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Aug 092012

If you go back to the squad that first finished 4th in the Premier League are we still as good?

We still have some players from that time we haven’t managed to get rid off like Jenas and Bentley and we still have strength in deph in some areas but maybe not as much cover as we did back then.

Many thought over the last couple of years that Tottenham would really push on in terms of signings but it didn’t really happens, since playing CL football we haven’t really gone out and spent £20m on a player. Last season saw all of our strikers apart from Defoe move on and the worrying part is that we haven’t replaced any of them and it looks as though we will start the new season with just Defoe as our only striker at the club, a player who was considered 2nd or 3rd choice for a couple of years will now start as our main man.

We surely have had money to spend, the Berbatov money was never spent in full, we have now sold Keane,Pav, Crouch, Palacios, Pienaar, Corluka and Kranjcar in the last 12 months so surely there is quite a bit of money to spend but it always seems as though we try to make profit from our sales and then buy a cheaper player.

I’m convinced that if we sell Modric that we won’t go out and buy a like for like player for similar money but rather look for a cheaper solution like Dembele who is good but he’s not in the same league as Luka.

We have lived off free signings, like Gallas, Friedel, Nelsen and Saha which I find a bit embarrassing and not really strengthened in the areas we most need to at times. Sigurdsson looks like a good signing but he will play a similar role of VDV.

Don’t know maybe I am wrong but to me it seems as though the funding for the stadium could be costing investment in players and where you would expect Spurs to be a stronger team of 3 years ago I find it hard to say that we are.

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