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Mar 272011

As the title says, these guys are 5 of the finest center backs in football and they all play for our club, any team would be proud to boast these top stars on their books so we should consider ourselves blessed.

Not so lucky for us is the fact that 2 of them have real serious injury problems and don’t play that often. Ledley has a troublesome knee and can’t really handle 2 games in a week at his peak. Woodgate has been plagued with injuries his whole career and had recently missed a whole year of football for Tottenham. Luckily the other 3 have no serious long-lasting injury problems.

Kaboul in my opinion is definitely on the up and will be a top player for us in the next year or two. My question for you is that if these guys were all fit and able to play week in week out is which 2 would you pair at the back, who do you see as your best partnership. For me it would be Ledley and Woody but I am just wondering how you rate them, I know many will not want to leave out Dawson and that’s fair enough because I see him as future England captain material. It’s a shame we have been unlucky with injuries but put that aside and pick your partnership.

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  1. Dawson and King- Done! COYS!

    • ledley and woody is there a better pairing in world football and ledly and gallas as back up terry and ferdinand have had better carrers due to the injuries of ledders and woody who
      without a doubt would have been englands first choice
      ledley completly fit is the best centre half in the world

  2. Thats easy, king and woodgate everytime. Unfortuneately it will never be those two. I see dawson and either gallas or kaboul being the pairing. Kaboul was improving lots and scoring goals and is ample cover for r.back. Would gallas sulk and cause trouble if he was left out, presuming he signs the two year contract on offer. I also think that in two seasons caulker will be a major contender and due to what kaboul has said in the past there is a possibility that if a so called big team like madrid or barca came in for him he would definitely move. King imo is the best cb in the world when fit but he aint! I would predict that in three seasons time our 1st choice cb pairing will be dawson and caulker.

  3. At center back – Dawson and King, with Kaboul in for King when Ledley is crocked. But I think Kaboul played some terrific games for us at right back just before he was injured. He is a multi-talenrted player, who can move up the wing as good as Hutton can, or better – can dribble, head -the works. So what I’m saying is when Kaboul is fit, he should play -wherever you want. He’d even be a great holding midfielder but we’ve got plenty of talent there already.

  4. Dawson and Kaboul- a vote for the future…and they’ve both scored more than that garden gnome Defoe

  5. Ideally, King and Woody every time. Unfortunately, given the circumstances it doesn’t look like we will ever see them grace the field again together, let alone one at the moment.

    Realistically I would say For now, it would be Dawson and Gallas given the experience of Gallas, the pace and the cool head and Dawson’s take everything bullish approach they seem to work well together. But Dawson/Caulker and Kaboul seems to be the long term partnership as Kaboul has all the attributes to be a top class centre back, but lacks that concentration at times. That will come, with experience though.

  6. Cant believe the lillywhite glasses here, are you really Spurs fans or know anything about football !!
    Gallas is way beyond any of them in ability maybe not not in temperament but he as knuckled down this season and shown he has got the mental fight aswell. You guys are clowns !!

  7. well im surprised that so many people hae gone for kaboul – i thought i was the only person that was impressed with him!
    i’m pleased others share my view – he looks class now!
    that said the question if they were all fit……..i guess king plus a n other!

  8. @Mike

    Gallas has done well for us – no doubt – and fully deserves his new contract, but Ledley King, injuries aside, is in a different league from either Gallas or any of the others. But for his dodgy knees, it is widely acknowledged that he would have been one of the finest centre backs of his generation, rivalled only by Ferdinand of his English counterparts.

    Don’t know what your allegiance is but clearly you are the one who hasn’t a clue if you think Gallas has more ability than King. Not even a close contest.

  9. Any 2 of King, Gallas & Woodgate. I love Dawson, but he’ll never have the pace to be a real mountain at the back like King. Kaboul physically has the potential, but still lack concentration and decision making skills sometimes. It actually upsets me sometimes thinking about King. Could you imagine having a fit King and Gallas every match. With Woodgate to rotate with? We would be fantastic. But it’s something we’ll never see consistently…

  10. 1.Woody
    3. Willy
    5. Dawson

  11. here’s a idea ;

    Kaboul on the right has done it quite a bit for us last season.
    Dawson and Woodgate in the center.
    Gallas on the Left, has played there at the other two “#¤% london clubs
    And king as a defensive midfielder. Played there quite alot for us before he had his problems.

    well this will never gonna happen.
    I would never be able to choose, I guess thats why i’m not managering the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, but i would think it all comes down who has trained best and has the best form.

    • Rubbish idea mate even if they were all fit. Ekottu is class and we have sandro and huddlestone for cm. Kaboul is good at rb bv we have kyle walker next season, aswell as corluka and hopefully hutton will be sold.

