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Aug 232010


Well even though William Gallas joining of Tottenham Hotspur has been common knowledge for a while now it was still strange to see him in the Blue of Spurs training kit.The usual war of words so often applied on match days replaced by friendly banter on the training ground.

Yet at the same time I felt a little surge of confidence knowing that we have at last acquired an extremely gifted footballer to help shore up our wobbling defense,one that by all accounts just loves said defending,a bonus in itself you might say.Add to that then the wealth of experience he will bring to the side and surely we should see a much more composed defensive line one which no doubt Dawson,Bassong and the likes will also prosper from after taking on board all that he offers,which will again help the growth of Tottenham.

William began his day taking part in a warming up session with his new colleagues before retiring to work on his own fitness routine with the clubs head of sports science,fitness and conditioning coach Sam Erith.Although Harry has mentioned that our newest recruit already seemed in good shape so it shouldn’t take that long before we see him in the lillywhite.

Harry has also previously said that he was chuffed with the capture of Gallas stating it as a no brainer and I am inclined to agree with him,after all William was part of the Chelsea team which won back to back Premier League titles under Jose Mourinho,he also has a League Cup winners medal and was involved in the Chelsea team that reached the semi finals of the Champions League before losing to Liverpool.He has also masses of European and title chasing experience with Arsenal.

He has since given an interview to the official site,in it he says how difficult the decision was to cross the divide that resides in North London (having played for Arsenal.) He went on to say that now he has joined he will give his best for the club and that he just wants to play as many games as he can whilst also winning the same.

He then brought he conversation round to the atmosphere inside White Hart Lane on match days saying how wonderful he found it to be.Oh yes Mr Gallas only this time they’ll be singing your name with a desire for you to succeed,not fail.

However there does seem a little unrest amongst some of the Tottenham faithful regarding the application of the player when things aren’t exactly going to plan,the Birmingham incident and reports of player unrest in numerous Gunners dressing rooms being regularly thrown at anyone who views this as a good deal for Spurs.I though am one of those which is pleased with this capture and feel we should let his past remain exactly there and give the player the benefit of the doubt,as I’m sure he has learnt from those previous lapses of judgement.

So, are you as excited as me at this acquisition? or would you rather we searched elsewhere.

  48 Responses to “Gallas Blues (Training Pictures)”

  1. Great signing, his vast experience and winning mentality will prove invaluable, im delighted we’ve got him on board!

  2. Good signing! All we need now is Fabiano and get rid of Keane and Jenas and all is good. I know there will be people in the crowd who will get on at Gallas from the go but surely Harry has spoken with him and told him to win them over. I am looking forward to seeing him play. Sandro has arrived and I cannot wait to see him either. Exciting stuff!

  3. I think he’s an excellent acquisition, he will give some much needed bite to our backline some nastiness which all the clubs that win anything regularly have. He and/or Bassong can also cover BAE at LB leaving Bale free to rampage on our left wing. COYS!!!

  4. Wow! Nothing has kicked off yet! OMG! Check again tomorrow!

  5. Excellent signing, masses of experience, look forward to William scoring against Ar5senaI and Chelski.. COYS

  6. Not sure if we should risk him on Weds…match fitness and all that, might be worth a place on the bench?

  7. Regardless of his past he wont rock the boat in 1 year

  8. Welcome William Gallas. I was asked by my Spurs mates what do I think if Gallas comes to Spurs. I said that I will welcome him with open arms. 3 years ago, I think the thought of Gallas at WHL is a awesome dream. No one will think its possible. Is Gallas now a poorer defender ? I think not. Great defenders offer a lot in their mid 30s.

    Whats left now to do is to get that top top striker. Fabiano would be my choice.

    The icing on the cake would be another midfielder; ,Alexander Hleb looks a good choice. Scott Parker would be a solid addition but no more. The joker in the pack could be Stephane Sessegnon. Play like Micheal Essien but potentially even more skilful …assessment base on youtube ….: )

  9. he’s perfect for what we need, quality, experienced at the highest of levels and still a few years left in him.
    Now we just need keane to go. I thought remy would have been good but as always we leave it till the bloody end. This sessegnon guy looks unreal, hope there some real truth in that rumour. Palacios for me now can go aswell. Jenas hasnt done too bad of late, much rather see palacios go than jenas.

