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Sep 102010

Surely not, it’s almost unthinkable. Many have just come to terms with the fact that Willam Gallas has left Arsenal and moved to Tottenham and now Harry has stated that he is seriously considering giving the lad the captaincy for the match against West Brom.

Speaking in an interview Redknapp said:

“There is every chance that I will play William on Saturday and I am even considering making him captain,” Redknapp said. “I’m thinking about it. He played 70 minutes [of a training ground practice match against QPR] in the week and he was excellent. He is a good lad as well. I have been very impressed with him as a fellow. He could easily become a mainstay.”

“You have to be a strong person to cross the North London divide, He could have gone off and played somewhere else.

“But I’ve said before, I met Patrick Vieira [the former Arsenal captain] the year before and he wanted to come to Spurs and play. It says so much about the boy that he is willing to put himself on the line, having been a great player at Arsenal and then be willing to come and play at Tottenham. Patrick said to me: ‘I loved my time at Arsenal but my life moves on and I want to play for Tottenham.’ This boy Gallas is the same.

“Arsenal and Chelsea were part of his past. You move forward. Who gives a monkey’s in 20 years’ time about who you play for? Gallas would have cost £8-10m on the open market. For me, it was a no-brainer. He cost nothing, he is not on silly money. I think he will be a great signing for us.”

Looks as though Gallas will definately start against West Brom as Ledley looks set to be rested so he can play on Tuesday night. So if Harry did make Gallas captain how would you feel, I believe Harry when he says William has trained hard and been a good professional because some of the players have said the same, I do however think it’s too early to give an ex Arsenal captain the armband at Spurs. Has Harry lost the plot? even if he thinks Gallas is captain material, you don’t upset a team by giving a player the skipper’s armband on his debut it’s just not the done thing.

You know what I am going to say next…………… In Harry we trust.

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  24 Responses to “Gallas To Captain Spurs!!”

  1. you forgot to mention its his debut….captain….debut….gallas…wanna fuel more spastic arsenal comments?

  2. rejoice in the fact no-one got to say that f word for once…(not the 4 letter one)

  3. Well… There are divided opinions on Gallas as a spurs-player (not football-wise), and giving him the armband would definately upset a lot of fans. And players? Anyway, Gallas was captain of l’Arse and that initially sparked a lot of controversy. It didn’t get any better when he slagged of the team in an interview the following year, it did disrupt team morale and he was dropped for the squad the following match and was reportedly fined two weeks worth of wages. Then he was stripped of the captaincy permanently. So, him as a captain for Spurs? No, thank you. Him as a player? Well, if he’s good enough. He’s 33 after all. Don’t hate the guy (did previously) and hopes he does well at Spurs.

  4. I urge anyone, out there, to be more specific as to the reason why you’re not a fan of giving the armband to a newcomer, like Gallas. I ask you because I really want to know; I might agree with you. Because, I’m finding it hard to disagree with it, at the moment. As you point out, it means King will be rested, for CL, which I believe most of us agree with, having read a lot of the comments about the matches in the forthcoming weeks. Furthermore, whilst many of us (me, excluded) might agree that Harry is a strategist, we agree he’s man-management credentials are impeccable. So, this could just be another master-stroke by Harry; giving Gallas the captaincy after the humiliation he suffered at the arse. We often wonder how to motivate someone who’s earning the wage these top footballers earn. Don’t you think this could motivate Gallas to play at a level, for Spurs, which will undermine our foe’s argument that he’s just after a paycheck? It’ll be a really courageous move if Harry gave it to him. Almost as courageous as Gallas’ decision, as Harry regurlarly remarks, to come to The Lane, after his past. I also believe the captaincy will always revert back to King, if playing, which will be down with Gallas, too, I imagine. I have commented in the past about how I think the captaincy is unsuitable for Dawson ( …. a burden he does not need, to concentrate on his game), and wished that Harry would hand the armband to Huddlestone, so he can grow into the role. However, I believe if I’m able to look past the fact that Gallas, as Harry sagaciously put it, is not the Yorkshire Ripper (he only made a living playing for the arse and bluescum), it could just turn out to be another inspirational Harry move. But, if any of you have a more substantial reason why he should not be given it, I’d be glad to hear it. It might just help me to see better.


    I didn’t have any problem with the signing, I think he is a good addition to the squad, but to give him a leadership position is wrong. Give it to Huddlestone, lets see if he can step up another level.
    Gallas will bring trouble if he is too strong in the dressing room.

  6. sorry coxie, thats the drinking goggles there, i retract previous statement. Howie tbh i cant read all of your article but in responce to your first question, i think the team captain should have been there for more than five minutes…ie king 10yrs….keane “all i want”,,,dawson….dawson…

  7. Really don’t think Huddlestone is captain material. He seems like the quiet shy type. Can’t really think of anyone else with obvious leadership qualities for tomorows game other than gallas which is a worrying thing.

