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Aug 052010

The Spurs boss is understood to have offered around £8million for the striker who snubbed him to join Manchester City from West Ham 18 months ago.

The Price Is Right - Redknapp Back In For Craig

Aston Villa are also after Bellamy. But sources close to the club believe Spurs have outbid their rivals and can also offer Champions League football.

Redknapp wants Bellamy, 31, for his influence in the Tottenham dressing room – which he feels is too quiet – as much as his combative nature on the pitch.

The Spurs chief said: “We need a couple of experienced players – a few men in the team.

“Two or three would make a massive difference to us.

“Inter Milan won the Champions League with men, they weren’t kids. I think it’s going to be important.”

This is what the Sun is reporting today, again this one is resurfacing which makes me think that Harry really does want to add Bellamy to his squad, I really think he should try more around the £6 million mark as I am sure City would go lower. I fully expect Craig will be a Spurs player by the end of the month simply because this rumor simply won’t go away.

  6 Responses to “Harry Back In For Striker”

  1. Although Bellamy will be ok for us, I can’t help feeling dissapointed with this summer? The kits are ok, could’ve been better, the sponsorship deal was good, although no champions league sponsor yet ( no doubt pending our qualifying) but the lack of key strengthening in certain positions (Striker,CB and LB) is a real shame. I genuinely felt a few tweaks to the squad, getting out the players who have lost there way a little, then replacing with a few hungry even prem experienced players or ‘marquee’ as has been banded about would really complete us. If we’d have chose wisely, we have a young enough squad to genuinely compete at the highest level for years to come. On the positive side, bale modders and Dawson are signed long term and gio has certainly shown promise so he could feel like a new signing maybe. Still, I feel we need more before we miss the boat…

  2. I second that. It would feel great to have a few more players in the squad even if they were purely for cover. Another CB would be great and a dedicated CF would of been nice but, in harry we trust. . .
    Dont know about levy though, he is shrewd but im getting the impression were gambling on 11th hour bargains.

  3. 8 mil just no

  4. Your dodgy manager has been wheeling and dealing seemingly thinking that just because he expresses an interest in Bellamy ( one minute a loan, the next £4 million then £8 million) he is going to get him. City fans dont want Bellamy to go. I cant see Bellamy wanting to go. You say you can offer Champions League football but you haven’t even qualified yet. I cant see City selling Bellamy but if they did it would madness to sell him to a team we expect to be competing up there again this season. Just like the talk of Nigel de Jong going ( another crowd favourite) its just empty paper talk.

  5. As for the centre back comment. I dont suppose you will like one slightly used CB answering to the name Kolo Toure would you. No wonder Arsenal fans didnt boo him hes their fifth column. Truly shicking!

  6. I have a feeling that levy will not be spending that sort of money on 31year olds not to mention his wages? so the only way the deals going to be done is on a lone . Would not suprise me if harry goes for a mr jones who he made an offer for sometime ago and it looking like he’s having trouble getting into the sunderland side ?so would come at a much reduced price?.Just have to wait and see but its looking like we won’t be getting the class of players we as supporters are thinking of !

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