  10. Wobbling defence? What, the one that has conceded 1 goal in games Vs Man City, and Stoke away? We’re not Wigan, mate!

  11. Gallas is a great signing and if he helps us to win something this year, it will be even better and give us massive bragging rights over the Arsenal……

  12. Hopefully he’ll bring along Bassong’s and Kaboul’s game without unsettling them.

  13. Lloyd you must have taken leave of your senses man. Palacious will be back as good as ever very soon. When we are up against it on a Wednesday night at 0-0 against top european oppisition you will eat your words.
    Palacious is a legend in the making.

  14. Harry moans about attitudes from Pav and Gio yet signs someone with a far worse attitude

  15. Wobbling defence?

    Overrun midfield on Saturday causing pressure that would make any defence wobble
    So much stuff falling out of the sky i was waiting for the air raid sirens.

    Pressing hard for the first 45 without anything left for the second 45 will cost us unless
    we improve our fitness or do what all the others are supposed to do.

  16. Gallas,Sandrp and the possibility of Fabiano….what more can Spurs fans ask for with a team that is already starting to boil. I have said befor that i would not be surprised if Sandro won both champions league cups in the same year. Wednesday night is a must win and then i am sure we will see the likes of Fabiano shortly after.
    After that bring on Manchester United,Chelsea,Arsenal,etc

  17. The best moment for the Gallas transfer is with Spurs besting the Arse ……. will be a good moment at the end of the season

  18. I feel sick. I will be in the contingent that will be booing if he plays on Wednesday. Then I’m sure I’ll probably get in an argument with some goon sitting next to me who will be cheering him. Thats the shame about the lane – too many glory-hunter supporters nowadays.

  19. Is that Paly third photo down training next to Wilson, thought he was injured?

  20. Why would you want to boo someone who hasn’t even had a chance to gain your support and trust? That is the definition of prejudice and discrimination. Give the guy a chance. Plus, you would feel like a right LEMON when he scores against Arsenal or Chelsea – err, do I boo, do I cheer? Come on – support your team.

  21. Come to think of it, I would be embarassed to be a Spurs fan if the whole nation sees us boo our own player before he has even kicked a ball. That is not what our club is about. I did not want to sign him either (not the Arsenal thing, but the other stuff), however he is here now. If you cannot bring yourself to cheer, then give an ironic cheer at least.

  22. Sorry, but setting out your stall to boo a player in his first appearance is just plain stupid.
    It shouldn’t matter who a player has played for previously. All that matters is that they give 100% out on the pitch for us, and I don’t think anyone doubts Gallas will do that.

    Take a look back at the 60s & 70s when people would go and watch whichever team was playing at home that weekend, be it Spurs or Arsenal.
    I’m sure had the whole Campbell thing not happened, no-one would bat an eyelid at Gallas joining us.

    He’s no mercenary either – 4 clubs in 15 years pretty much proves that.

    He can’t play on Wednesday anyway as he wasn’t registered with UEFA before the 1st leg.
    Regardless, it would be King & Dawson at the back anyway.

  23. Great signing and I believe Gallas gone to a club where some how he has to show his worth. His experience could make him ideal for the club- especially as Leds isn’t going to give us regular football! Also should raise Dawson game- 4 Gallas should be looking to compete for 1st spot!!

  24. TonyTott – I just happen to be a man of principle. I don’t see the signing of a 33 year-old ex-Arsenal captain as something I should cheer about. I would however cheer if a player liked Caulker made his debut instead, and signing a player like Gallas just restricts the younger players development. Its a bit like if you ask a Spurs fan who their favourite every player has been – mine is Nick Barmby. Nothing better than seeing a young player come through the ranks and make a dramatic impact in the team (coming off the bench and scoring on his debut etc.). Andy Turner was another example. I don’t really get a kick about spending big money on players or spending big money on wages.
    The same Spurs fans who cheer Gallas will have booed Campbell for all these years. Hypocrites.

  25. I admit when I do go to the Lane I look at some people and think “cocks”. Whilst the club may bring us together in some sense, there are many Spurs fans who haven’t go a clue about tradition and a club of principles. The away support on the otherhand are your true supporters.

