and sign better players like sneijder,kaka,l diarra,hulk,drogba just get it sorted harry,levy we want our team back where we belong and thats in the top four

  41. agree Diego/Podolski/Llorente and Cahill and we would be back in the top 4

  42. I think some people are going way too ahead of themselves with purchases.
    we do have to buy a few players, but as much as i like diego and think he would be a brilliant signing, i think we’d only get him if modric left.

    i think we should try keeping most of our team, and jus part with a few players and bring in some quality.

    crouch – he doesnt fit into our team and we change the way we play just because of him.

    samba – brilliant defender, plays with his heart on his sleeve and would be a big presence in the squad
    maybe one more young defender
    2 good strikers – one proven world class the other quality striker with big potential.

    btw i think we should keep dos santos – hes and brilliant player and would be a great squad player to have. let him play in the cup games regularly along with other players who are not certain first teamers like rose and pav and i think theyll just get better.

    and we definately dont need more midfielders – we got more than enough cover. we should have kept ohara though – hes a younger scott parker.

  43. sell modric i say

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