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Sep 012012

Oh dear oh dear, many of us feel after transfer deadline that our squad is now lighter on quality than it was last season, having lost Modric and VDV and not really getting in players of equal quality but rather cheaper alternatives.

AVB will take some of the stick because he is the coach but Levy really hasn’t helped him out, you can’t tell me that AVB identified Clint Dempsey as his main target yesterday, it would seem as though we now lack quality in midfield although Dembele does look decent. AVB has to take some of the blame though, he is the one who seems to think Defoe can play a lone striker role and that Jake Livermore is some sort of decent player, when I look at Livermore all is see is a cloned version of Jenas in our midfield he is seriously dog poo.

Daniel Levy needs to learn he is not a football manager he is a business man, let the people who know about football run the football side, all the top clubs do it in this country. Fergie and Wenger wouldn’t have people selecting their transfer targets for them and be left to take the blame if it all went wrong. Harry Redknapp was old school, he knew how things should be done but typically at the club you didn’t trust a guy who got us two top 4 finishes and liked to actually manage a club and that was evident the moment you appointed AVB and gave him the title of head coach.

I am seriously concerned for this season, we had it all under Harry, he knew how to compete in the Premier League, he knew the league as much as anyone but yet you got rid of him for doing a good job just like you did with Martin Jol and replaced him with an utter disaster of a manager and I can see the same happening again. We look flat and lack ideas on how to score goals just like Chelsea did under AVB last season.

This is all going to go tits up, if we can’t beat teams like Norwich and WBA at home as well as playing two bob football as well then we are in serious trouble. Under the guidance of Harry I always felt safe, even if we had a bad few games or results I still felt Harry could turn it around, under this new regime I have no such confidence.

It is very unprofessional to sack a manager who has achieved his goals and transformed the club just because the board don’t like him or want to run the club a different way that clearly failed at Tottenham in the past and will fail again.

Daniel Levy must have been watching these past two Tottenham matches and saw the performance and thought to himself “what have I done” because we aren’t even playing good football, when a team like Norwich turn up and your best player is your goalkeeper then you have to worry.

Mid-table here we come…. Thanks Levy

Swallow your pride and your money, kiss Redknapp’s bum as much as you have to until he comes back because you won’t ever get a better manager than him to come to Tottenham unless you can prize Sir Alex away from United. Yes it might be early on but I don’t care myself and many other fans have been here before and we know exactly what is going to happen so I am telling you now that you have made a massive mistake. Let your manager run the team properly because AVB is getting shafted by you, I am happy to blame AVB if it all goes pear shape as long as he is given control of the team and not just a puppet at the club, his statement over Moutinho today made me feel sick, it was almost as though you had hand written it and made him read it word for word there was that much arse kissing in it.

If I was Harry I’d tell you where to go if you ever asked me to come back but Redknapp might have a heart if you ask nicely, do it before it’s too late or don’t even bother with the new stadium because a mid-table club won’t attract 60,000 people anyway.

Fuming? Yes I am, I don’t care who agrees with me or not, I was fuming when Redknapp got the boot as it was nothing to do with the England job it was because Harry wants to manage his way and rightfully so and the board and Levy just want a “YES”  man who does as he is told running the show.

Best of luck Levy but I can tell you now, this isn’t going to work.




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