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Sep 022010

Another transfer window closes and once again we are (eventually) the centre of attention. I think we are perhaps now a World Class striker short of having a squad strong and deep enough to merit our position amongst Europe’s Elite. VDV is proven at the highest level, and though not worthy of a place in the Special One’s select few, I am delighted to have him at the club. As my good friend turned to me and said once we had confirmed his signature, it is a real Glamour buy.

We have had plenty of Glamour players (and models – thanks JD) at WHL over the years, but VDV feels a little bit different. He is in his prime, he has played in a World Cup final, he is almost a luxury player. I cannot see Tottenham of the last decade going in for a player like him – I know we bought him because he was going on the cheap, but I feel good about it.
If you look around at the transfer market, it is as incestuous a bazaar as an episode of Arrested Development. Players swap the black and blue stripes of the San Siro, for the Blue and Red of Camp Nou, then back to the San Siro but swapping the black and blue for red and white and then finally call it a day by donning the bright white of the Santiago Bernabéu. The astute amongst you will note that I am using a hint of hyperbole, and all of you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about and when this drivel will end (soon, I promise). My point is this – I want in on this elite group of brethren that swap players like Top Trumps cards. I want WHL (or more likely the new WHL) to be a place where the superstars want to come, and in order to be in this club, we need to begin somewhere. VDV is that start. He has a word with some of his mates from RM and tell’s them Tottenham isn’t just home to the Berbek Barbur Saloon (corner of White Hart Lane, it is the Turkish answer to Tony and Guy) but also a place where stars can shine.

Wigan was a blip; we might be a new Tottenham but we are still Tottenham. All teams have off days – though a loss at the start of the season can be the difference between Champions League and Europa League (and dare I say Premier League?) – I am confident that we will put it behind us and crack on. I really do think we needed a big signing, just as much for the players as for us – NB both Scum and Scummer lost to Wigan last year. When Luka is not playing (with Niko unable to find a place on the park to justify a start sadly) we miss the creative flair that unlocks defences and lets Bale and Lennon get in round the back. I think VDV will provide this. I would have liked to replace Wilson with Diarra, giving him his dream move to Real Madrid and relinquishing us of a player that I am pretty convinced think’s he is playing American Football. He was what we needed when he bought him, but for whatever reason, he is not the player we paid for and seems to want to pass the ball to other teams.
I leave you in high spirits. We made it, we are in the Champions League, 1st stop Werder Bremen, and we will beat them.


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  5 Responses to “Glamour Days”

  1. Agree with everything apart from what you say about Palacios, he has been guilty of spraying the odd loose pass lately,but so have other players, look at the games against Young boys and Wigan, I think the whole team were poor, but Wilson ran his socks off for 90 minutes again. COYS..

  2. He’ll be in Manchester by February.

  3. TMWNN – That was said about Modric as well.
    Has he moved? No. VDV is here to stay.

  4. TMWNN

    They said that about bale too……..remind me, where does he still play

  5. Oh how I despise that club I hope they go to the wall I really do am tired of their shit.

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