  26. couldnt of ask for a better defender on a freebie!!! he has a vast experiance, and has that winnin mentality needed that we dont lack as much as we use to but his mentality and desire to win the game can only be a good thing and will help our team fight with that hunger to win just like him, which is the reason he had a fall out with le arse players because they couldnt care about fighting for eachother till the end which i dont believe is the case with us and his presence shall be invaluble as it will rub off to the rest of the team just like when palacios came in and gave us that extra bite, it rubbed off on everyone as a whole and we are better for it, because we need more winners like these with a never say die attitude!!! judging on our managers ability in gettin the best out of players and tactics, for the crop of players we already have Williams presence will be reasuring to step up to the challenge of being the best we can be on all fronts of the game and could give us that extra push needed to challenge the best!!! if we get behind him as fans and give him a chance he furally deserves we might see the best of him coming out and the players will more then likely look up to him more if we help him feel accepted the better the rewards i say and who knows with harrys voodoo magic we might even get that Gallas of old and see him at his top of his game again where he wernt just defending but was banging the goals in on a regular basis too, which can only mean happy days for everyone involved with our club and not so happy ones for our opponents!!! wishfull thinking i know, but it aint impossible!!! so lets all support anyone that comes in to our club, for our own benefits plz!!! COYS

  27. For Goodness sake, isn’t Jennings a Legend? He went on to play for Arsenal. Look at Denis Law – after Man U he went to Man City, then scored the goal that relegated them! Still a Utd legend. It does not matter. You need to rise up above these petty feelings that mean nothing in the real world. You talk still talk about Barmby and Turner – my god – 15-20 years ago. You need to stop living in the past – especially when we have the legend that is Ledley King who came up from the Spurs ranks and still plays now. A one club man, which is incredibly rare these days. He could have left to get Champions league football but he waited until he earnt it. He could have left to chase money like your fave Barmby did, and screwed up his career. I cannot believe that people put their own feelings in front of the club. That is not supporting your team.

  28. Are we not too late to register him for Europe, hence cannot play on Wednesday???

  29. I think you’re missing the point Chester, the trick is not to boo the man in the Spurs shirt.

  30. great signing, just what we need, our defence has looked shaky lately, with his experience and free transfer as rednapp says its a no brainer, cometh the hour, cometh THE man!

  31. I too feel this is a great signing, one that will prove itself the further we get in the Champions league. I think those that have stated they are going to boo Gallas should stop and think what damage their actions could have on the teams moral. This guy has pledged himself to our club and should be applauded for doing so. He could have gone elswhere and had an easy time on good money with no hastle, but instead has chosen to tough it out with us, the so called enemy. Every spurs fan that’s interested in the future of our great club should be big enough to rise above their tribal nature and support any player who is prepared to graft for our cause.
    Gallas is a quality player that many a spurs fan will have feared whilst playing for our rivals, so why not embrace the fact that he is our player now and show him and the rest of the premier that spurs fans are a knowledgable breed that respects their players no matter what their past.

  32. Seeing Gallas in a Spurs kit is like seeing Satan on a white horse carrying a cross. Despite this, I am sure I will get used to seeing our newest acquisition wearing the Spurs kit and eventually he will be accepted by all.

  33. Chesterspur…u sir are a knob, this is 2010, if we wanna be top 4 and CL year in, year out, these are the kinda players we need, not ones like nick barmby from back in the day or the youngins you mention. that’s what the league cup is for. get with the programme, we’re only gonna win things with top players and players who have experience winning things!

  34. Gallas is good for us, extra strength at little expense end of. I’m more concerned about other areas to improve on, we do seem to lack the tidy finisher up top when defoe’s not on top form. It looks like keanes not going to be in the frame and is likely to go, crouch is a support striker and pav I don’t think Harry favours for the lone striker role?…Depending on the young boys result I hope one of Fabiano/huntelaar/Suarez is got and also Van der vaart has got to be a great shout to add goals from the midfield area?! If we play a 4231 formation with hudd/palacios/modric/sandro being the back 2 and Lennon/gio/krankjar/van der vaart/bale being the 3 behind the striker. Up top as main striker either of the new acquisitions mentioned or Defoe/ maybe Pav if injuries. This would surely be able to be tweaked to a 442 very easily I necessary…think big spurs!!

