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Aug 172010

Tonight is the start of the tie we have all been waiting for since that night in May at the City Of Manchester Stadium. Under 2 weeks ago the draw was made and Tottenham fans got supposidly the dream draw, the easiest draw on paper, but games aren’t played on paper. Make no mistake about it this Young Boys team are capable of pulling off a result, especially in the first leg with home advantage.

After watching the City game at the weekend I am very confident that if we can only play like that again that we will score more than 1 away goal tonight. Harry has opted to leave Ledley at home and let him rest so he can feature agaisnt Stoke on Saturday, we know this would probably be how things work for King, it will be one or the other on most occassions, either Champions League in midweek or Premiership at the weekend. Ledley might be able to manage both on rare occassions but these will be few and far between.

David Bentley, Jamie O’Hara and Jonathan Woodgate are all still out and I don’t think that Jenas will be fit either. I would expect to see a similar team to Saturday but with Bassong coming in for King and maybe a change in one or both of the forwards. I would also expect to see Gio get more time on the pitch tonight, he might even start if Harry feels confident in him. Being away from home Harry might also start with Palacios in the middle.

Tottenham will be playing on an artifical pitch tonight but will need to find their feet pretty quick, any team that has reached this stage are decent. BSC Young Boys knocked out Turkish giants Fenerbahce in the previous round so we shouldn’t take this too lightly.

Stream will be in the forum as usual so log in or sign up to watch and chat with other Spurs fans. So this is what it has all come down to, this is what we have spent the summer dreaming of. It’s do or die, lose this one and it basically undoes the hard work of last season and we become the butt of every other teams jokes.

Kick Off 19:45

There is a new section under the Tottenham Streams tab which downloads and highlights will be put for matches, you can download the Manchester City highlights there now if you are into making videos like me then that is the place for you to check out.

  2 Responses to “Finally It’s Upon Us, BSC Young Boys v Tottenham Live!!”

  1. Watching that intro brought a tear to my eye and gave me goose bumps… cant wait..

  2. Watching that performance brought a tear to my eye, what are doing out there, worked so hard to get here and after 28 mins it nearly over, thank god we came back with 2 away goals let’s hope we can wrap it up back at the lane next Wednesday

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