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Dec 142011

Apparently Fernando Torres has been listed for transfer by Chelsea, and could be available for as little as £20 million. If there is any element of truth in this Spurs should snap him as quickly as possible. Why you ask? Torres is world-class. End of. Yes, he has had a tough time at Chelsea, which obviously must be partly attributed to him, but mainly because he made the move at the wrong time. Chelsea are a team that are steadily getting worse due to all their players becoming older, and Ambrovich is becoming more impatient to win the Champions League, hence 50 million was splashed out to sign Torres. Last season he was given the task to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it showed. To his credit he started this season looking like he would become the player who scored 65 goals in 102 league games for Liverpool, but stupidly got himself sent off against Swansea, and nothing’s quite worked out for him since. A move to Tottenham would allow Torres to regain his confidence with the abundance of players at our disposal who will be able to set up chances for him to do the rest with. After seeing we may well look to buy Carlos Tevez I feel there is even more reason to buy Torres because he is less likely to be a bad influence in the dressing room, and will be more focused to do well, now that he has a point to prove. Would buying Torres scupper our chances of signing Adebayor on a permanent deal? Perhaps due to the fact they are both on astronomically high wages, but if we bring Torres to White Hart Lane in January I have no doubt we will finish 3rd at the very least because we will have the greatest depth of strikers with Torres, Adebayor, and Defoe in our ranks. This will mean we will receive a lot of prize money from the Premier League, and then may well be able to afford both players on our books .The gamble obviously is he could continue to underperform at Spurs, but history suggests whenever he has been ‘happy’ at a club he has been incredibly productive. Harry Redknapp is probably the most effective Manager in the Premier League that can get the best out of his players, making them ‘happy’. If he is successful with Torres we will have the BEST striker in the Premier League at Tottenham, and may well be the missing piece in the jigsaw to secure a Title at Tottenham.

  16 Responses to “Fernando Torres: A Risk Worth Taking”

  1. Jog on.. Torres is useless – just watch him off the ball, whatever he had at Liverpool, he’s lost – he doesn’t get in the Spanish team anymore, so why do we want him in ours?

    Why do we want to buy a misfiring striker? We’ve got one already..

  2. We will not meet his wage demands

  3. Never mind Torres if Huddlestone is 100 percent fit i would swap Modric for Sturridge and16 million or Clevely and Wellbeck and five million . The reason when he his rushed by illegal shit he cant compete the others above can . The problem is Ferguson is going too try and flog us his leftovers Carrick and Berba and Chelski Lampost and Alex So i will say it for Levey NOOOOOOOOOOWAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY

  4. Shouldn’t you be at school or something? What a load of cobblers!

  5. ‘Torres is world class. End of.’ – rediculous statement. By this logic we should re-sign Gary Lineker, he’s world class as well.

    and DavSpurs, i hope your not being serious to suggest the Huddlestone is an anyway a replacement for Modric. Personally i think either of those deals would be a total disaster.

  6. I would take Torres, Harry would get the best out of him and with our midfield he’d never be short of chances. Apart from wages the other problem would be our our firm stance on not selling Modric to them, because of that there’s no way Chelsea would sell a half price Torres to us.

  7. What about the Tevez rumour – any substance in that you reckon? I heard he didn’t like England so think that one may be paper talk. Still – love transfer window this time of year as Spurs are always involved.

  8. Anyone who thinks Torres aint quality knows nothing. If he is available then get him in, and if Tevez is possible then get him in instead.

  9. i say get Torres or Tevez for 20mill, then buy a quality centre back (Jan Vertonghen or Cahill) and play a 3-5-2 …..

    King Kaboul JV/Cahill

    Walker Parker Modric Bale


    Adebayor Tevez/Torres

    That team would give anybody a run for their money!

  10. Neither Tevez nor Torres will play for £70k a week and Levy will not offer more.

    We should be concentrating all of our efforts into signing Damiao.

    • Completely agree, would also suggest they are unsuited, Damiao however seems more suited to how we would play him. Would he adapt to the EPL though? And might he rather hold out for a bigger European name than Spurs?
      I don’t know, it’s a gamble. But it’s a gamble I’d like to see us make.

  11. Kaka, Tevez, Torres… this feels like the daily mail gossip section. lets have some common sense put back into this blog, else soon enough DAVSPURS will be the most down to earth member left!

    1: Any of these 3 players would just cause a selection headache, and likely disrupt the side. I can’t see Ade or Rafa being happy on the bench, and from past experience we know they’ll kick off if they aren’t playing.
    2: We couldn’t pay any of their wages, end of.
    3: We play with two wingers, we need a striker capable of holding up play and at least challenging in the air while playing up front on his own. Crouch, Ade, all his admiration of K. Jones a year or so back, Santa Cruz too. We need a player to lead the line, which Tevez does not do, he drops deep into the hole. Torres could perhaps fulfill this but..
    4: Chelsea will not sell Torres any time soon. Even with a rich chairman, you don’t just toss aside such a big investment after one bad year.
    5: None of them would come to Tottenham! I love the club and would love us to be huge, but don’t delude yourselves, we aren’t that attractive an outfit yet. If we want world class, they need to be up-and-comings, not already proven players. Arguable exception being VdV, but there were extenuating circumstances there.

    No hard feelings, merry christmas all, but please oh please, there’s enough plain ludicrous rumour mill regarding spurs already out there, lets keep this a high quality blog.


  12. Kaka Teves torres In the words of victor meldrew I DONT BELIEVE IT !! Torres legs are gone he is a miserable gitt to have about place doesn’t mix with rest of squad has Moped about at lvpool & chelski do we really want to pay 20ml for that. Teves & Kaka we can’t afford.
    Someone like papisse cisse might arrive he’s not the greatest striker in world but he’s a lucky one bit like demba ba. If we could get Rondon from Malaga he’d do nicely can hold ball up well & technically very good he’s not afraid to put himself about either.

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