  35. I certainly will not boo Gallas. He is a wonderfull player and improves our squad, the guy did nothin wrong he just plays football. I’m sure Arsenal didn’t boo Campbell when he joined them he, is a legend at Arsenal. So give Gallas a chance he can be our player to wind up the gooners.

  36. @PaulF

    Three goals in 30 mins!!! against old boys jog your memory….plonker!

  37. Anyone who boo’s Billy is a numpty it will only have a negative effect on the team and doesnt help us. He is one of us now so we should support him and whoever is on the pitch.


  38. While the gooner connection is less than ideal, would you rather see Bassong get manhandled by a bunch of swiss boys?

  39. I said this from the start: he is a quality player with a wealth of experience and he is free. It is a great signing. Do not boo him because if you do, you are booing Harry Redknapp, you are booing the players, you are booing your fellow Spurs fans. Gallas is here to stay. Deal with it and support your club.

  40. Gallas will turn out to be a master stroke by harry , who gives a monkeys if he played for the scum as long as he improves our team , Why do,es harry keep targeting scott parker there,s a player out there with more class in his laces than parkers got in his whole body ( VAN DA VAART ) his available so cant understand why harry aint biting real madrids hand off at 8 millon ???

  41. And TonyTott – you said “I cannot believe that people put their own feelings in front of the club”. Of course
    I do – I’m certainly not a sheep!

    Edited by Moderator.

  42. It’s only a 1 year contract so if he is rubbish or disruptive, he will be shown the door. If he is good then he will be offered a contract extension. When we brought in Edgar Davids, he was in the twilight of his career. He was good buy because his first season in my opinion was prerry good, and whilst his second was not so good, his experience rubbed off on the squad and a little more bite was added to our midfield, which had been lacking for so long. Gallas is still a top defender so I am happy to have signed him on a free.

  43. NOTE TO POSTERS:For the good of the site and the camaraderie of all could we please refrain from personal attack and threatening behaviour.Thank You.


  44. Just to clear something from earlier – Nick Barmby (God love him) came through the FA School of Excellence, he wasn’t a product of Spurs youth system.

  45. sickens me to this C**T in a Spurs shirt .
    Arry is a f***ing clown . he just doesnt understand the passion . He has wanted Viera , adibuywhore , his constant backing of Cumball and now this Gallas C**T . Us and A5ena1 dont mix !!
    We used have principles , Ghaly got the proper treatment after disrepecting the shirt , Cumball got what he derserved . Dont try to water down the rivilary Arry . He shows constant disrepect to the real Spurs fan .

  46. This dodgy Spurs defense you refer to, is it the same defence that has the best home defensive rocord for the last two seasons?

    I think with Bale, Bae, Kaboul, King, Dawson, Bassong, Corluka, Naughton, Walker, Caulker, Woodgate and now Gallas our defensive options are pretty sound. Infact anymore and we risk restricting breakthrough access to players like Naughton, Walker and Caulker.

  47. Lads we need Gallas to fill in for ledley and he can play left back forget he played for Arsenal He his creating Lilly white history Back him and join him and Super Spurs on the road to Success at White Hot Lane . Remember Harry Tomorrow five pills before and five at half time and we will match Ybollocks EXTRA 5 miles they ran in Swiss Cuckoo Land . This will make sure we run till the next day and not just the normal 45 ( AntiOnan)You have bean warned the results show this his the new five man energised skinny manic attacking defending till the last seconds. Seville have just Learned the hard way and so has Anderlecht and Samdoria The Shocks are coming thick and fast the new three( D) Newcastle 6 Aston Villa 0 I will be Taping . the match and hiding in the shed till my wife tells me the score the reason them extra five miles his the new energy that stops me watching live games after the two Dynamo players got caught taking Ephedrine to draw at Utd 3-3 YB will be full of it don’t worry about that they will be livelier than a bag of ferrets Coys

  48. Harry signed him because he thinks he can do a job for us and that’s good enough for me.

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