      • I know, i’m only making a silly joke, we have much better players that can play in those postions. I was only trying to say i would find it hard to leave one of them out of the team, Let alone 3 out of the starting lineup.
        But i you want my view of how our lineup should be next season i’ll go for this


        Walker, Gallas, Dawson/Kaboul, Ekottu

        Lennon, Huddlestone/Sandro, Modric, Bale


        Uknown Forward

        I think you have taken mt comment to serious, when it was ment to be a joke.

        I do think King and Woodgate will have trouble getting into the team next season.

  12. I’m not going to work on hypothetical’s b/c as much as I love Ledley he’s never going to be a week in week out player. For me I have to have Kaboul starting b/c this guy has everything you want out of a CB, and since he’s come back he’s added the final ingredient that he was missing the first time around, maturity. Then I would put Dawson alongside him b/c they can form a real partnership for many years to come. But, it’s certainly a very nice luxury to have all that class and experience on the bench.

  13. Not agreeing with Ledley and Woodgate at the back. 2-3 years ago yes, but not now. Ideally it would be Dawson and Gallas as the two centre backs with Kaboul playing as right back.

  14. Daws will never have the intelligence to captain England imo, great player though he is.

  15. The sad truth is, Ledley should retire at season’s end. His knees are permanently damaged and they cannot “improve.” You cannot keep having injections to replace cartilage etc.

    If he doesn’t quit he could end up crippled and it just isn’t worth it. I saw his first senior game and knew he was something special. However, neither he, the club nor the fans should carry on kidding ourselves that Ledley will ever be able to play much in future.

    The same looks to be true of Woodgate. Time to move on – they have earned enough and done enough not to have to prove anything any more. Thank you, to both of them – but please, call it quits now.

  16. Gallas and even a half-fit Woodgate would be awesome – as demonstrated against AC Milan, when we needed someone with a calm head. Gallas and King would also be immense.
    Kaboul and Dawson not bad backups! Kaboul can also play right back or holding midfield just as well as Thudd, Sandro or Palacios.
    It feels surreal me typing about Spurs with such depth AND quality in every part of the pitch, but it’s the reality this season ;)

  17. Time for King and Woody to hang up their boots. This is a team game and we need players to be there week in week out, because neither can train they are more prone to injury, by the time Ledley is 45 he’ll need sticks to walk and he doesn’t deserve that. Have been privilaged to watch both play but for the sake of their health and the teams future its time to call it a day. Wild Bill is a top CB and long may he last but he’s in his 30′s and it can’t be there forever, this leaves us with Daw’s, Kaboul and Caulker how bad is that?
    Regards Baggyshorts

  18. Woodgate and Gallas accommodating a fully fit King as DM assuming 442 else same 3 with hutton bale wingbacks

  19. While it is true that both King and Woodgate were great CBs in their prime, the fact is that they are now both a pair of crocks. Who are now more of a liability to the squad than an advantage, so perhaps it is about time to remove their wages from the club and invest in new, fit, top quality CBs to take their place.

  20. Id go with Kaboul at RB – think he looks like a world beater there.

    Kaboul Daws King BAE

    That would be my top back 4 – Daws is much better at RCB than LCB.

    That said Id have no problem with BillyG or Woodgate filling in.

  21. Agree Matt. Any two of King/Woody/Gallas and I’d be happy. But I’m becoming unconvinced as to whether the first two will ever play again:((

  22. I think for me, the pairing of Ledley and woodgate, is one of the best I have seen in 40 years as a spurs fan.Dawson with either 2 of them comes a close second. Dont get me wrong, we have had fantastic centre backs, the likes of Mabbut and Graham Roberts, but the pariing of Ledley and woodgate for me is the bes I have seen.

    • Roberts was a midfielder.

      • Roberts is a centre back, who was paired with paul miller, yes he did sometimes play as a defensive midfielder, but his main role was a CB, just like Ledders can play CM, but he is a proper CB.

  23. just roll the dice,who gives a fuck

  24. hmm


    1 King
    2 Woody
    3 Kaboul
    5 Dawson
    King & Woody
    Realistically Kaboul and Gallas as Dawson and Gallas are too slowww as a pairing.

    Love dawson to bits as usual he is over hyped by some fans he has a very slow turn of pace and is not CL class let alone international class!!

  26. There is no contest Woody and King would play if they where fully fit but i would also play Dawsonin a back three with this midfield Lennon Huddlestone Modric Van Bale. This could be our new back line Kaboul Dawson Huddlestone Gallas Huddlestone has never bean on the losing side playing centre Half and incredibly he has only played with Woody at Everton a few seasons ago in our first 0-0 he could send us on the attack in a blink with Lennon and Bale its something Harry will look at with Van and Sandro vying for the midfield

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