  8. what about lennon captain? “oi fam, come we mash up these fassyholes…”……….jenas? “jolly good lads, up the ziggeraught lickety spit”

  9. You don’t become team captain by sitting on your arse unwilling to play for the team whose shirt you’re wearing. And obviously, Harry has been initially impressed by Gallas’ positive attitude. If King is rested, Gallas will surely take the armband. Wouldn’t trust Bassong yet as he sometimes looks as if he can’t even captain himself let alone the rest of the line.

    Give him a chance. We’ll probably lose to West Brom due to writing them off, whoever the Captain may be anyway!

  10. wasnt keane brought back as team captain? guess dat rules him out 2mara which means wer prob gunna see da 4 5 1. doubt gallas will get it tho. cud be mind games from harry. da ppl who dont want him at da club wud be able 2 say “at least hes not skipper” which mite make it easier 2 accept him!

  11. I honestly couldn’t give a monkey’s. There’s no King, Dawson or Keane so it would be a new captain anyway and I am sure that in a couple of months and a few great performances down the line everyone will have forgotten Gallas’ Arsenal links anyway. I bet he will be extra fired up tomorrow and I expect a barnstorming performance from him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him bang one in the net from a corner. Harry knows the mood in the squad and I think ‘in Harry we trust’ is sound advice.

  12. Come on guys, did you see the game against Wigan, we did not have a leader! Although Gallas came from the arse, he no doubt has leadership qualities. What we need now is a player daring to kick sense into someone who loses possesion needlessly. Now we have 2 leaders in King and Gallas.

    If Gallas becomes captain, i bet players will be more alert, cause Gallas will rip them apart if they arent. When he puts on a Spurs jersey he plays for TOTTENHAM. So lets get behind him and support him!!!

  13. If Harry were to put sentiment ahead of what’s best for the team on the day, just because the fans may not like it, we would all slaughter him. WG is a Spurs player. End of!

  14. I think Hudd can captain the side at some point, he might not be ready yet but with his ability to dictate play he could be a great captain. For now, and with the way things are going, why not give it to Pav who can’t even speak English. Yikezzz

  15. Sorry buddy but its only too early to give a player the captain’s armband if he’s either not got what it takes to lead or if he’s not yet intergrated enough into the squad because of not having been there long enough. Not because he’s ex ar*enal. Gallas is a Spurs player now and as such has every right to the holy armband if deemed to be the right person. In the absence of Daws and possibly Leds today we are going to need someone with experience and drive to guide us through what could be a tricky away fixture. Of course we all hate ar*enal but lets try to get past where he came from and get behind him. Because with the injuries we now have coupled with the massive games we have coming up the signing of Gallas is looking more and more vital. Come on you Spurs!!!

  16. His captaincy didn’t go so well at a team nearby. I’d much prefer Hudd or Corluka or Modric to be capt.

    Pleased with Gallas’s signing as a player though. I don’t have a problem with good players coming in this direction. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to have much feeling for Chelsea or Arsenal. he may well not have for us at the end of his time here. As long as he does the business on the pitch… hard to expect much else in modern football, sadly

  17. Most Spurs fans I have spoken think Gallas signing is a good thing, it really doesn’t matter who he used to play for does it. He is a professional footballer not a fickle football supporter. If Harry wants to give him the armband today then all Spurs fans should wish him the very best of luck. But of course like at any club there is going to be a few small minded fans who won’t like this….well they need to grow up I’m afraid. If Harry doesn’t give it to Gallas today then Keano is a good shout. We need someone who is actually going to shout at the Spurs players. Not somone who is quiet….

    The only thing that matters today is that we get three points….which is going to be very hard to do. But we have to try! coys.

  18. Corluka or Hudd as Captain….far to quiet….you need to pump up the volume!!!!


  20. as long as we win who cares..he’s a winner..were lacking them..people who think his a bad signing need to grow up.who cares he came from the scum.he’s a yid now and hasn’t come to lose..back him

  21. A lot of weird, superficial reasoning here as to why WG should not b skipper today. If it turns out that he’s chosen, don’t you see that what matters most is not what we think, but how the squad reacts.
    I can’t believe that Harry would do anything like this if he had any idea that it could disrupt the whole feel-good factor that he’s cultivated to get us where we are today.
    Like some guys have said, we lack players with real leadership credentials. Thud’s brilliant year is hardly a reason to give him the armband. By that logic, why not Bale? Yeah, debtuantleading out the boys is pretty much unprecedented (that should be ‘debutant leading out…sorry! keyboard won’t go back to it!), but so what? If the squad can deal with it, with no off-pitch grumbles, then so can we. Above all, we NEED a result today!! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS, hasn’t Rafa VDV captained Holland? If WG doesn’t work out, he can have a try next time Leds is rested…………..Just kidding, Lol.

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