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Dec 102010

Tottenham club captain Ledley King has received a major boost after being told his groin problem doesn’t need surgery. King had missed the past couple of months with Tottenham through his troublesome groin and fear he would need surgery. Ledley flew out to Copenhagen to see a specialist who gave him the all clear and also told him he can start training again next week.

Tottenham assistant manager Joe Jordan said:

“If all goes will and he continues to improve, Ledley will be back with the squad next week,”

“We’ve tried not to go down the route of surgery, but instead make progress by strengthening the muscles in that area. He feels that there has been an improvement and we will continue like this.”

Good news, wouldn’t it be amazing if in the new year we could boast fit defenders like King Woodgate, Dawson, Gallas, Kaboul and Bassong. Yeah I know I am dreaming but you never know.

  17 Responses to “Good News For Ledley”

  1. that would be great if they were all fit at the same time,maybe harry might start playing kaboul and gallas at fullback?

  2. OK, so that’s the groin. Next, the knee again,,,,

  3. KING, Woody would be 1st choice but as likely as halley’s comet or Wishboner talking sense. King and Gallas with Kaboul Left back and Dawson on the bench which may mean Bassong off, If you don`t want a slice of this great club you can feck off Sebastian!!

  4. WHAT a team we’d have if all of a sudden everyone was fit- the possibilities are mind boggling- the sky’s the limit for our boys COYS!!!

  5. You can start training again. Lol

    We cannot just drop Daws to the bench, he is our future, he has to be a starter as we can`t rely on King and Woody every week, we have to use the latter two as stand in`s. Go with Gallas and Dawson as our preferred CB partnership.

    • Love Dawson to bits, he is Mr Spurs and would go through brick walls but the guy lacks pace at the top level, He is not nimble enough at the highest level. Against the teams with Slower old fashioned forwards he is immense. The thing I like about Dawson is he lets strikers know he is there unlike Bassong. Gallas and his experience and the way he is playing has to be 1st choice behind King for me.

      • Carlos Tevez rates Daws as most difficult to play in the Premiership. Tevez is not the slow-old fashioned type.

        • Dawson was our player of the year last season for a reason. He should be our captain for the same reason too. Dawson and king when fit, gallas can play full back and so can kaboul.

          • Young boys was a prime example why Dawson is not Top Draw, And I have seen it many times. Don`t get me wrong I rate the guy and really like his attitude but I am not going to over hype one of our players just because he has an awesome attitude and heart. Too many fans put our players on a pedestal. Finally we have a World Class player in VDV and some doubted him when he arrived. Some folk know fck all about the game!!

  6. We need consistency at the back so i would suggest dawson n gallas as our starters with kaboul rb. King n woodgate to be used as spares, its a shame but we cant rely on them its disruptive. Khulamo may turnout to be a star and push his way in. Caulker will be a legend in a few years.

  7. This would be great news and this could be defence Kaboul Dawson King Bassong Lennon Gallas Van Modric Bale Defoe this would be our away team.

    • 5 CB`s are you sure? I assume you mean Kaboul and Gallas as full backs and King in CDM. Too many square pegs in round holes for me. Hudd has to start every game home or away. Defoe cannot hold the ball up and is hopeless as a lone striker and absolute luxury.

  8. Gettin our centre backs fit would be awesome for the new year, but i’m also lookin forward to O’Hara getting fit again. I think wit THudd out till feb, Jamie could slot into centre mid. He gets stuck in just as well as Wilson, but his range of passing and his finishing is much much better. He proved last year when he was at Pompey that in the centre of the park, Jamie can grab a game by the scruff. Admittedly he stood out at a poor team, but imagine how he would come on as a player given the players around him now?

    Can just imagine him arriving late in the box to smash in the clearances. Forget Jenas, Jamie can be our Lampard.

    • Have to agree about O`Hara but I am convinced He is not in Harry`s plans. Hi8s face does not fit and he is not in the clicky crew. KPB could of done a good job for us too and another who was overlooked.

  9. couple things tuly dawson out at young boys ,if you had been out there you would have realised that one the players trained the nite before on a dry astroturf ,done a warm up before the game one a dry pitch whent in to sort boots etc 30 seconds later they watered the pitch caught a lot of the players out
    Second VDV U better put Harry in that catergory why the hell he was asking every tom dick and larry
    about him ,i dont know

    • Fair Play 1950, the conditions were not good I agree but It is not the 1st time I have seen him left for dead, As I said he is a great old fashioned CB with heart and a great attitude and For me he is a great asset to have. As far as Harry and VDV goes it did not surprise me as through out his career he has relied on African players. The thing with Redknapp is he surrounds himself with this entourage of coaches and scouts to hide his downfalls. Without them he would be managing Bournemouth or selling used cars.

  10. Great news about Ledley if true but this constant uncertainty about him and Woody putting in playing time is playing havoc with us having a settled back four.

    When all are fit we have a glut of competent centrehalfs and not enough options on the left and right. Benny had a good game yesterday and Hutton (for once) was half decent in defence but they are both not consistent enough for my liking.

    Daws and Bassong seem to be the future in the middle while Gallas remains a useful short term solution who we can discard at leisure once the dementia becomes full blown….

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